Consider The Source…

Recently one of Scientology’s more outspoken flapping JAWs wrote a blog piece calling out a woman who dared to question him on Twitter. Taking LRH’s exhortation to attack any critic to heart, he gleefully accused her of being a liar then proceeded to post her personally identifiable information for anyone to see.

The ensuing fray revealed that the woman in question had, indeed, lied. Further, she had, in the beginning, dared Scientologist Gemma Harris to find out her information if she could. Thus having thrown down the gauntlet, it was willingly and cheerfully picked up and run with.

The woman subsequently found herself in a precarious and dangerous position, though having basically bearded the lion in his own den, what she expected the outcome to be is anyone’s guess. Especially since several of her friends warned her repeatedly not to lower herself or expose herself in such a way to two of the most notorious Cult driven fanatics on Twitter today.

There are two valuable lessons to be found in this schoolyard drama of lies and name calling.

One, Tony Ortega expressed succinctly in his blog and that is to leave John Wood and his fiancée Gemma Harris alone!

The best advice one could give about them is this: One can not perform without an audience. If neither of them received the attention, they would be unable to spout their unremitting intolerance, hate and bigotry. For anyone who has found themselves engaging, myself included; stop and take a breath. Then ask yourself if any of it is worth it. You cannot win. Not because either of them are in any way right, but because both of them are willing to twist, deflect, deny and LIE in order to feel good about themselves and what they are doing. They are experts at semantic chaos. No one not mind altered, programmed and trained to think and act they way these two have been will be able to stay on this bucking horse for very long.

There is a very good saying that applies perfectly to this situation:

If you fight with a pig you end up in the mud. You get dirty and the pig is happy.”

The second lesson in any discussion, writing or twitter post by CO$’s voice boxes is that one needs to consider the source when confronted.

Yes, this time their attack produced a “win” for them. They got the laugh. Their victim lied.

But the utter hubris of their outrage over being lied to just boggles the mind.

The daily life of a dedicated Scientologist is founded on twisted reality, manipulation, dishonesty and tenuous, tedious games of semantics. For a Scientologist to be outraged at being lied to is tantamount to the Emperor in his New Clothes being scandalized by a barely dressed Kardashian.

John Alex Wood and Gemma Harris are two Scientologist staff members who work for the OSA.

They are firm proponents of The CCHR, Scientology’s special group formed to take down psychiatry in all it’s forms. Both are always quick on Twitter to confront anyone with even the appearance of questioning CO$, though they are never able to answer any questions put to them directly.

Amazing at dodging and avoiding any direct, mature conversation choosing instead to play the school yard bullies. They troll online with Scientology’s blessing. Confronting and attacking any perceived Suppressive Person with the exuberance and tenacity of a dog with it’s first bone.

Wood, in the blog in question, appears completely outraged by the very idea that his victim was a liar. He points out each supposed lie, one by one, in red. Harris, on the other hand says her reason for the conflict is to “expose a bigot”. Another irony given the definition of the word bigot. In any case, these two cannot even get their justification straight.

In fact this blog piece is just another everyday tactic employed by this sadly delusional man, his fiancée and their so-called Church.

They are Scientologists.

An organization founded by a man who stated that the way to control people was to lie to them. An organization with a Fair Game policy that states; “SP Order. Fair game. May be deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist without any discipline of the Scientologist. May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed.”

Scientologist are taught by L. Ron Hubbard;

“If attacked on some vulnerable point by anyone or anything or any organization, always find or manufacture enough threat against them to cause them to sue for peace.”

Lying, misdirection, creating crimes and misdeeds, attacking others simply for disagreeing or questioning.

These are the building blocks of Scientology.

Lying and denying go hand in hand for a Scientologist.

When one sees the promotional videos for Scientology they are filled with members who attest to the wonders they’ve achieved. One excited person claims he can actually sense the saline content of his cells!

The Bridge promises telekinesis and super powers at the highest levels.

One Clearing the upper levels will be able to cure disease with their minds!

These are the lies.

Then come the denials of those promises.

Scientology’s Enrollment Agreement states;

Article 2

c. “The founder of the Scientology religion is American author and philosopher L. Ron Hubbard (hereafter known as “LRH”), whose writings and recorded spoken words on the subjects of Scientology and Dianetics are a record of his observations and research into the nature of the human spirit and condition. The writings and recorded spoken words of LRH on the subjects of Scientology and Dianetics present a guide intended to assist persons to become more aware of themselves as persons, restoring trust and respect for self and others. They are not a statement of claims by the Church, by any other Scientology Church or organization, or by LRH.

e. “Neither the Church nor any other Scientology Church or organization which espouses, presents, propagates or practices the Scientology religion makes any claim:

II. That the application of any Scientology or Dianetics technology or practice will have any particular effect on me or any other person, or

III. That any particular result may be forthcoming from my participation in any Scientology Religious Service. I specifically acknowledge that I have read and that I understand Scientology Policy Directive 13 March 1996. Statements by Staff Members, which states clearly that if any individual staff member of any Scientology Church or organization makes any claims about the results which may be forthcoming from my participation in any Scientology Religious Service, any such claims are the personal opinions and beliefs of that staff member only, and are not claims made by the Church or any other Scientology Church or organization.”

Wood and Harris’ Organization promises fabulous and amazing achievements then hedges its bets by denying any results may happen at all.

Lies upon lies.

Each is the mouthpiece and defender of a pseudo religion lacking in even the basic concepts of morals, honor or honesty. Their modus operandi is to brutally attack anyone who questions or disagrees with them. To maliciously create false “crimes” and purposefully harm innocent people, their reputations and their lives.

In this case, where their naïve target actually did lie, her blindsided and hurt friends who attempted to defend her stepped up and apologized to the Twisted Duo. Mistakenly believing that with an apology would come a détente and all could move on, which is what normal people do in such a situation, those involved discovered that the issue will apparently never be put to rest. So thrilled with the chance to feel self righteous and vindicated, the Pot is kept simmering on Twitter. For Wood and Harris it is a shining win not to be put to bed before milking every drop of joy from it no matter the cost.

For the rest it is a warning.

A small and painful dose of Fair Game.

This nefarious pair are the rabid, dishonest poster bots for a group that protects rapists and child molesters. A group that denigrates psychiatry yet practices unproven, dangerous, unmonitored therapy.

Scientology’s CCHR claims that mental illnesses do not exist because there are no blood tests, x-rays or other physical medical tests to diagnose them.

One might argue that their own yardstick could be used against the efficacy and provability of Scientology. They claim to have the technology and the only way to treat and free mankind yet none of Hubbard’s assertions have any true science behind them. Indeed most of his outlandish explanations are impossible to test or prove through science. They promise spiritual growth but how can it be measured or tested? What is Spiritual growth?

Like their statements that psychiatric medications are bad and are the cause of violence and death, one might proffer that the over prescribing and use of vitamins and minerals are as dangerous and as potentially deadly.

First CO$ claims that one’s truth is what one experiences. Then they dismiss the serious, real experiences that those who live with a mental illness endure.

This writer has never been to China, never experienced that land or it’s culture. Based upon Scientology’s arguments China therefore does not really exist.

They claim to be the most ethical “religion” yet their very existence is a lie based horror.

This is what motivates John Wood, Gemma Harris and their ilk.

This is the organization that they vociferously protect and defend.

This is yet one example of their out of control hypocrisy.

Please remember the source when reading the irrational, erroneous and dishonest verbal diarrhea spewing from anyone who is a part of this cult.

They live to hurt people and they lie to accomplish their goals.

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