Once Again, Consider The Source

While watching an online episode of What Went Down: Old Habits Die Hard on aetv.com (https://www.aetv.com/shows/leah-remini-scientology-and-the-aftermath/season-1/episode-1/what-went-down-old-habits-die-hard?playlist_slug=leah-remini-scientology-and-the-aftermath-season-1-curated-list) a thought occurred to me that I wanted to explore and share.

Scientology has made a lot of accusations about Leah Remini.

They accuse her of all kinds of bad behavior, hostility and temper.

Dead Agenting people is one of the Fair Game things that Scientology does. Leah actually addressed this head on in her book, Troublemaker.

First of all, whatever.

A lot of us have tempers.

We all have faults, all have bad days and not one of us are perfect.

That is what makes us human.

Still Scientology announces everyone else’s lack of perfection as though having a temper somehow negates ones veracity.

Ironic given the fits of temper David Miscavige displays.

If being impatient or bitchy means someone is not worth listening to then Miscavige should have been outed a long time ago.

Oh the conundrum.

But wait…

WHO was the most influential part of Leah’s formative years? What “doctrines”, rules and explanations were fundamental in shaping her way of acting, reacting, thinking and responding to the world around her?


Just because she left the cult does not mean she left her formation behind. What one learns in childhood is not easily unlearned.

Scientological thinking is ingrained deeply into who the person is. Hours of required study and reading shape the Scientologist adult and even more so the child.

Which leads to another thought; every single person that has escaped Scientology, shared the truth of existence within the cult and subsequently been attacked is who they are because Scientology taught them to be that way.

Certainly each of those people are fighting to find their way in the world, they are having to relearn how to think, feel and react appropriately in their lives and relationships.

None of them are the same person they were when within the closed community where being cold and critical of one another is normal.

Mike Rinder, Aaron Smith-Levin, the Headleys, Leah and all the others who have merited their own personal hate website all share one common denominator and that is who taught them to be the way they were.

Who instructed them on what was considered appropriate, acceptable and normal.

COS claims that Leah was “…expelled from the Church years ago for unethical conduct.”

When do we learn our ethics and morals?

As children growing up.

We learn from the example that the influential adults in our lives set. We learn by watching and imitating those who are raising us.

Scientology claims Leah was unethical, Mike Rinder was guilty of “malfeasance and a chronic liar”, Aaron Smith-Levin was a “bully” with “no moral compass”.

They also claim that every person who has escaped from Scientology was actually expelled because of their behavior.

All these people involved with The Most Ethical Religion on the Planet being kicked out after years of living in the closed, insular Scientology environment for being unethical.

Scientology’s claim of religious practices include their process of auditing. Auditing is supposed to address all of the negative emotions and their subsequent reactions and negate them, leaving the person more positive, upbeat and free.

The fact that they are accusing so many of such negative behaviors is ironic and seems to be the opposite of what they would want to show to the rest of the world.

In her book, Troublemaker, Leah struggled with the auditing process saying;

“The process could produce a great sense of cathartic relief. Here was a problem I wasn’t even aware of, that I may have created for myself, and after much back-and-forth, I was able to overcome that problem. So while in session I would feel the euphoria of self-discovery and growth, back in the real world I was still angry, depressed, and judgmental. Looking at my diaries from that period (journaling was frowned upon by the church, but I did it anyway), I would note that I still wanted more for my life and my family’s life. My Scientology realizations were great in the church building, but I would start cursing when I couldn’t find my car in a parking lot or when I had no money left in my bank account. It just wasn’t there for me in real-life situations, this sense of accomplishment of having solved problems. It really existed only when I was in the presence of other Scientologists, who completely bought into it. What I didn’t realize at the time was that all the understanding I gained through auditing only related back to my life in the church and helped me be a Scientologist. My “gains” in Scientology were not relating to the real world.”

Scientology accuses Leah of being exactly what they were supposed to be helping her overcome. Instead, since their pseudo therapy is neither realistic nor supportable in the real world it was doomed to failure from the start. Instead of producing happy, care free people able to handle the frustrations that life throws at them, Scientology creates repressed, angry, suspicious people without the ability to control their emotions.

By alleging that so many of their former members are thrown out due to dishonest, nasty, angry behavior, not only are they revealing that the fundamental upbringing provided to those who are involved with Scientology from a young age is suspect, but also that their so called spiritual auditing process does not work.

The allegations that Leah was angry, abusive and mean to everyone around her, that she was “unethical” must then return to the source of her development.

Scientology is an angry organization. It was founded by a man who openly promoted a policy of manufacturing crimes and lying in order to destroy another person.

Now run by a man who thinks nothing of assaulting his staff verbally and physically, a man who has his wife under lock and key, who condemns those who displease him to the RPF for years.

COS does not allow for loving familial bonds, for friendships or for mourning the loss of even one’s child.

Scientologist Cathy Tweed not only had a hand in rendering her own daughter, Taylor Tweed Debari, homeless, but she shrugged off Taylor’s suicide, saying she was at peace with her daughter’s decision.

This is the environment that Leah and so many others grew up in.

So thank you, Scientology for all of your Fair Game hate sites that you create for each former member who has had the strength and courage to leave and speak out. Each website, each letter and article that you produce as you lash out in your unethical, anger driven and abusive way exposes to the world exactly the kind of person your tech and teachings create. Every denial and rebuttal serves as another glimpse into what you expect of your followers.

When you react so vehemently and shout to the world that Leah was an angry, mean individual the rest of us can nod in agreement and point at the Source.

When you throw your verbal vomit at Mike Rinder and accuse him of being a less than stellar parent, we just look back at your own actions and the example that they set.

We also look with respect and admiration at all of these so called horrible people who left your hallowed halls in search of healing and a better way of living.

We see your anger and abuse, Scientology, and then we shrug in contempt at your excuses and accusations.

While you fail at helping anyone learn to be a happy, healthy member of society we watch in awe as brave individuals who have endured abuse, chaos and loneliness begin their lives anew, working to erase years of damage inflicted by you.

Actions speak louder than words, Miscavige.

We see how you respond and react.

So by all means please continue with your school yard bullying. Your lashing out and angry reacting against the former members of your cult.

Nothing goes as far in showing us that the stories told by all your “expelled and unethical” former members are true as your responses.

As with everything concerning Scientology, when we see you attacking Leah, Mike or anyone else, all we have to do is consider the source.

You created what you now rail against.

The cult doth protest too much…

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