Karin Pouw Strikes Again

Today’s Foot Bullet-in is brought to you courtesy of Karin Pouw.

In a move today many of us have been waiting for, Scientology’s Ms Pouw opened her mouth and inserted her foot, ankle and part of her leg.

Using her OT Powers, (or perhaps she was “encouraged” to go external by receiving a post card from Heber Jentzsch that said “Wish you were here!”) Ms Pouw produced an amazing bit of dramatic prose blaming an American television show for the actions of a 16 year old Taiwanese boy.

“On January 3, 2019, a man fatally stabbed a member of our Australasian (sic) headquarters in Sydney.”

Focused on her theme, she threw everything else to the winds, (i.e. spelling, facts, reality…) and poured as much of her non reactive mind into her letter as she could.

The “man” in question is only 16 and she forgot to mention that he was attempting to see his mother to try and dissuade her from undergoing the Purification Rundown. Pouw also forgot to mention that apparently there had been an ongoing argument and/or fight between mother and child over this issue prior to the fatal stabbing. One can understand such an oversight on Ms Pouw’s part as it would be much more difficult to link this tragic act of violence to Leah Remini and Mike Rinder in the United States with that bothersome and inconvenient bit of information floating about.

Also unmentioned was that rather than allow him to speak with his mother, Scientology staff were in process of escorting him off their property. It is unclear where they were escorting him to but it seems most likely, based upon past actions, he was about to be left on his own, with no resources in a strange city. What Scientology expected him to do once alone outside their gates is anyone’s guess.

It is possible that her forgetfulness and confusion is simply part of a pattern of unknowingness where Rinder is concerned. In her letter to Alex Weresow in 2016 she couldn’t quite figure out exactly how Rinder got loose in the first place. First she claimed he suddenly abandoned his family with no warning, then in the same letter she asserted that he had been expelled from Scientology.

One can only speculate her fear over this man who somehow disappeared from Scientology only to reappear in public as part of a television show that airs all of her group’s dirty laundry.

How….uncomfortable for her.

It seems that it is all in a days work for Ms Pouw to find a firm connection between Mike, Leah and A&E and the desperate actions of this teen now charged with murder. Certainly the boy’s mother bears no responsibility here. Nor does Scientology who inserted itself into a parent/child relationship and exploited their rift. It could not possibly be that this teen was pushed by fear to a desperate place by Scientology and its complete lack of anything remotely resembling compassion or kindness.

No, it makes much more sense to blame two people in a completely different country working on a television show that doesn’t even air there.

So be warned and consider the source as always.

Karen Pouw’s overt reaction to this situation is most likely caused by an engram that needs scratching rather than by anything on A&E or those involved with The Aftermath.

Details are still forthcoming as this tragic situation is addressed by Australian law enforcement. So far there has been nothing said about the boy’s motivation other than that Scientology refused to let him see his mother. Scientology is now alleging that he was “…inspired by an anti-Scientology website that featured your people and included a link to Remini’s show.”

How would they know that?

Consider the source.

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