Letter Requesting the Revocation of COS’ Tax Exemption

Charles P. Rettig


Internal Revenue Service

Department of the Treasury

1500 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Washington, D.C. 20220

Dear Sir,

I am asking that you investigate and ultimately revoke the tax exempt status of the Church of Scientology International along with all of it’s subgroups.

The IRS’ guidelines stipulate a:

1. Recognized creed and form of worship

2. Distinct religious history

3. Membership not associated with any other church or denomination


Scientology has no recognizable creed. In spite of their religious murmurings the bottom line is that Man is all there is. That is not a spirituality. It is an atheistic, anti religious form of hubris.

They have NO form of worship.

Worship means a feeling or expression of reverence and adoration for a Deity. Scientology does not express any kind of belief in, reverence for or adoration of God.

Cut through all the extra words thrown in, use their own definitions and explanations and one comes to the inalterable realization that in the end Man is a Thetan, a Thetan is an immortal soul created after a multi planetary genocide and that took over humanity’s “meat bodies”, the Thetan is called Creator and Immortal and can develop amazing Super Powers making him godlike.

There is no belief in Heaven or a place of rest and peace after life. No belief that one needs God for salvation, no faith, no recognizable form of spirituality at all. Gemma Harris, a notorious Scientologist on Twitter claims she does not believe in God at all, nor does she believe in prayer.

If one does not believe in God then how can one claim to engage in any type of worship? And if there is no belief in God, no worship, faith or belief in the spiritual then how can one claim to be part of a religion?

Further, as far as a Creed goes, Scientology claimed under oath to the IRS in their form 1023 Attachment that their entire “sacred scripture” encompasses all of the writings and words of L. Ron Hubbard.

Scientology’s foundation is based upon Hubbard’s book Dianetics. In which he clearly writes that Dianetics was not a religion.

His other writings, their “sacred scripture”, explains that God is not real. Religion, God and Heaven are all false implants designed to mislead Mankind.

Rather than truly having a distinct religious history, Scientology’s own founder stated that religion was not real. Later, in order to lend religious credibility to his newly dubbed “religion” Hubbard contradicted himself by stating a belief in a Supreme Being. However this belief seems superfluous to the true teachings of this organization in that since Man is Immortal and can achieve godlike powers and there is no Heavenly reward, only constant reincarnation, there is no need for or room for God.

Scientology has no distinct religious history. It’s leader David Miscavige has said that Scientology was “born in the 20th century”.

He has also said that Scientology is “something one does, not something one believes in.”

Scientology teaches it’s members to take nothing on faith. If there is no faith then there is no spirituality and no religion.

There is no other history than that.

It began in 1950 with the publishing of Dianetics.

Anheuser–Busch has a longer legacy than Scientology, that doesn’t make it a religion.

As far as having an exclusive membership.

Although Scientology claimed that it was an exact religion that must be followed to the exclusion of other practices, just recently Amber Skjelset, Manager of the Scientology Information Center stated “Curious visitors have learned what Scientologists believe, that the Church is an all-denominational religion…”.


All Denominational would indicate that anyone of any religion would be allowed to practice their faith alongside Scientology’s practices. It certainly does not express exclusivity or membership not associated with any other church or denomination.

There is a stipulation that an exempt organization must not commit any crimes.

There comes a point where, after hundreds of eyewitness and personal testimony of assaults, violation of OSHA, violations of Labor Laws, forced abortions and human trafficking, stalking and trespassing, someone should be taking these crimes seriously.

They have a documented history of terroristic espionage with their Operation Snow White and what they attempted to do to Paulette Cooper. They engaged in an illegal campaign against Clearwater, FL Mayor Gabe Cazares which included hiring an attorney to befriend and then ruin the Mayor’s case in court.

At this time it would appear that no one is investigating the relationship between the LAPD, District Attorney Jackie Lacey and Scientology in light of the current rape allegations against Danny Masterson. How does an entire file of “overwhelming” evidence just disappear? This case has been stalled for years.

There are laws concerning the distribution of the tax exempt monies within an organization.

David Miscavige is wearing tailored suits, Cartier watches and living the life of a very rich man. How is this lifestyle being funded?

Additionally, there is proof that SeaOrg members are being paid salaries well below poverty levels if they are being paid at all yet somehow these members are making thousands of dollars of donations to Scientology. How is this possible and where is this money coming from?

Please investigate this organization and revoke it’s tax exempt status based upon multiple violations as set forth by IRS tax laws.


5 thoughts on “Letter Requesting the Revocation of COS’ Tax Exemption

  1. May God continue to keep, bless, and guide you and your remarkable ability to rally the troops while leading by example in the trenches! You’ve inspired this Canadian and I thank you!


  2. *it is imperative that Scientology gets its tax-exempt status taken away from them. It is a cult not a religion. Why everyone is afraid of them in law enforcement in the IRS is beyond me. Do your job and take their tax-exempt status away!


  3. There beliefs are not what I am concerned about. Rather, it is how those beliefs are practiced. Utilizing intimidation and terroristic behaviors that must be investigated. A thorough and forthright investigation, especially into the abuses, would, I am sure, remove their tax exempt status.

    I have a past, but none that would stop me from doing my job. Go ahead Scientology, investigate me, while the government investigates you.


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