Karma’s A Bitch Sometimes

There is an “Open Letter” by Taryn Teutsch on her so-called “Justice4Mom” twitter site.

Upon reading it one quickly sees that this is nothing more than another Fair Game tactic by a hopelessly dishonest woman on a rage fueled campaign against her own father.

Her mother, Cathy, was NOT a victim of Domestic Abuse.

Nearly 10 years ago Taryn participated in a premeditated group assault on her own father orchestrated by Scientology and Cathy Bernadini. She watched as her mother, uncle and friends all surrounded her father in an ambush as he sat in his car, talking on the telephone, minding his own business.

She did, indeed, hear screaming.

The ugly screaming of her mother, swearing at Mike in a voice that can only be described as out of control. This terrible tantrum is not the behaviour of someone in “the most ethical religion on the planet”. Not the calm, happy demeanor of someone who has conquered their Reactive Mind with amazing technology.

Instead it more closely resembles the screaming of a nagging, angry fishwife.

Filled with profanity and allegations of abandonment it seems Cathy Bernadini chose quite a public setting for airing her rage at being divorced.

Not once in the recording does anyone yell at Mike for him to “let go of Cathy” which one would certainly expect if he had grabbed her and assaulted her as alleged. Mike’s brother never once yells or screams at Mike to not touch Cathy, or to stop hurting her.

He was there.

He did complain that Mike was hurting his finger after he took Mike’s keys. That was an altercation between two men.

The injuries Bernadini sustained were enough for the Doctor who owned the office where this altercation took place to call for an ambulance.

The police were called at Mike’s request. No one told the officers during the ensuing investigation that Mike Rinder had perpetrated an assault. Surely this would have been THE perfect time for revenge against Mike? All it would have taken was one word from Bernadini to the officer and based upon the evidence of her injuries Mike would have been arrested and charged.

He wasn’t.

The injuries were determined, based upon the witness statements given to the police, to have been caused by “incidental contact” as Mike was attempting to get around or through the group of people who were ambushing and screaming at him.

It was one against SEVEN.

Since then Cathy Bernadini has had to live with the repercussions of her choices and actions on that day. Mike was minding his own business just going about his day. He was miles away from any Scientologist.

Cathy chose to go out of her way to Fair Game her ex husband. She chose to seek him out.

Unlike what they may claim, that Mike was harassing them, on the recording they scream at him for leaving them and for NOT interacting with them.

Had Cathy Bernadini just stayed at home and lived her own life, she would not have been injured that day.

Mike is not in denial.

Indeed, he spoke out about the incident immediately knowing full well that this would someday come out of the shadows, spun into an unrecognizable fiction. This is also why he wanted the police to come and interview the people involved. He wanted a documented record of the events of that day.

As for him taking responsibility for his actions. Mike Rinder is WAY ahead of them on that score.

With more honor and integrity than anyone else involved in this fiasco, Mike has publicly revealed his doings while in Scientology. He has admitted to the truth of the things he did and has taken full responsibility for all of his actions, included his greatest sorrow; that of involving his two children in this dark and dangerous cult.

He has apologized for the hurt he has caused and watching The Aftermath one can see the sincere pain in his eyes when speaking of his lost children. Anyone who has even half a heart can see the sadness he carries.

Mike walked away from Scientology and everything he knew with nothing. He had to start his life all over again all while battling the demons that had been audited into him. He had to live with the realization of the things that he had done. The realization that all that he had believed in was nothing but a sham. He rebuilt his life from the bottom up.

Now being part of the A&E show The Aftermath with Leah Remini he has a new career and a new and noble purpose to right the wrongs of Scientology.

Mike Rinder has shown his integrity and strength of character.

Scientology, Cathy Bernadini and Taryn Teutsch are all trying desperately to destroy his hard earned life for no other reason than he has espoused the truth.

Scientology repeats; “what is true for you is what you have observed yourself and when you lose that, you have lost everything.”

Yet it completely fails to practice the tolerance or the Truth that it preaches.

Cathy and Taryn both know the truth. They were both active participants in the Fair Game attack in 2010. Taryn observed the truth herself.

Yet she has lost that truth in her rage and in this ugly vendetta against her father.

Much of her rage may be attributed to Parental Alienation by her mother, Cathy. The foundation for this malicious campaign was laid by and nurtured by Cathy Bernadini acting on behalf of David Miscavige.

This is an exquisitely painful example of both Fair Game and Disconnection coming together and forming the perfect storm of emotional war on another.

Not ethical.

Not tolerant.

Not humanitarian.

Not the kind of world any right thinking person wants to live in.

There has most definitely been abuse meted out in this situation.

But it is not Mike Rinder who is the abuser. He is the victim.

Taryn whines that her poor mother deserves justice.

The fact is, Taryn, she has already gotten it. Every twinge of pain she must now endure is a reminder of the choice she made in 2010. It is a reminder that even though she can lie at the top of her lungs, deep down inside the truth will not go away.

Cathy has had her justice.

Karma can sometimes be a bitch like that.

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