Scientology: A Vicious Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

I understand and respect that not everyone is a Christian and not everyone even believes in God. That is your right. I am writing this article today from a Christian standpoint because it involves a Methodist Minister. No offense is meant to anyone who chooses not to share these beliefs.

With the recent issues surrounding the alleged Murray Letters exposed on Twitter, I was both surprised and skeptical to see a new letter posted on STAND League’s blog.

This one is on STAND League letterhead and is by a Reverend L’Heureux, a United Methodist minister and Executive Director of the Queens Federation of Churches.

Given that Scientology’s credibility is -40 on the Tone Scale, I decided to check to see whether it was real or yet another forgery.

I called Reverend L’Heureux this morning and spoke to him about the letter. He said he did write it in support of COS and their right to “Religious Liberty”.

I asked him if he was aware of what Scientology actually teaches and he responded:

“I am somewhat familiar with them, but that is somewhat beside the point. They are a religious group and are entitled to exercise their faith as they see fit. And the attacks by the television programs are just unconscionable.”

I responded; “Can I ask, and I am asking you this respectfully, Sir, can I ask why you believe The Aftermath is, why do you believe that’s an attack?”

Reverend L’Heureux: “I’ve watched several of the episodes and I’m very familiar with the anti-cult movement going back to the 70’s. And this is a page out of that playbook. You gang up on a group, you make accusations, you get people to agree with those accusations, put ‘em out there so everybody does it, you know, and the accusations you are making are not really substantiated. In any event I don’t think this conversation is going to go very far. But understand I did write that letter and I stand by it.”



Here we have a Methodist Reverend who knows little to nothing about the organization he supports and defends. A man who has chosen to stand before God and act as a leader and defender of God’s Word. This Reverend, a Christian, lends his support to a cult that abuses those around them and according to Reverend L’Heureux they have every right to do so.

Not only is he siding with a heretical organization, he attacks those who are stepping up, standing up and fighting to stop it.

This is NOT what Christians are called to do.

As a Religious, Reverend L’Heureux is held to a higher standard than the laity. He chose to place himself in the position of a leader of God’s flock and defender of his faith. When he was ordained in the United Methodist Church he took a vow that said:

“Will you accept the church’s ‘order, liturgy, doctrine and discipline, defending it against all doctrines contrary to God’s Holy Word, and committing yourself to be accountable with those serving with you, and to the bishop and those who are appointed to supervise your ministry?’”

How is standing up for Scientology “defending…against all doctrines contrary to God’s Holy Word”?

Scientology tells it’s members not to take anything on Faith. God is arbitrary and ultimately not necessary. Scientology insists that IT is the only one who has the ability to save Mankind.

This is heresy and hubris at it’s highest.

It negates Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross and eliminates our Salvation through His blood.

Scientology’s Founder, science fiction author, L. Ron Hubbard wrote first that Jesus did not exist. Later he changed his comment to say that Jesus was a pedophile, a “molestor of little boys”.

He wrote that God, Religion and Heaven were false implants designed to mislead humanity.

Scientology claims it is “Not something you believe in, it is something you do”. For this cult the only way for the salvation of Mankind is through their untested, unlicensed, unproven, unregulated technology. Man determines his own fate and by the precise practice of the words of Hubbard it is promised that man can gain Super Powers and become like God.

We are a family of Faith and family is sacred. Scientology holds the love of family over its members’ heads like a sword, a weapon to force compliance and obedience. This cult has placed upon itself the mantle of judgement of the hearts of men and only in complete agreement with their heresies is one accepted. When a member exercises his God given Free Will and chooses to question or even walk away from Scientology they are labeled as enemy and Suppressive and are torn from the bonds of family.

“What God has placed together, let no man tear asunder”.

Scientology destroys the bonds of parent, child, spouse and sibling.

Religion is not isolation and pain.

NO ONE has the right to inflict such abuse on anyone. This is not religion, it is control and the manipulation of God’s design for us to be individuals with Free Will.

Reverend L’Heureux insists that Scientology has the right to disseminate darkness and heresy. Rather than taking up the defense of God’s Holy Word, he has chosen to ignore everything they stand for, all the pain and harm they have inflicted and take up their cause.

We are living in dark, violent and angry times. Now is not the time to embrace those that defy God and seek to rip Him from our lives.

One simply cannot claim to be a Christian leader while standing shoulder to shoulder with a cult that denies Jesus Christ and the Salvation He bought for us through his blood.

The struggling flock look to their leaders for guidance.

Reverend L’Heureux, shall you stand up for the Church of Satan and defend their religious rights? Do the followers of Warren Jeffs have the religious right to marry and molest little girls?

Where is the line drawn that should not be crossed nor defended?

2 Peter 2:1-22 – But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction.

2 John 1:10 – If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into [your] house, neither bid him God speed…

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