Scientology- LetterGate Part II

Recently Scientology was caught in yet another lie when it posted a letter allegedly from Rev. Dr. Cecil “Chip” Murray demanding that Disney stop backing Leah Remini’s Scientology and the Aftermath. The letter was filled with glowing praise for the Cult and The STAND League proudly posted it on twitter, gloating at having such distinguished support.

An enterprising woman, Robin Athlyn Thompson, who knows her field well, was able to expose this letter as a fraud and forgery on discontinued USC letterhead.


This morning, a perusal of the STAND League’s site reveals an interesting bit of information. The letter is still there in it’s entirety.

It is now just on a different letterhead.

USC issued a statement to Ms Thompson that neither the University nor Dr. Murray were behind the original letter. So how is it that the letter remains and only the letterhead has changed?

Could it be that this respected and distinguished Reverend actually wrote this letter in support of a cult that is so, incredibly heretical? How could a man who has dedicated his life to the Christian Faith and the Christian Community in good conscience stand side by side with a group who blasphemes Jesus Christ?

How can he support and condone a cult that perpetrates such abuses against its own members?

This is a confusing situation. If Dr. Murray did not write the letter why has he not firmly and succinctly spoken out against the forgery and distanced himself from Scientology and their dishonest ways?

If he did write it then how can he claim to be a Christian Reverend who is leading his flock towards God?

Already suspect was his appearance at Scientology’s fake “Multi Faith Coalition” press conference.

Anyone with a modicum of sense knows that was nothing more than a stunt by Scientology to cover a Fair Game protest against Disney under the veil of religion.

According to Tony Ortega in his blog about this issue he says that Scientology wanted to hand deliver Dr. Murray’s letter to Disney.

“Last week, Scientology doubled down on its deception by holding what it called an “emergency press conference” of the “Los Angeles Faith Coalition,” a group whose website the church owns. The hastily arranged event, featuring only a couple of dozen attendees, was held across the street from the Disney Studios in Burbank so that Murray’s (faked) letter could be presented to Disney in person.”


Was Murray aware of this purpose? Surely at this time he had to be aware of the letter as not only did this writer contact USC concerning it, Jeffrey Augustine also reached out to them about it. Robin Athlyn Thompson certainly was in contact with someone from USC as well.

As it stands at the time of this blog Scientology still has both letters by Murray posted on it’s blog site.

The first letter now on different letterhead:

The second, more threatening and incendiary letter:

What is most confusing is that according to Murray’s bio on his USC site he is retired from First AME Church LA so why would he still be using the Church’s letterhead?

Even as far back as 2013 in an L.A. Times article involving Murray it says:

Murray, 84, left the pastorate in 2004 when he reached the denomination’s mandatory retirement age. In the months after Hunter took the helm, Murray quietly stopped attending service. He took a post at USC’s Center for Religion and Civic Culture, where he continues the work he started at First AME of bringing economic growth to low-income neighborhoods. Even now, a year after Hunter left, Murray is a rare guest at the hilltop church he built from 250 members to a congregation of 16,000. Murray said he’s been happy with Boyd’s stewardship of First AME. But it’s been difficult seeing so much upheaval.

If Dr. Murray indeed wrote these letters his language in the second letter should be of utmost concern. This letter is a thinly veiled threat of violence against those who stand against abuse, lies and heresy. That a man who is leading his parishioners ostensibly to holiness could make such a shocking threat is worrisome and should be taken with the seriousness and weight with which it is expressed.

It should also be taken with the utmost seriousness by our hitherto silent Law Enforcement officials as well as those who have granted this cult it’s tax exempt status.

If Dr. Murray is innocent of complicity with Scientology in this mess then it would behoove him greatly to step up and speak out.

If he is involved in writing these letters then he is participating in Scientology’s policy of Fair Game, he is actively working to further the agenda of a cult proven to be abusive at best and potentially dangerous at worst, and he is most definitely guilt of making threats against innocent people who are trying to heal and help hurting, suffering people.

Updated @11:27AM

In spite of the chaos surrounding this situation Dr. Murray’s wife has passed away. I wish to extend my deepest condolences on his great loss and I am sorry that Dr. Murray finds himself thrust into the middle of a Scientology controversy at this sad and difficult time.

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