Beware The CCHR

The Citizens Commission on Human Rights, CCHR, is a sub group belonging to Scientology that is dedicated to wiping out all Psychiatry and it’s practices.
As a whole, Scientology is a dangerous cult that needs to be eradicated and it’s pseudoscientific teachings relegated back to the Science Fiction category where they belong. As Leah Remini’s Scientology The Aftermath has shown, COS protects child molesters and rapists while victimizing the abused. They promise that their Bridge to Total Freedom and their technology are the only hope for mankind. That one will, with dedication and of course enough money, end up with super powers.
The CCHR is an especially dangerous part of Scientology, perhaps the worst of all. Though none of their sub groups are any good and many, like Narconon, are seriously dangerous. The CCHR’s end goal is to eradicate psychiatry completely.
According to Scientology’s website; “As part of their religious Code, Scientologists pledge “to expose and help abolish any and all physically damaging practices in the field of mental health,” and thereby bring about an atmosphere of safety and security to mental healing.”
One of their more fanatical adherents, John Alex Wood, avowed: “You claim CCHR has some sort of religious purpose. Wrong. CCHR’s overarching purpose is the total ANNIHILATION of psychiatry worldwide”
If Scientology is good at nothing else it excels at hypocrisy.
The issue of Mental Health and its diagnosis, treatment and long term care is a serious one. While many advances are being made, there is still a long way to go. Though the psychiatric community is handicapped by a lack of solid diagnostic tools, it has come a long way in understanding the vast complexities of the human mind and how to help those struggling with depression, anxiety, bipolar and other life altering conditions. As in any area of medicine, research happens over years and it takes time and study before theories become treatment.
Before the advent of vaccines the child mortality rate was horribly high. Before the discovery of antibiotics people died of tuberculosis by the thousands.
Just in the last fifty years solid research and a better understanding of the brain and what happens with chemical imbalance has led to better treatment and a better quality of life for those who struggle with depression. As with any area of medicine progress is slow and improper prescribing or the abuse of medications is a real concern. Sometimes it takes many trips to a doctor before a patient finally finds the drug and the dosage that works for him or her. In the meantime, these drugs carry serious potential side effects that must be taken into consideration.
However for so many who have suffered under the dark cloud of depression, the benefits of medication outweigh the risks. Having one’s quality of life improved exponentially could be likened almost to a rebirth. Finding joy and the motivation to live fully again is a gift.
While it is true that the area of Mental Health is still desperately in need of evolution and growth, it is moving forward to the betterment of those who need it’s services.
The CCHR and Scientology seek to denigrate and undermine psychiatry and it’s practices while proposing to replace it with their own backward, unproven and often dangerous pseudo therapy.
Scientology believes that “Today, the marketing of antidepressants has likewise reached nightmarish proportions, and the scenario becomes even more disturbing when one considers the explosively violent episodes such drugs precipitate. Moreover, there is categorically no evidence that diseases such drugs claim to treat even exist—which is to say, it’s all an elaborate and deadly hoax.”
This is yet one more, of many, contradictions by Scientology.
Just as the claim that they are a religion based on the great religions of the world is contradicted by their own founder L. Ron Hubbard who states in his Creation story that God, the devil and religion are false implants. So too this illogical, contradictory hatred for psychology and the denial of mental illness. COS states that mental illness is a deadly hoax, while at the same time proposing to treat and cure it through one or more of their multiple Rundowns. There is “categorically no evidence that diseases such drugs claim to treat even exist” yet they are clear and careful to exclude anyone suffering from these so called imaginary conditions from applying to be a member of their Organization.
Ironic given that L. Ron Hubbard, himself, wrote to the Veterans Administration begging for therapeutic help for depression and suicidal thoughts. Further, at his death Hubbard had anti anxiety medication in his blood as proven by toxicology tests.
“I know that I should not participate in any Scientology Religious Service if I have a physical or mental condition which might be aggravated or which might make my participation in the service uncomfortable or distressful to me, and I agree to accept and assume any and all known or unknown risks of injury, Loss, or damage resulting from my choices and decisions in that regard.”
It would be a devastating blow to society and a huge step backwards for Science and Medicine if Scientology’s twisted dream of a world without mental illness help were real. What would happen to those who have regained their equilibrium through counseling and medication? How much more violence and death due to suicide would exist?
Where would the suffering turn when faced with unending sadness and hopelessness? Should they, like Lisa McPherson or Jeremy Perkins endure Scientology’s brand of treatment?
The Introspection Rundown, Scientology’s answer to what they perceive as a psychotic break, is isolation, silence and massive doses of vitamins.
In Scientology, if one actually makes it through the Introspection Rundown to the other side, the person is then made to make amends in the RPF, COS’ version of punishment. Thus they victimize the patient all over again, making the statement that mental illness is bad and somehow the sufferer’s own fault.
Who would oversee this new way? There would be no more trained, licensed, qualified professionals. There would be no more oversight or protection.
L. Ron Hubbard claimed: “A Flag Ship Class XII could turn a severe mental case from
raving lunacy to not only sane but bright and normal in about
8 or 9 hours and a normal person to a genius in 15 to 20 hours.”
Scientology brags: “A psychiatrist spends 16 years in school but we train an auditor in 30 days.”
Think on this.
This is what Scientology would have for us all.
A world where mental illness is denied and not real, yet “treated” by uneducated people through medieval, barbaric practices.
A world where ADHD is deemed not real, where Autism in our children is both not real but supposedly able to be “cured” through bleach enemas. ,
A world of intolerance of those who suffer from mental illness, of victim blame and shame.
A world of darkness, sadness and hopelessness.
This is the Cleared Planet that Scientology would deliver to us.
Yet one more, of so very many, reasons that Scientology needs desperately to be shut down.

2 thoughts on “Beware The CCHR

  1. CCHR is designed to attack any institution with good intentions for all humanity and replace it with one that has does not have such good intentions: Scientology. LRH is the author of all these front groups……. Today these front groups, like CCHR, are being recognized for what they are: just a ploy from a money making cult trying get even more money from unsuspecting public as the cult collapses from its own evil deeds.

    LRH took a “PR” page from the Cigarette companies in 1940’s that were using medical front groups: “doctors prefer Camel cigarettes”. etc… How well did that PR work over time? Besides paying $200 billion in 1988 “The settlement also dissolved the tobacco industry groups Tobacco Institute, the Center for Indoor Air Research, and the Council for Tobacco Research.”


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