Creepy Eddie’s Desperation

As usual, instead of addressing any of the actual issues raised by The Aftermath, Scientology’s pie hole, Edward Parkin, chooses the easiest path for him and resorts to lies and name calling.

On the day after the most recent show, Creepy Eddie pulls out all the stops, gets as creative as his small, Reactive Mind can get and calls a grown man a “bobble head”.

The referenced piece can be found here:

As it is extremely short, due one supposes to the violent headache he developed from the strain of his attempt at originality and creativity, it is here in all it’s underwhelming ennui.

“Leah Remini has never revealed to her audiences the truth about her co-host Mike Rinder. He was removed from his position and expelled from the Church of Scientology more than a decade ago for incompetence, lying, laziness, violence and criminality. He abandoned his wife of more than 30 years and his two children. When she tried to reconcile with him, he viciously assaulted her, injuring her so severely that he caused permanent damage. He then found he could make money lying in the courts and the media, including a failed billion dollar scheme he and his cohorts hoped would bankrupt the Church. Now he is the yes-man for Leah Remini on her reality hate show on A&E.”

Let’s deconstruct this statement, shall we?

“Leah Remini has never revealed to her audiences the truth about her co-host Mike Rinder.”

Leah has no need to spread the lies that Scientology created about Mike Rinder. There is already so much hard evidence available to anyone interested in the issue that repeating it is redundant. Further, unlike Scientology, Leah prefers to let the Truth speak and has too much goodness in her heart to resort to lying about anyone.

She has far too much class for that.

Seriously, what is she supposed to say? That Mike blew? Everyone knows that. He already told his story himself.

His Truth.

As for the rest of the badly written fiction?

We can break it down right here, since it seems to be so important.

1. If Mike Rinder was really “removed from his position and expelled from the church” then why is it that Cathy Bernardini, his ex wife, has such a different account of his leaving?

(Bitter Bernardini’s whole video can be found here: )

She says:

So Mike, in June of 2007, was in London on a business trip, which he usually- was not usual. A friend of mine called me and said he had just gotten a email from Mike. And the email said—it was very short and it was not to me. And he said you know, ‘I’m not coming back’. And that’s it. That’s all. It didn’t say anything about our children whatsoever. He didn’t say ‘give them my love’ or ‘make sure they know I’m OK’. That is how he broke up our marriage. Of over 30 years, is an e-mail to somebody else. He never even emailed me. He never called me. He never communicated in any way to myself.

That is her entire statement. He disappeared with no word to her.

One interesting thing to point out is her hesitation about Mike’s trip to London. She begins saying “which he usually” then quickly changes it to “was not usual”. I do not know anything about Mike Rinder’s schedule as a high up SeaOrg executive but one wonders if a certain amount of traveling would have been part of it. Bernardini’s slip up almost looks like she is trying to indicate Mike’s London trip was unusual for him and part of his plan to blow. This is conjecture on this writer’s part but it does make one wonder.

Had Mike been “expelled” from the church he would have been spoken to beforehand. Someone would have told Bernardini that her husband was on thin ice. The expulsion would not have been to send Mike on a job and then just have him walk out and leave Scientology without warning.

Especially given Mike’s position in the SeaOrg and everything he knows.

First Parkin claims Mike was expelled “from the church” for all his crimes, then he claims Mike abandoned his family.

If Mike was, indeed expelled for such behavior, his family in good standing with Scientology would not have (or according to the Prohibition; should not have) had any connection to him in the first place. They would have been notified that he’d been declared.

Nothing would have been such a surprise that Bitter Bernardini would make the above statement.

2. “When she tried to reconcile with him, he viciously assaulted her, injuring her so severely that he caused permanent damage.”

This has been addressed many times already. Cathy Bernardini did not try and reconcile with Mike Rinder. She, along with a group of people, hunted Mike down like prey then attacked him in a doctor’s parking lot. There is a Police Report an EMT Report AND an audio recording of the entire attack on Mike. None of this hard evidence bears up Bernardini’s story. Indeed, her story is ever evolving as time goes on. The police report states that Bernardini sustained one minor injury by “Incidental contact” as Mike was trying to remove himself from the situation. He was not charged with anything. The EMT Report also states “one minor skin tear”. Bernardini herself rates her pain on the medical pain scale of 1-10 as a 2. She was ambulatory and she refused transport to the hospital. No mention of any other injuries are noted either by the police, the EMTs or by anyone involved in the attack on the recording.

A thorough look at this incident can be found here:

Where her other injuries came from is anyone’s guess but they did not come from Mike Rinder.

As far as the rest of the comments, they are as false and empty as the others. Mike Rinder escaped from Scientology and went on to make a new life for himself. The fact that he has spoken out against the abuses and taken such a public stand in the face of the Fair Game attacks, the stalking and harassment by Scientology paid Private Investigators and all the vitriolic spew that Creepy Eddie can come up with shows very clearly that Mike is definitely no “Yes Man”.

He was strong enough to be the protector of Scientology and face down it’s critics.

He was strong enough to face the truth and the loss of everything he knew.

He was strong enough to walk away with nothing but the clothes he was wearing into a vast unknown with no resources.

He was strong enough to start from the bottom and rebuild his life all while dealing with Scientology.

Mike Rinder is no “Yes Man”.

Leah and Mike are everything Creepy Edward Parkin is not.

They have dignity, honesty and a strength of character that Eddie will never know. So keep on picking, Eddie.

Keep on repeating the same old story over and over while the rest of us just shake our heads.

With every post you make you add just that much more credence to everything that is being said on The Aftermath.

We know you are lying.

It’s proven.

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