An Open Letter Dr. James A. Bell M.D., Ph.D.

Dr. James Bell M.D., Ph.D.

Desert Orthopedics


As you are most probably aware, there is a very public, ugly, ongoing campaign by Taryn Teutsch and her mother, your patient, Cathy Bernadini to damage the reputation of Mike Rinder.

It is understood that you were told that Mr. Rinder assaulted Ms. Bernadini and you had, at that time, no reason not to believe her.

However as more and more irrefutable proof of her false accusation against her former husband becomes available and the transparent agenda of Scientology Fair Game tactics become clearer as they strive to smear his character, destroy his reputation and ruin his livelihood there comes a time for Truth.

Ms. Teutsch has posted both video of you and a letter signed by you on Twitter, using your position as a respected Physician to lend credibility and legitimacy to the claims of Domestic Abuse by Mike Rinder.

Ms. Teutsch claims that you intimate that Mr. Rinder’s actions in 2010 are the cause of Ms. Bernadini’s shoulder condition. Her editing of subtitles for the video she has posted and reposted lead one to believe that you are medically supporting the claims of Domestic Abuse against him.

Sir, when one examines the EMT report from the day of the injury one sees that there was only one injury mentioned, that of a minor skin tear. She rated her pain level at 2 and refused transport to hospital, signing the refusal form with her right hand. There was no mention at that time of any shoulder dislocation, which she later claims. No mention of any broken or twisted bones, which she also claims. Not even mention of any second abrasion on her left arm that surely would have been noticed by the EMTs.

Indeed, a little online research reveals claims of many differing injuries, none of which were witnessed by either the EMTs on scene nor the investigating officer who also only mentions “a skin abrasion on her right arm” in his report.

The police officer, after interviewing all involved with this altercation, not only determined no crime or assault had been committed, but stated that the injury Ms. Bernadini sustained was most likely due to “incidental contact” as she and six other angry, threatening, screaming people surrounded Mr. Rinder, took his keys away and attempted to keep him from removing himself from the situation.

Domestic abuse is a serious issue. Those who suffer from the isolation, anger and violence live lives of fear and hopelessness. The work being done by legitimate organizations to bring safety and hope to those who have had to suffer in silence for so long along with hard won tougher laws are huge steps forward. By aligning themselves with these groups in order to further their own selfish agenda, fueled and supported by a cult known for protecting sexual predators, Teutsch, Bernadini and Scientology are risking setting back the progress that has been made for safety and change.

It is understood that you are bound by HIPPA law not to reveal or discuss patient information without their consent. However in this instance the injury and your medical diagnosis has already been publicly released by the patient and her daughter.

As a Physician you took an oath to do no harm. Should this oath not also include preventing the destruction of a man’s reputation and the potential ruin of his livelihood when you have been so unfortunately placed in the middle of the controversy? You are being used to justify, legitimize and lend credence to a public accusation of violent Domestic Abuse.

The letter, signed by you, that is posted on Twitter states:

“In April 2011 I prescribed an MRI which showed bursitis and tendinitis and showed a significant hook on her acromion which caused impingement.”

In the video posted, Cathy Bernadini states:

“What happened was the whole arm swelled, and I ended up having to go to a specialist in L.A. to get put on the antibiotics and I go on antibiotics, etc. So that was the visible, gory part, and I couldn’t move my shoulder or my arm and it really, really hurt. And I had this pain in my back, which I later found out, so I did go to the doctor, a specialist, and he tried, you know he knew there was something wrong here because my shoulder blade is now no longer even with the other one. It got pulled down and over permanently, permanently stuck there. And I could feel that. I could feel all of this. And he tried various things. He was giving me steroid shots to see if that would handle it and finally after an MRI he saw a bone break near the achromiam [SIC] and the bone had sort of cracked over and was jabbed into my arm bone which was why I couldn’t move. I couldn’t move because it was being, and he said there [SIC] isn’t any other option but surgery, remove the bone. My collarbone had been dislocated. So then I went through this whole cycle of getting surgery which was completely debilitating and when I was done I was pretty much paralyzed.”

Dr. Bell, an innocent man’s life is being disrupted by the false allegations made against him of Domestic Abuse. A statement from you concerning the truth would put an end to this campaign of Fair Game against Mike Rinder once and for all. Understood that there may be some concern over the tactics used by Scientology against those they deem enemies and this concern is no small thing.

However there is a movement right now, begun by the show Scientology: The Aftermath, and continued by many strong, courageous people who speak for the Truth. The Scientology Fair Game policy is well known and documented and must not be allowed to control and bully the rest of society.

Mike Rinder’s only crime is that he escaped from a dark and dangerous cult that engages in the very behaviour seen in this situation.

Please for the sake of the Truth, you Doctor, hold the key to end this stressful, trying horrible attack on Mike Rinder and ultimately his wife and child.

Please find it within you to address this medical condition which is being used against a man who has not been charged with any crime.

Thank you

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