One of Scientology’s Mike Rinder Problems


“Rinder claims to have “escaped” from the Church to avoid “abuse” and says he was being held against his will. The clear evidence this is a lie is that Rinder left the Church from London in 2007 where he had been for months working on an assignment, coming and going as he pleased on a daily basis. Rinder left when his request to transfer back to Los Angeles was denied; he knew he would never again rise to the position he once held.”

“Nearly a decade ago, the Church expelled him for gross malfeasance and has had nothing to do with him since. Good riddance.”

“Mike Rinder: An erstwhile external affairs officer for the Church of Scientology removed from post for gross malfeasance. Rinder walked away from his Church, his wife and two children.”

“Ultimately, the intervention of the ecclesiastical leader was needed to clean up Rinder’s final and greatest mess, resulting in his removal in disgrace.

“It’s all in his own words. In a moment of candor, after his removal and before his ultimate dismissal from the Church, Rinder wrote about his performance…”


“Who is the real Mike Rinder? He’s a former external affairs staffer with the Church gone for nearly a decade. He abandoned his family, shredded his ex-wife’s arm requiring surgery, and engaged in severe malfeasance in the important Church legal case. He was removed from any position of responsibility and ultimately expelled from the Church.”

“When Rinder’s repeated lying to Church leadership was discovered, it led to his removal from any position of authority more than 12 years ago. Rinder’s was anything but a sudden departure; it was a very long fall from grace arising out of his chronic dishonesty and malfeasance, along with his violent behavior.”

From: Transcript from A Cathy Bernardini Video—

“So Mike, in June of 2007, was in London on a business trip, which he usually- was not usual. A friend of mine called me and said he had just gotten a email from Mike. And the email said—it was very short and it was not to me. And he said you know, ‘I’m not coming back’. And that’s it. That’s all. It didn’t say anything about our children whatsoever. He didn’t say ‘give them my love’ or ‘make sure they know I’m OK’. That is how he broke up our marriage. Of over 30 years, is an e-mail to somebody else. He never even emailed me. He never called me. He never communicated in any way to myself.”


“For years after he was expelled from Scientology, Mike Rinder had no visible means of support…”

Kicked out of the Church, Rinder adopted the same playbook…”


“They fly Rinder around the country in five-star luxury to shill for their religious hatred, never mentioning that Rinder was expelled from his former religion for gross malfeasance.”


“Mike Rinder is not a credible source concerning Scientology. He has not stepped inside a Church in nearly a decade. The Church expelled him for malfeasance and has had nothing to do with him since.”

“…man who abandoned his family without notice…”

Scientology seems to have a Mike Rinder Problem.

They cannot decide whether he walked away, abandoning his wife and grown children or if they expelled him.

First they argue that he was such a horrible man that they removed him from his position and then, after “a very long fall from grace” they expelled him.

On the other hand, sometimes in the very same letter or article, they accuse him of abandoning his family without a word.

Bitter Bernardini seems to be under the impression that Mike went on a business trip and left her without a word.

However Karin Pouw, in her 2015 letter to John Bentley of ABC News’ 20/20 seems unclear as to how Rinder ended up on the loose. In one part of the letter she accuses him of coldly abandoning his family while a few rambling paragraphs later she says he was expelled.

The Fair Game website created to paint Mike Rinder in the worst possible light is also filled with these contradictions.

He was kicked out, he blew, he was removed from any position of responsibility, he was sent to London to do a job, he abandoned his family suddenly, his fall from grace was “very long”.

How difficult could it be for such a huge organization with so much surveillance, so many guards and PIs to keep track of one man?

Scientology calls Mike a liar, yet time and again those of us who have taken the time to look can only seem to come up with clear, provable lies from only one source; Scientology.

Mike has already told his exit account. It hasn’t changed.

Scientology on the other hand has multiple stories that contradict each other. There is no consistency or logic to their tales.

If they need Mike to be a horrible husband and father who abandoned his family then that is the claim du jour.

Like the weather, it is impossible to predict what story will be told on any random day.

The bottom line is that Scientology is caught, again, in their lies about Mike Rinder.

In her letter, Karin Pouw says of Mike:

“It starts with an orchestrated media attack involving the most heinous and outrageous allegations, ‘corroborated’ by others who are part of the same group and willing to lie on command.”

This is an excellent example of one assigning one’s own behavior to someone else.

Indeed, Scientology has a Mike Rinder problem; they cannot get their stories about him straight and consistent and the more they lie about him the less credible they become.

Meanwhile Mike is out there running free and no one in Scientology seems to know how he got there.

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