Pride, Prejudice and those Amazing OT Powers

Regarding a letter writing by Scientologist Rita Solfa, dated October 24, 2018 protesting an article on about Leah Remini’s Scientology and the Aftermath.

Ms. Solfa,

A quick perusal of the website reveals an informational website that covers a variety of entertainment venues from television to video gaming.

As you seem to have forgotten to cite a source for your complaint, it can only be guessed that the article you are objecting to is the only one about Leah Remini in all of October 2018, referenced above.

One can assume that you have arrived on that place on The Bridge to Total Freedom wherein one’s OT Powers have blossomed, something that must be akin to a “Technical Puberty” if you will.

Where your Thetan has matured and come to a new stage on it’s voyage from that long ago plane ride.

These newly acquired abilities have obviously bestowed upon you the incredible ability to discern substance within the written word heretofore invisible to the rest of us mere mortals.

Amazingly for you, context clues non existent to the commoner must glow from the pages. Comprehension of meaning soars beyond the merely sublime into mysteriously paranormal heights!

Ah to embrace one’s inner clairvoyant!

To be able to discern another’s character and very spirituality from a simple, informative article that describes a television show, cites it’s awards and then announces the air date!

Indeed, Ms. Solfa, your ability to uncover the writer’s inner, hidden agenda shows succinctly that you are not only on to her sketchiness, but are having none of it!

You tell Ms. Fox;

“I appreciate that religion, belief and faith may mean little to you, but they do mean something to a large percentage of the inhabitants of this country. So, for you to cast aspersions on Scientology, the religion of many, reveals more about your state of mind than anything else.”

Ms. Solfa…Rita…may I call you Rita? Rita, that you could so easily root out that ugly bigotry deep within such wording as:

“The third season of A&E Network’s Emmy-winning docuseries ‘Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath’ returns on November 27th. The special event will be spanning eight episodes and four specials this time around. The network also released a teaser trailer for the new season, which you can watch below. Watch a tease for the new season at”

That description alone fairly screams atheism and bigotry at it’s most insidious!

Had you not caught this infamy! Well one shudders just thinking that Ms. Fox may have actually gotten away with such utter nonsense!

Incredible without doubt that those horrible aspersions, so well hidden within her paragraphs cannot go unremarked;

“That’s not the only new content coming from A&E, the network will also premiere the new two-hour special, ‘Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath: The Jehovah’s Witnesses,’ on Tuesday, November 13th. For the first time, Remini and Mike Rinder will meet with former members of a different organization – the Jehovah’s Witnesses – and explore how other groups besides Scientology can subvert and exploit belief.”

Surely a member of such an ethical and dedicated organization such as Scientology would never abuse its members! Fair Game, Disconnection, Dead Agent, Knowledge Reports…those things are harmless and spiritual undertakings as you well know I’m sure. The fact that there are thousands of families split apart and aching with the sorrow and pain from those most holy of policies is simply a sign of a global conspiracy of the greatest proportions. That so many hurting people have managed to all come together and create such a plan, spanning so many, many years!

Oh but I digress.

With OT Powers blazing through your very cell structure you, as part of THE most ethical sub group of all of Scientology, The STAND League, takes it upon yourself to educate Ms. Fox, and indeed the world, on Leah Remini’s shortcomings;

“Leah Remini is a bigot.

She is hateful, vicious and hurtful. Her claim to fame is her assault upon her former friends and faith. According to countless testimonies of those who knew her well, she was only proficient at maligning them. She even called Stacy Francis’s young son a “niglet.”

Now Rita the last time I checked, just to make sure there were no misunderstood words, “Bigot” means someone intolerant towards those holding different opinions.

You wouldn’t happen to know of any ugly, intolerant websites about Leah Remini would you, dear?

Of course you wouldn’t.

One can only assume then, that you know Ms. Remini on a personal basis to have come up with such unkind and intolerant (dare I say… bigoted? *gasp*) comments? Of course you must know her intimately, otherwise your comments could quite easily be taken as hearsay and unkind gossip?

But you, Rita, so On Course, are way beyond such un-religious and unethical actions. Your passage along the Bridge has risen you above the pettiness of such reactions toward those you do not know! After all one might argue that if you wish to cite “countless testimonies” to prove your points then it stands as logical and reasonable that the testimonies of those Ms. Remini hosts must also be taken with the same gravity?

One must ask.

Scientology asserts that the testimony of an Ex should not be counted as credible. Surely that very tenet must be applied to any former friends (that IS the phrase used, isn’t it, Rita?) of Ms. Remini’s?

Frankly we all have people we’ve fallen out with over the years of our lives. As another Scientologist points out, one cannot trust the words of an Ex.

However I again digress.

Rita, your final decree to Ms. Fox is for her to watch your own group’s television channel.

“The true information about Scientology is easily found at I recommend you educate yourself in the truth.”

Here again one must stand in awe of your every burgeoning OT prowess.

What a novel idea!

Coming from an ever shrinking organization, that you are so clearly able to discern the truth of your situation and that it can so easily be found on TV is an amazing thing!

Have you ever considered researching anything at all outside that fourth wall?



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