Thoughts on 60 Minutes Australia

Where is The Missing Queen?

Thanks to Tony Ortega we were able to watch the 60 Minutes Australia piece about Scientology and the missing Shelley Miscavige. The three part video can be seen here:

Whilst watching this show several things stood out that are worth looking at.

The first was when Leah Remini told the journalist Tara Brown that by simply asking a perfectly reasonable question, “where’s Shelley?” she was forced into months of Sec Checking (Security Auditing to discover what your “crimes” are).

Leah was forced into a confession situation.

This is utterly appalling.

Scientology uses such abusive mind manipulation that it’s members believe that another person has the right to order someone to bare their mind and soul. That anyone has that much control over anyone else is terrifying.

Our minds are our own. Our thoughts and memories sacrosanct. We have the right to freedom of thought and the privacy of our minds. No one should have the power to force anyone into confessing their innermost secrets.

This is not just manipulation and abuse, it is the soul rape of an individual at her very core.

Leah obviously felt she had no choice but to obey the command to submit to having her mind picked through by another. She endured months of this abuse.

All for asking a simple question.

Scientology truly believes that it has not only the right to stroll through another’s mind, but they also force their victim into confessing lies as truths just to stop the inquisition and intrusion which means they presume to think they know their victim’s mind and character more intimately and better than the person themselves.

Confession is supposed to be cathartic and healing. It is a chance for someone to say “look, I did this harmful thing and I am truly sorry for it.”

If you have ever asked another for forgiveness and was granted it you will know the feeling of having something lifted from your heart. This is what confession is supposed to be. A chance to lighten the burden on your heart and hear the words, “you are forgiven. Go in peace.”

During confession the Priest sits and listens. He does not force, pry, take notes, record the session or offer up additional transgressions for you to admit to.

You reveal what you wish, whatever it is that is most burdensome to you and that’s all. Your mind, heart and soul remain yours to protect and control.

No one should ever have the power to force anyone to submit their conscience over for another to control. No one should ever be forced into relinquishing the key to their soul to anyone else.

This is not religion it is forced control and subjugation and it is immoral and wrong.

It is exactly this kind of psychological rape that should be taken into account by law enforcement and our government concerning the health and welfare of those being held against their will in The Hole.

No right thinking, healthy adult would ever willingly choose abuse and incarceration in a filthy trailer. That there are people in Scientology who have stolen the power to control others in this way should have the rest of society outraged.

That someone can point at another and order them to bare their soul out of fear is every bit as tormenting as what those confined in The Hole are enduring.

If for no other reason Scientology needs to be stopped because of this.

Along this same line, Scientology believes that it has the right to smugly judge the rest of us simply because we do not submit to their abuse.

In the 60 Minutes segment Tara and her crew showed groups of Scientologists carrying cameras “daring to bully and harass people who dare to leave or criticize Scientology.”

Who anointed them with this power? Who do they think they are that they have this right to decide they know the character of the rest of the world? What gives them this power to approach someone on the street, shove a camera in their face and condescendingly announce “I’m investigating you on your actions against the Church of Scientology.”

You are investigating?

By what right does this person presume to this position?

By the right granted them by the IRS of the United States.

Scientology has exactly as much power as has been granted them by our government. As long as the tax exemption is in place they will always have the right to stalk, harass, bully and attempt to control how the rest of society thinks.

David Miscavige will continue to hire private investigators to follow his enemies, to use GPS tracking devices, to steal and sort through people’s trash and to outright threaten innocent people’s lives, families, and livelihoods for no other reason than he CAN.

The IRS said so.

Until Scientology is no longer protected by the shield of Religious Right, the power is theirs to wield. They have the billions of tax exempt dollars with which to beat their detractors into submission.

Scientology is doing exactly as it wishes to whomever crosses it’s path.

Because. It. Can.

Lastly Mike Rinder made a comment that is worth repeating again and again. It should be a mantra we all remember when thinking of the abuses of Scientology.

“If there is one thing that we see throughout the stories of Scientology, it’s the stories of broken families, destroyed families. People who are being forced to disconnect from other family members and that shouldn’t happen to anyone, anywhere at any time.”

Disconnection is one of the most dangerous weapons in Miscavige’s arsenal. Held over member’s heads like Poe’s pendulum it is ever swaying back and forth, ever ready to drop and cut off loved one from loved one.

Scientology is torture and control in every aspect of its existence.

We need our government to stop cowering in fear and stand up against this blight on society.

Until they revoke Scientology’s tax exemption people will continue to be tormented and abused.

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