Scientology Lies Again

Scientology has a blog post on their STAND League site dated December 2, 2018 in which it alleges that A&E Network has been “caught paying it’s Documentary sources”.

They head the piece with a photo of a check made out to Chad Cooper, exposing his name and home address for the world to see.

The purpose of this post is, of course, to somehow discredit A&E Network. Ever since the Network began airing the Emmy award winning show Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, Scientology has done it’s best to drag the cable network company through the mud.

Scientology claims that The Aftermath is a hate show filled with dishonest, angry apostates who are trying to ruin their pristine reputation. They further claim that A&E Network is a purveyor of hate and bigotry.

True to it’s Fair Game Policy, The Powers that Be go after Remini, Rinder and every person who has had the courage to show up and speak out against the abuses they experienced while members of the Organization.

Scientology’s members have engaged in letter writing campaigns to A&E, The Disney Company, and even the sponsors whose commercials appear during the show. When that hasn’t worked they write post after post on their STAND League blog site condemning, name calling, labeling the participants “bigots” and otherwise publicly attacking anyone connected to The Aftermath.

This time their article references another upcoming reality show called The Devil Next Door. It has nothing to do with Scientology, rather it focuses on a pseudo Christian sect called The Word of Faith Fellowship. According to, “The Word of Faith Fellowship, led by Jane Whaley, proclaims to be a devout Christian church, but former members tell a different story: one of violence and exploitation. It’s the mission of these former members to convince those still inside, including their own loved ones and children, to break away from the Church.”

STAND League alleges; “The Word of Faith Fellowship, slated to be the subject of A&E’s next anti-religious “documentary,” recently revealed evidence that A&E paid the group’s ex-members to slander their former church.”

The fact is however, A&E had nothing to do with the ex-members of The Word of Faith Fellowship.

Further, the check they’ve published for the world to see is not proof of their allegations. Rather it is proof that they are lying.


The check clearly shows where it originated. Fly Girls LLC, in Beverly Hills , CA.

A little research online shows that the mailing address contact person for Fly Girls, LLC is one Darren King at the same address listed on the check. Darren King is the Financial Controller for a television production company called Collins Avenue.

From it’s website,

“Collins Avenue is a premier non-fiction television production company that develops, sells, produces and licenses shows and formats domestically and internationally. Headquartered in Los Angeles, Collins Avenue works in partnership with Kew Media and Content Media Corporation – global entertainment companies.”

Collins Avenue lists on it’s website that one of it’s clients is A&E Network.

The former member of The Word of Faith Fellowship, Chad Cooper did not work for, nor was he paid by A&E. The show, like many other reality shows produced by Collins Avenue such as Dance Moms, Meet the Hutterites, Fly Girls and Haunted Renovations was picked up by A&E as part of it’s lineup.

“The Devil Next Door” is produced for A&E by Collins Avenue. Jeff Collins, Lindsay Schwartz, Michael Hammond and Francis Gasparini serve as executive producers for Collins Avenue. Elaine Frontain Bryant, Amy Savitsky, Marcie Hume and David Doss serve as executive producers for A&E Network. A+E Networks holds worldwide distribution rights for “The Devil Next Door.”

Collins Avenue produces the show, A&E holds the distribution rights and airs it.

A&E Network did not hire or have a contract with any of the former members who appeared in Collins Avenue’s production. However this reality television production company does business, A&E is not part of the decision making process.

Once again Scientology is lashing out and using deceit in order to try and discredit and slander. They don’t care about the truth, just getting even.

It has been said many times before but remember;

Consider the Source.

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