OT Power- Super Vision

Lying is a difficult business. It’s often said that if one is going to lie, then one needs to be very good at it.

Just when it seemed that the @TarynTeutsch Twitter account had been relegated to tired retweetings of already disproven malicious fiction, Team Bitter Bernardini returns.

This writer made a promise that any deceit on Scientology’s part would be met with an exposé of the truth; ergo this new post on an old subject.

There is a slightly new iteration of the April 2010 Fair Game attack on Mike Rinder appearing on Teutsch’s blog. —https://www.justice4mom.org/single-post/2018/11/16/Mike-Rinder-Abuse

This new, subtly enhanced version contains a few…inconsistencies that bear addressing.

First it is important to note that while Taryn is an active and willing participant in this crusade to have Mike Rinder fired, it is this writer’s firm belief that the driving force behind her is her mother, Cathy Bernardini working hand in glove with Scientology. Taryn was born into Scientology and is now a member of the SeaOrg. Her entire life has been shaped by the emotionally abusive manipulations of Scientology. That alone is bad enough to allow for some small measure of leeway, however it is also a fair assumption to believe that she has been the victim of a particularly insidious form of child abuse called Parental Alienation.

Bitter Bernardini is directing this debacle, of this there can be very little doubt.

In Taryn’s earlier blog post describing the incident in April 2010, she said “We had gone there with my Uncle, who came from Australia. We went to go and actually have a conversation with him, with Mike Rinder.” —https://www.justice4mom.org/single-post/2018/07/09/Abuse-Recounting

Her newest version says “We were going down Gulf to Bay. We didn’t know where he lived. I was like: ‘Oh, my God! There he is! He’s standing in the parking lot!’.”

Just for references sake, The Police Report says “According to Catherine she had been driving in the area with other people, when she saw her estranged husband pull into the doctor’s office where they attempted to confront him…”

According to google maps, Gulf to Bay is a highway approximately 8 miles away from the doctor’s office where the attack took place.


Taryn is claiming to have seen her father standing in a parking lot EIGHT MILES away.

Not even 8 miles of direct, unobstructed line of sight either, but 8 miles of buildings, trees and all the other various things that make up a large, bustling cityscape.

The next point of confusion is that she says they did not know where Mike lived.

Taryn already described the day that Mike attempted to see his son, Benjamin and was turned away by Scientology. What she does not include in her narrative is that they had Mike trespassed from the property. If there is a trespass order then the person who is being ordered away from the property will have his name and address on the order. They would have, or should have received a copy of the order as well.

Even if Scientology kept the order and did not give copies to Bernardini, which is both possible and plausible, Taryn contradicts herself in the beginning of the very same blog article by stating “After my brother got diagnosed with melanoma he was given a few years to live. My Mom and I were devastated. Your world goes upside down. So, my mom went to go see my dad, Mike Rinder. They had been married for over 30 years and though he had deserted the family, she felt it important to tell him about his son. She didn’t ever get to tell him. He found out otherwise. He never answered her communications.”

If they didn’t know where Rinder lived, how did Bernardini go see him?

Further, on the John Sweeney recording:

At 5:11 Sweeney asks Mike to notify the group that they are being recorded which he does. The response by Jenny Devocht is to scream at Mike “that fine! That’s fine! Because your wife and your daughter came to see you and you disconnected from them!”

If they went to see Mike, that indicates they knew where to go to do so.

The last point while small, shows the ever increasing drama of the story they tell.

“And he’s holding tight. He’s a big guy. And she’s saying like, “Stop it! You’re hurting me! You’re hurting me!” And then he pinned her, so she couldn’t move and then pulled her arms down. She started hearing her bones cracking and I’m freaking out. And she started screaming, ‘Stop it! Stop it! You’re killing me!’”

As pointed out in an earlier blog post, https://azhlynne.wordpress.com/2018/08/09/in-which-i-pick-apart-a-fictional-narrative/ there is nowhere in the John Sweeney recording where either Taryn or Bernardini can be heard yelling at Mike to “Stop it”.

Their earlier allegation from the 07/09/2018 article says “And and she’s yelling “you’re hurting me. you’re hurting me.” and he’s like ” you Bitch. You bitch” Spittle coming out of his mouth. And…and I’m looking in his eyes — and…and this is — seems like a fraction of a second, this all went down. So by the time I’m going “Get off her!” And she’s saying “you’re hurting me.” By this time her shoulder was already cracked.”

Now the tale has evolved from “you’re hurting me!” To “You’re killing me!”

Be very clear that neither of these comments can be heard on the recording. Also, just remember this in case the next allegation becomes “Mike Rinder is an attempted murderer.”

And as always-

Consider the source.


3 thoughts on “OT Power- Super Vision

  1. Stefani,
    On point as usual. This whole saga of Scientology vs. Mike clearly illustrates their depravity and their willingness to use anyone and do anything in an attempt to discredit anyone who may challenge them. Pulling his children into the attack is unconscionable. Especially when police reports directly contradict their claims.

    I’m amazed that they keep trying to recycle this and pretend it is recent and relevant. They have zero insight into how it looks to us “never-ins”. Their plan has backfired and just makes normal people outraged at their conduct and duplicity. It’s despicable. It’s scientology in all its ‘glory’, bared to the world. It will also work against them in public opinion. By trotting out a disproved and ridiculous allegation and using it to jump on “abuse bandwagons” they have gravely mis-stepped. These groups are serious in their missions. They also understand how false allegations work against their goal. Taryn’s using a mocked up, disprovable allegation to “join the crowd” was ill advised and short sighted in the extreme. Maybe you could point that out in a future blog?

    Kat LaRue


  2. Excellent points and well said. Taryn’s “join the crowd” methodology is one of the blindnesses Scientology instills. For them even lying is justified if it’s for the “greater good”.


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