The True and Ugly Face of Scientology





All these words are used by Scientology to describe themselves.

None of them apply.

This morning on twitter, Edward Parkin has decided to continue to attack and cyber bully a young man suffering from mental illness. There is absolutely nothing different between this twitter post by Parkin and someone walking up to someone on the street with any other struggle and laughing at them.

This is not what any religion anywhere would condone.

Brandon Reisdorf was abused by Scientology when they refused him the proper care and treatment he has every right to. By their actions and lack of compassion they deprived him of the dignity of having a healthy life. Refusing him the treatment he desperately needed, his condition deteriorated to the point where he lashed out.

Reisdorf cannot and should not be held accountable for his actions when in the midst of a mental health crisis. He should have been treated with care, compassion and respect long before he ended up where he did.

Leah Remini and Mike Rinder gave Reisdorf and his family a voice, a platform to explain the truth of what happened on the evening that Brandon threw a hammer through the window of a Scientology building. Brandon was very clear that he was not in any way motivated by Leah. He stated that he’d not read her book because he did not want anything further to do with Scientology at all.

Yet in spite of this statement coming straight from Brandon Reisdorf, Edward Parkin still chooses to twist the situation to make Brandon look like he was incited to a hate crime by Leah Remini.

No decent human being with even a modicum of compassion would take the mental health struggles of a young man and twist them into a weapon of hate. No one who declares they are part of any ethical, spiritual organization would knowingly, willfully and maliciously bully another person for any reason, let alone someone with a mental illness.

This morning on Edward Parkin’s Twitter account, he has photographs of Brandon Reisdorf in handcuffs, being arrested allegedly for violation of probation.

By what right does this petty, angry little man publicly shame someone like this?

Parkin posted “Brandon Reisdorf, another of @LeahRemini’s “people” arrested and returned to jail for violating his criminal restraining order. Reisdorf was convicted of a felony hate crime, while glorified in Leah Remini’s #AETV show for vandalizing the Church after making assassination threats”

This is so wrong and ugly.

The only reason Brandon was convicted of a felony hate crime was because Scientology pushed for these charges. This “Most Ethical Religion” who caused a psychotic break in a young man struggling with mental illness by their cold neglect and their uneducated, unproven, unregulated form of “treatment” turned around and used him to further their hate filled Fair Game campaign against Leah Remini and Mike Rinder.

Where other true Faiths would offer forgiveness and understanding, Scientology created the situation and then ran with it.

Keep in mind that Brandon did not lash out at Leah or Mike. He directed his attention at Scientology and Miscavige. At those who had hurt him and those who continue to hurt him.

By continuing to attack and bully Brandon Reisdorf is Edward Parkin hoping for another incident? Why else would he be so focused on someone who had a break once already? Is Parkin purposely trying to force Brandon into another crisis?

If ever there was any doubt about the kind of people the Scientology Doctrines produce the way they have treated Brandon Reisdorf should clear it up completely.

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