The Spark

Dedicated to all those who had and will have the courage to escape Scientology and finally speak their truth.

The scam that is Scientology

With it’s policy of deep deceit

Uses hate for it’s methodology

Which will ultimately bring its defeat.


The people within who are searching for truth

With good hearts have been led far astray

Kept in the dark from their earliest youth

And told what to think and to say.


The smallest, most humble are guided by fear

Their darkness, the darkest of all

Lost and alone, anger all that they hear

No softness or love hears their call.


But life cannot thrive in a surfeit of lies

What’s hidden eventually comes out

One small spark of light begins opening eyes

And a whisper becomes a great shout.


No more can this cult continue in hiding

When so many are speaking the truth

Brave voices providing, despite the cruel chiding

Setting free an abundance of proof.


Light grows ever brighter consuming the dark

Laying bare ugly cruelties quite savage

A new day is dawning, The Aftermath’s spark

Brings an end to the violent Miscavige.

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