The Blame Game; Or Dear Edward Parkin…

To Edward Parkin or any other member of Scientology,

Currently Scientology is on a massive Fair Game/Dead Agent campaign against anyone associated with Scientology and the Aftermath.

Scientology refutes, denies, condemns, etc any and all claims made against your organization, instead leveling outlandish and often provably false accusations against the dozens (Hundreds? Thousands?) of people who have left and spoken out about their experiences.

In each case Scientology alleges that the speaker had been of horrible, questionable character and expelled from the Organization for their behavior. Considering that many of the accusers were born into your group and raised under your tutelage and example, one cannot help but wonder why so many seem to have turned out exhibiting such diabolical character.

Further, since you hold tightly to your assertion that Scientology is The Most Ethical Religion On The Planet, if you are responsible for the upbringing of these morally bankrupt people do you not then have a responsibility to help them overcome these aberrations rather than throw them out?

Instead you apparently create these criminals within your own walls and then toss them out like unwanted furniture.

Children learn what they live.

Scientology firmly lays the blame for the various crimes against it and the environment of anger and skepticism directed towards it at the feet of Leah Remini and Mike Rinder, claiming they are the root cause for the actions of others, even when there simply is no proof of any connection.

In fact, there have been people speaking out against Scientology and Dianetics for decades. Do you blame Leah and Mike for all those who came way before they did? One does not remember their names anywhere in the files confiscated by the FBI in the raid that exposed Scientology’s plot to destroy (or even assassinate) Paulette Cooper.

These two are very convenient scapegoats for Scientology to use, but you have had to engage in some extremely creative mental gymnastics and selective editing in order to fit them to your template. While your fiction may hold up to your members who are exhorted to only trust Scientological information, it quickly falls apart when reality steps in.

So how do you explain away the thousands of people over decades who describe similar abuses? Do you truly expect others to believe that so many, from different cities or even countries who have never met have been conspiring against Scientology for so many years? To what end? How could such a conspiracy be developed and kept alive for so long by so many? Since it has been going on so long, how can you blame Leah Remini and Mike Rinder for being the cause of Scientology’s problems?

They, like all those who have joined them, are just more voices in the ongoing fight to expose Scientology for what it is.

A lie.

The fact is, Edward Parkin, your problems begin and end in the same place.


Leah and Mike are only two more in the long line of hurt, angry voices speaking out against the crimes and abuse.

You can keep trying to skew the truth but in the end the truth will win.

The clock is ticking, Eddie.

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