The Woman Who Cried Wolf

(Or the Many Tales of Wounded Woe…)

“Then one day she approached him on a public street in Florida. Instead of listening to what she had to tell him about their son’s illness, he physically attacked her, shredding her arm and twisting it to where it popped like a broken toothpick. Worked up into an uncontrollable rage, Rinder repeatedly screamed at Cathy, calling her a “—— bitch” to her face. She vividly recalls hearing her bones crack as he twisted her arm.

‘All of a sudden he lashed out,’ Cathy recalled. ‘He came straight up to me and he grabbed my arms in a crisscross vice and started pulling and pushing my arms down and he was pulling my bones out of the socket. I could hear my bones creaking and I would start screaming for him to let go and as soon as I started screaming for him to let go, he did it harder, jerked me down tight. His hands and arms are far bigger than mine and with a lot of force he yanked my shoulder, my collar bone and whatever else. He had keys in his hands by his thumb that was pressing my right arm and it actually put a hole in my arm. When he moved his arm away he ripped it.’

Cathy endured extensive physical therapy, but may never regain the full use and motion of her arm again. As her doctor wrote, “The forearm external would heal (with a scar), but Cathy’s shoulder did not recover and it was evident there could be nerve damage.”


“Rinder’s brother, Andrew, flew all the way from Australia to accompany Rinder’s former wife, Cathy, and their daughter, in one effort to contact him. But upon seeing them, Rinder reacted with such hatred that he physically attacked Cathy, gouging and stripping the flesh from her arms so severely it caused nerve that is still healing almost a year later, and dislocating her shoulder, an injury that required surgery to repair. Andrew returned to Australia with a near-broken finger from his attempt to aid his sister-in-law.”

What happened was the whole arm swelled, and I ended up having to go to a specialist in L.A. to get put on the antibiotics and I go on antibiotics, etc. So that was the visible, gory part, and I couldn’t move my shoulder or my arm and it really, really hurt. And I had this pain in my back, which I later found out, so I did go to the doctor, a specialist, and he tried, you know he knew there was something wrong here because my shoulder blade is now no longer even with the other one. It got pulled down and over permanently, permanently stuck there. And I could feel that. I could feel all of this. And he tried various things. He was giving me steroid shots to see if that would handle it and finally after an MRI he saw a bone break near the achromiam [SIC] and the bone had sort of cracked over and was jabbed into my arm bone which was why I couldn’t move. I couldn’t move because it was being, and he said there [SIC] isn’t any other option but surgery, remove the bone. My collarbone had been dislocated. So then I went through this whole cycle of getting surgery which was completely debilitating and when I was done I was pretty much paralyzed.”

—Transcript from video posted on @TarynTeutsch Twitter account

Patient states was grabbed forcefully by husband by R forearm

—From EMT report made on scene

“His wife twice traveled to see him in the hopes he would come to his senses. The first time Rinder did not want to see her (he will tell you otherwise but that doesn’t change the facts). The second time, she traveled with his daughter and brother (who flew in from Australia) and Rinder’s “welcome” was a physical attack that left his brother injured and his wife, the mother of his children, in the care of paramedics. She sustained nerve damage to her arm, that was still healing almost two years later, with a dislocated shoulder that required surgery to repair.”

“Bernardini was no match for her beefy husband, whose hands, she says, are “twice as big as mine.” Weeks after the incident her left forearm still showed blotchy red abrasions turning black and blue, and her right forearm, showed red-clawed flesh. She was under the care of a dermatologist for months while the wounds healed and ultimately required corrective shoulder surgery.”

“Based on the information I received during the investigation it appears that Michael was intentionally followed to the doctor’s office and confronted either due to his departure from the Church of Scientology or his desire to break his ties with his family. Although Catherine did receive an abrasion on her arm the injury was likely caused during incidental contact while Michael was attempting to move away from the group rather than an intentional battery.”

Pinellas County Police Report

Based upon the various iterations by Cathy Bernadini April 23, 2010 was a bloodbath.

Ripped, shredded, clawed skin.

Twisted, broken bones.

A dislocated collarbone.

Paralysis and nerve damage.

These horrifying injuries sound like something one might sustain in a car accident or, indeed from a terrible assault.

The problem is that these injuries are a mystery. Their origin uncertain.

First, this incident took place in front of a Doctor’s office.

The ruckus moved from the parking lot into the waiting room where the Doctor and owner of the facility confronted the group of angry people bent on intimidating Mike Rinder. This medical professional notes blood on Cathy Bernadini’s arm and calls an ambulance as well as the police.

Surely as a doctor she would have begun to stabilize Bernadini had her condition been serious?

With broken bones, shredded skin and a dislocated collarbone, would not the doctor have had Bernadini at least sit down so she wouldn’t pass out from the pain?

The EMTs arrived and noted that Bernadini was ambulatory. On the pain scale she said her pain was 2 out of 10. The EMTs observed a “minor skin tear” to her right arm and bandaged it. She denied any further treatment and refused to go to the hospital. Bernadini signed the Refusal of Treatment form.

She was subsequently interviewed by the Police Officer on the scene. In the police report there is no mention of the various, serious injuries described by Bernadini, Taryn Teutsch and Scientology after the fact. She does accuse Mike Rinder of grabbing her but the investigating officer dismisses her story as well as dismissing the story that the group just happened to come across Rinder by accident. The officer notes in the report that there was “an abrasion”.


As in one.

He concludes from the witnesses’ interviews that Bernadini’s injury was most likely a result of incidental contact.

There were no charges filed nor arrests made and the case was closed.

So where did the subsequent injuries come from?

There are photographs of injuries to both arms.

Where did the second bloody injury on her left arm come from?

What about the shoulder injury?

Could it be possible that Bernadini had a pre existing condition to her shoulder that had nothing to do with the April 2010 incident?

She went to Dr. Bell a year after the incident. How does one live for a year with a dislocated collarbone? Had there truly been bones broken in April of 2010, how could she have endured the pain day after day?

Wouldn’t the broken bones have healed improperly?

Regardless of all the claims made afterwards the police investigated and then closed the case from April 23, 2010.

There is enough evidence available for right thinking people to come to the conclusion that there is a huge discrepancy between what the professionals who are legally obligated to tell the truth and document all evidence discovered and the stories thrown about in the years since by Scientology.

Based upon the evidence and the lack of charges Mike Rinder is innocent.

There are still many unanswered questions surrounding this situation but one thing is certain, with all the discrepancies in the Bernadini/Teutsch/Scientology tales, that unhappy trio has done more to prove to the world that Fair Game is alive and well than anything else that could have happened.

2 thoughts on “The Woman Who Cried Wolf

  1. Thanks for spotlighting the absurdity of the accusations. Just another point to note: Mike Rinder just coincidentally was on the phone with John Sweeny when he was ambushed. There is a recording of that call that also refutes the false $ci narrative.

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