Scientology’s Little Shop of Persecution

Is Twitter CEO Scientology’s Safepoint?

Scientology is not a religion. They need their tax exemption revoked desperately. However for the sake of this article we will go with the idea that Scientology is a “Church”.

Bigotry is intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself.

Persecution is cruel and unfair treatment of a person or group, especially because of their religious or political beliefs, or their race.

Leah, Mike and all the former Scientologists who participate in The Aftermath are people who were once a part of this pseudo religion and have chosen not to practice or embrace its belief system any longer. Each has made a religious choice for themselves and in this country that is a Constitutional Right.

It is also their Constitutional Right to speak about their beliefs and choices concerning Religion and reveal their experiences while they were in Scientology freely and without fear of persecution.

A Catholic can (and should) speak out against the Priests who molested and abused the children entrusted to their care.

Protestants can speak out if they disagree with something that is hurtful or abusive within their ranks.

The ability to address abuses, issues, matters of dogma or ritual or the need to move a Faith forward into better alignment with 21st century ideology is a positive and needed right.

Any other person, from any other religion can freely express their dissatisfaction with a particular Faith without facing harassment for it.

There is nothing wrong with a religious discussion, with one side for and the other side against a particular practice or doctrine. Open aired debates are healthy and a positive thing for growth and change.

More importantly, we have the right to speak plainly and honestly about religion, free from fear of retaliation. When something abusive or criminal occurs, speaking out is necessary and important so that the abuses are stopped and lives protected.

When Scientology placed a kiosk into the lobby of the LA Police Department an Atheist group spoke out against this dissemination of religious propaganda. The kiosk was subsequently removed, the issue made the News for a short while and then the world moved on.

Interestingly Scientology did not go on the defensive or publicly attack the offended group. There was no harassment or online bullying. Everything just quietly disappeared.

The Atheist organization exerted their right, it was acknowledged and addressed.

Case closed.

As it should be.

Had Scientology done anything else, they would have been guilty of religious intolerance for attacking a group exercising their right to religious freedom, which also includes the right not to believe in a religion at all.

The Organization left that issue alone and moved on.

Scientology has chosen however, to publicly bully and harass Leah Remini and Mike Rinder, as well as anyone who associates with them, simply because they choose not to practice the Scientology “Faith” anymore. One reason for this could very well be because they feel safe to do so.

Safe because of a mysterious relationship with CEO Jack Dorsey.

Scientology has set up their Little Shop of Persecution on Twitter where they daily push the boundaries of Policy ever further and further with apparent impunity.

The @EPStandLeague and @TarynTeutsch accounts are two of the most vocal, ugly and intolerant of the accounts. They both share two basic and indisputable facts; first, these accounts would not exist if Leah Remini and Mike Rinder were still practicing Scientology and not speaking about their experiences within the “church”.

Secondly, based upon the percentage of posts dedicated to personal attacks, name calling, accusations of criminal acts and taunting, there can be no doubt whatsoever as to the purpose of the existence of these accounts. The @TarynTeutsch account clearly spells out it’s raison d’être: Fire Mike Rinder.

Her account is filled with nothing but false accusations already and exhaustingly proven false but still it goes on in spite of report after report of Twitter Policy Violations.

These accounts are not created to engage in Social interactions. Not to discuss all things Scientology or even for the purpose of luring in new members. They are directly targeting Remini and Rinder in a daily and constant barrage of vitriol and torment solely to make them publicly look bad for no other reason than they left Scientology and are speaking out.

Because of these two things the accounts are engaging in harassment, hate, false accusations and religious persecution.

Time and again outraged twitter users have reported these accounts.

Time and again the response is a blistering silence.

Recently an activist who regularly speaks out against Scientology found herself with a 7 hour ban for making the statement that “Scientology is not a fucking religion!”

Scientology continues to accuse Leah Remini and Mike Rinder of complicity to commit murder and of “having blood on their hands” over the tragic stabbing in Australia in January.

Apparently making such serious and patently false accusations is fine as long as one doesn’t use a swear word.

Edward Parkin has flung filthy names such as “Big Pharma Whore”, “nazi”, “Goebbels”, “Hate monger” and “Wife beater” at them. He and the @TarynTeutsch account have accused Rinder of Domestic Violence of the worst kind even though time and again a Pinellas County, Florida Police Report has been posted proving his innocence of such a horrible crime.

Report after report has been filed, a petition was created with over 600 signatures, a letter was sent to Twitter Lead Counsel Vijaya Gadde begging for a Fair and impartial hearing.

All leading to absolutely nothing.

Then suddenly @EPStandLeague posted a series of smug, gloating tweets directed at Leah Remini in which he may as well have just come out and said that Twitter was on his side.

“I was alerted today that @LeahRemini has sought to suppress my first amendment right to freedom of speech by complaining that I am exposing her anti-religious hate campaign. Twitter investigated and found NO violations.”

He was alerted by whom? Twitter does not tell people who reported them.

Do they?

Apparently if you are Scientology they do.

How else does one read this statement?

Twitter is a safe place for Scientology to exercise it’s Fair Game Religious persecution against people who have chosen not to participate in Scientology anymore.

The verbal abuse heaped upon them that violates multiple Twitter policies continue unchecked.

We will leave the last word to Scientology:

6 thoughts on “Scientology’s Little Shop of Persecution

    1. That is just not fair!! I think I’d people boycotted Twitter because of scientology’s bullying and Twitter continually allowing it, they might then get the message!! But it would need to be millions of twitter followers that ACTUALLY boycott Twitter!! If everyone thinks this is a great idea, let everyone know the date you want to boycott the bullying on Twitter by Scientologist, it must be stopped and all rules should apply to ALL people!!!


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