A Short Scientology Christmas Carol

The Ghost of Christmas Past visited David Miscavige. His message:

“The Great Religions of the world have stood the test of time because they all contain, at their core, teachings of peace, love and goodness. They encourage the growth and cohesion of family and community.

Scientology cannot endure because you have abandoned anything remotely resembling that which creates the structure of honest seeking. Your dedication to hate, anger and violence will not stand up against those who cry out for justice and healing. Man turns against the fanatic and the hater.

You, David have chosen blindness and you have led those who follow you into the dark.

As you assault and abuse those around you, remember the fates of the Dictators of Rome who imagined they were gods.”

The Ghost of Christmas Present visited David Miscavige. His message:

“Where are you David? Do you hear what I hear? Thousands of voices cry out against you demanding an end to your reign. Voices of the members of broken families, their shattered hearts beat staccato cries of pain. Where do you hide as around you the walls shake and crumble? So caught up in the power and trappings of kingship, you ignore that which should be your priority: your community. You do not lead, you live a masquerade and your pride will be your undoing.

Do you see what I see? Buildings sit empty, bereft of life. A testament to the fruits of your leadership. Do you recognize your isolation? Can you feel the growing, anger fueled separation forming around you?”

The Ghost of Christmas Future visited David Miscavige. His message:

“Look around you David. Here is your future. A world that has been cleared of the taint of your cult of lies and pain. No more do the empty promises of impossible gains move people to join you. The truth has set free those held in their bondage of the mind in order to provide your comforts.

You stand alone.

The family you abandoned and terrorized stand together.

The wife you cruelly tortured and held captive seeks only freedom from your rage.

No one stands with you now, no one offers you solace or understanding.

You sit alone in the dark of your choosing while the world moves on.”

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