Removing the Blockage

Scientology has a saying that when someone does something it needs to be done “for the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics”.

Of course when they say that they mean doing the greatest good for Scientology and usually this ends up meaning something hateful for the real world.

When I post the things that Edward Parkin tweets on both of his Twitter accounts it isn’t just to stir things up.

In the interest of being fully honest, I have to admit that it does give me some satisfaction to stymie his attempts to keep Leah and Mike from seeing his snark. I hope he is frustrated and furious about it. I am, after all, only human and having been the victim of bullying in my life I have no tolerance for it now. If I can level the playing field by letting his targets know what he’s spewing behind his blocks then that is OK by me.

However there is another reason why I do this.

Scientology’s abuses.

Edward Parkin is a spokesperson for Scientology. He represents them and “by their actions you will know them”.

Since I began @Ultioetveritas I have interacted with a few Scientologists. Each of them was angry, defensive and nasty.

Parkin spends his time engaged in spreading lies, name calling and just being hateful.

This is what Scientology teaches. The doctrine of this cult is rage, and the vitriol is not just outwardly directed at non-scientologists.

This is how David Miscavige runs his so-called religion right from the top.

Marc Headley, during an episode of The Aftermath described the attack on him by saying “the ‘Pope’ of Scientology just beat me up!”

With every ugly, patronizing tweet we are getting a first hand glimpse into the very heart of Scientology and what it is.

They treat each other like this. As the saying goes, “poop rolls down hill”. Those under Miscavige scream and swear at their subordinates because those under them can’t do anything about it.

Essentially the protection of rank is a Twitter block protecting them from the repercussions of their abuse.

Every time Parkin engages in his name calling, false accusations and glib, patronizing comments we get to see what it is to be part of Scientology.

This verbal abuse is not confined to outsiders and SPs. It is an all prevailing way of life in this organization.

I bring these tweets out from behind the block into the light because I do not want anyone to forget that abuse is part and parcel of this cult and these tweets are just a small example of it.

It is not OK to falsely accuse innocent people of high crimes like Domestic Violence, arson, rape and murder. Who does this?! This is at the very least bullying and abusive.

Edward Parkin engages in this behavior on a daily basis and his “ha ha, you reported me but I got away with it” attitude speaks volumes about who he is and what he lives.

Scientology is abuse.

This is why I want to fight it. At the very least, stripping away all the rest of the issues, it is NOT OK to bully and harass people!

If Edward Parkin wants to play then let’s play. For as long as I am able I will not let him strike out at innocent, good people, cause pain and then run and hide. I may not be able to stop him, although I am trying, but I can force him into the light where everyone can see him for what he is and through him what Scientology creates.

We cannot ignore or forget the abuse that is rampant in this cult.

Fair Game is simply an externally directed policy that Miscavige practices internally with Scientology.

We are getting a glimpse of what life is like within the barbed wire protected walls of this cult.

The way Parkin treats Leah and Mike on Twitter is the way he would treat any of us if we were under him at INT Base. The same way and worse that Miscavige treats everyone around him on a daily basis.

Think about the horrible things being said to those being held in the Hole. Think about how so-called supervisors are speaking to the children under their charge in whatever the Cadet Org has become.

So every time I drag one of these tweet out from behind his block, remember why we are fighting.

To stop this kind of abuse being flung at those who live in Scientology.

Stopping Scientology would be the absolute BEST thing to happen for the greatest good.

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