Edward Parkin- Tampering with Evidence?

Creepy Eddie Parkin, runaway spokes-mouth for Scientology has thrown all caution to the winds and flat out announced that Leah Remini and Mike Rinder “all have blood on their hands for inciting the murder of a 24 year old Scientologist through the evil venom they spew.”

New South Wales Police should take this accusation seriously.

This is a murder case and every bit of evidence that can be obtained should be.

Obviously Edward Parkin, who resides in the United States, has been given evidence by someone at the Australian Org concerning this heinous crime.

How else could he, so far removed from the incident, be able to make such a claim with such conviction and authority?

If Parkin indeed has evidence that anyone here in the States incited this murder and has not turned it over to the authorities then he is guilty of interfering with a criminal investigation, evidence tampering and removing evidence from the scene. Someone from the Australian Org is also guilty of these crimes as well. One might also suggest that by withholding crucial evidence of incitement to murder, Scientology and Edward Parkin are actually aiding and abetting a suspect in a murder case.

Parkin’s unequivocal public statement indicates that he has knowledge and apparently this knowledge has not yet been shared with any authorities in either country.

If this spokesperson for Scientology is in possession of any bit of evidence that has enabled him to make this proclamation then there needs to be a search warrant issued and that evidence taken into law enforcement custody with the proper consequences for Parkin applied.

Murder is a serious and terrible crime in any country. The withholding of evidence can only be to the advantage of the suspect.

Edward Parkin has firmly asserted that Leah and Mike incited murder. For him to make such a serious and unambiguous statement can only indicate that he has some inside knowledge of the crime.

If this is true then this knowledge must be obtained and added as part of the investigation.

If, on the other hand Parkin is making such serious allegations against two people who are actually innocent of any crime then this needs to be addressed with equal gravity.

Leah Remini and Mike Rinder have the right to be publicly cleared of this accusation with all speed and diligence.

If Parkin is publicly lying then he needs to be prosecuted for making false statements in a murder investigation.

Either way, it is way past time for Edward Parkin to put his money where his mouth is.

This writer is calling his bluff.

There is serious public concern about the LAPD and it’s relationship with Scientology, however by his statements, Parkin has made this an international investigation and as such should be handled by the FBI. If there is evidence of incitement then it needs to be confiscated for the trial.

Concurrently law enforcement in Australia needs to find out why such evidence was not turned over to them from the beginning of this investigation, where it is now, and who leaked it to Edward Parkin.

Will this be yet one more incident of apathy on the part of U.S. law enforcement?

Edward Parkin has placed himself and Scientology on a tightrope with his current declarations against Leah and Mike.

Here’s hoping that his inability to keep his mouth shut is what eventually causes them to fall.

One thought on “Edward Parkin- Tampering with Evidence?

  1. I think creepy Eddie is now using truthnewsroom@exposenetwork on twitter unless it’s just another STAAD’s front group!


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