Paul Haggis and Scientology’s Dark Track Record

Scientology’s Fair Game policy. The ultimate response from a paranoid cult in which it decides one is an enemy and then lashes out in ruthless, violent, even criminal behavior.

“The homes, property, places and abodes of persons who have been active in attempting to: suppress Scientology or Scientologists are all beyond any protection of Scientology Ethics, unless absolved by later Ethics or an amnesty … this Policy Letter extends to suppressive non-Scientology wives and husbands and parents, or other family members or hostile groups or even close friends.”

Operation Snow White.

Where members of the Cult of Scientology infiltrated U.S. government offices and proceeded to steal documents by the thousands. Mary Sue Hubbard was sent to prison for her part but her loving husband ran and hid like the coward he was, leaving his wife holding the bag.

Operation Dynamite.

Where Scientology engaged in a campaign of terror against one woman, Paulette Cooper. Forging threatening letters on her own stationary containing her fingerprints, they sent the incriminating papers to themselves and notified the authorities.

They almost succeeded in framing her and sending her to prison. The only thing that saved her was a timely raid on the cult by the F.B.I. and the discovery of proof beyond doubt that she was completely innocent. It was subsequently discovered that there was even talk of assassinating her.

The 2010 Fair Game attack on Mike Rinder in Clearwater, Florida. Where seven people, including private investigators, hunted him down and surrounded him screaming and cursing while he was in his car at a doctor’s office. Currently there is an ongoing campaign of rage and lies being run by Rinder’s own daughter against him.

Scientology has proven time and again that it has absolutely no scruples, that there is no line it will not cross in order to ruin, vilify and destroy anyone who crosses them. After all, this is what their founder, L. Ron Hubbard taught. Destroy your perceived enemies at any cost and in any way even if you must manufacture something to obtain the end result.

This is a cult of deception.

A cult of paranoia and anger and contradiction.

It is an organization that thrives in the shadows and embraces the darkness.

With every person who blows and begins to reveal their stories to the light, Scientology creates an equal and opposite reaction of hate propaganda designed to inflict as much harm as possible.

Websites claiming the person was somehow less than the ideal Scientologist, was kicked out (You can’t quit! You’re fired!), was guilty of some felony within Scientology or some equally serious crimes outside of it.

Leah Remini was accused of making death threats towards members of COS, she had to endure the pain of watching family members speak against her and suffer the loss of friendships.

Mike Rinder has had his garbage stolen, his home placed under video surveillance, and been accused of Domestic Violence.

People who have come forward and revealed childhoods filled with sexual abuse have found themselves the subject of hate speech on social media and had scathing untrue comments made about them by Scientology.

Every single person who has left Scientology is a liar, a criminal of some sort.

Scientology is never in the wrong.

Deny, deflect, attack and lie.

“Don’t ever defend. Always attack. Find or manufacture enough threat against them to sue for peace. Originate a black PR campaign to destroy the person’s repute and to discredit them so thoroughly they will be ostracized.”

—Michael J. Flynn vs Lafayette Ron Hubbard (7 September 1983)

“Find or manufacture enough threat against them…”

This is the doctrine of the Cult of Scientology.

This organization that demands to be seen as a religion seeks to destroy the reputations of anyone who speaks out against their abuses.

Even to plotting an assassination.

This most ethical of religions plays with the truth like a child plays with modeling clay, molding and shaping it as the fancy takes them.

For 30+ years multiple award winning writer and director Paul Haggis was part of Scientology. Like the other celebrities within it’s fold, COS was proud to have him as a member. He was featured on the cover of their magazine and moved in their elite circle at the Celebrity Center. Small things nagged at him about the teachings he encountered but were easily excused away. Members are taught that any problems one may have are the fault of the individual not the material.

So Paul went along through the years, building a highly successful career with his talent, drive and intelligence. The same intelligence and drive that led him to question some of what he was encountering in his so called church.

It all finally came to a head in 2009 when faced with either remaining loyal to an organization that was homophobic or to be true to himself and speak out.

He chose…wisely.

Haggis confronted Scientology on the stance it took concerning California’s Prop 8 as well as the bold faced lie concerning Disconnection, which is still alive and well today, that he called them on when they denied it was policy. Realizing he could no longer live with nor trust in such an organization he resigned.

Suddenly Paul Haggis was given his very own Scientology website, joining the ranks of other high profile former members.

COS claims that Haggis had not been a Scientologist “for decades”. If this is true, then why bother with him resigning at all? Why send nine upper level members to him personally to order him to tear up his resignation letter and go out quietly?

If he had not been in Scientology for decades, then why feature him on the cover of their magazine Celebrity, along with a feature article and interview with him?

On the smear site it says:

“What subsequently arrives in the email account of the Scientology spokesperson is Haggis’s resignation from the Church of Scientology. That he had not been active in the Church for more than three full decades raises the question: How do you “resign” from something you were never a member of to begin with?

It all centered on an empty controversy Haggis invented surrounding California’s Proposition 8, the same-sex marriage referendum put to voters in 2008. In a series of posturing emails earlier sent to a Scientology spokesperson, he insisted the Church take a public stance on the issue, or else…

Of course, Haggis well knew the Church never engages in any kind of election activities. Moreover, it’s inclusive and does not discriminate against anyone based on sexual orientation.”

The Church never engages in any kind of election activities?


In 2004, Volume 8, issue 2 of Scientology’s Freedom Magazine featured a large, colorful spread blasting Proposition 63, proclaiming “Vote No on Prop 63, A billion dollar mistake!”

They further produced a mass-mailing that: “contained a photo of a Columbine High School victim and the warning that the initiative would benefit the “same psycho-pharma racket whose proliferation of mind-altering, violence-inducing drugs on our schoolchildren in recent decades has fueled the explosion of school violence fatalities.” -

Also, it must be pointed out that Paul Haggis was featured on the cover of Celebrity Magazine during the time he was Executive Producer of the sitcom The Facts of Life.

Haggis wrote for the show from 1982-1986. He was then Executive Producer for 24 episodes from 1985-1986.

Haggis was born in 1953 and left Scientology in 2009 at age 56 at which time Scientology says he had not been a member of COS for (more than) three decades. That would put him back to 1979.

1979 was before he was Executive Producer of The Facts of Life by 6 years. Unless Scientology’s much vaunted tech includes a time machine, he was still not only a practicing member of Scientology well past what they are claiming, but in good enough standing to have been featured on the cover of their magazine.

But what is a little truth when one is intent on Fair Game?

Currently Paul Haggis has found himself the target of several allegations of rape.

Popping up just in time to ride on the wave of the #MeToo movement and the sickening and horrifying stories of sexual abuse coming out of Hollywood it has painted Haggis as another player in the powerful elite’s dark secrets.

However this particular case has some points that leave one wondering and are worth considering.

Haggis’ first accuser attempted to get $9 million from him before she filed anything with the court. Further, at the time of her alleged rape, Haggis was fresh from back surgery and was in a brace, leaving the likelihood of him being able to overpower a healthy young woman and engage in the activity she describes suspect.

His other three accusers have chosen to remain anonymous and have denied any connection with Scientology.

One cannot help but think back to how smoothly members of Scientology work secretly behind the scenes to obtain an objective. How many people went undetected for so long, working in government offices while stealing files.

How did scientology get Paulette Cooper’s diary? Her personal stationery?

What about the incident in 2005 where a man named “Mark Webber” contacted Haggis stating he was from Time Magazine and requesting an interview? Some digging discovered that “Mark Webber” did not exist and the email was traced back to a Scientology owned address.

Sneaky, dishonest, underhanded.

Willing to plot an assassination.

No one can truly know for sure at this juncture what the truth really is behind these accusations.

However one cannot but help wondering, given the situation and the track record of Scientology.

In this case, it may well be prudent to refrain from judgment and keep an open mind given the proven lengths Scientology is willing to go to extract revenge from those who have blown.

Rape is a serious and horrible thing for anyone to endure. Anyone who takes such violent advantage of another person should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

However one should also remember that there are also those who, for whatever reason, make these terrible accusations against someone who actually is innocent.

There are many different motivations for such a horrible lie but no justification for it.

The jury is still out on this case, but perhaps we might just give Haggis the benefit of the doubt and wait to see the evidence.

Whenever Scientology is part of the picture one must be cautious and consider all parts of the picture.

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