Running Blindly into the Darkness

In my short, curt discussion with Reverend L’Heureux earlier he admitted that he did not know very much about Scientology. All he was concerned with was its “Religious Liberty”.

Further, he dismissed those of us who are fighting against this cult and trying to bring healing and justice to the victims of its teachings and policies.

I have had a difficult time getting this conversation out of my mind. In fact it has made me angry.

How can anyone close their eyes and decide to blindly partner with any organization or group without knowing what you are joining? How can one seriously believe that by publicly standing side by side with any group you are separated from what they stand for?

Reverend L’Heureux simply dismissed the years of former Scientologists who have spoken out about their experiences. Thousands of people over decades all with similar descriptions of abuse and deprivation. People who live in fear of retaliation, those who are living with that retaliation right now. There is video, testimony under oath, reams of documents outlining the policies and abuses seized by the FBI.

Yet he dismisses it all and labels those who are fighting as “anti-cultists”

“You gang up on a group, you make accusations, you get people to agree with those accusations, put ‘em out there so everybody does it, you know, and the accusations you are making are not really substantiated.”

The accusations are not really substantiated?

Reverend L’Heureux let’s just ignore all the activities of the Guardian’s Office, with their attempt to frame and destroy Paulette Cooper. We’ll move on from their infiltration of government offices and theft of hundreds of files. There was an FBI raid on Scientology and documents, court records and newspaper articles about it all, apparently that does not count as substantiation.

We will just set aside the violent abuse of the children sent to The Ranch that was caught on audio tape, just brush off the stories that all the survivors of that experience have shared. Surely they are all lying just to be “anti-cultists”

What about now? What about this group publicly accusing Mike Rinder of Domestic Violence? The ever changing stories they are telling along with the photographs of violent injuries?

Where those injuries came from is anyone’s guess because there is an official Police Report that contradicts what Scientology is saying and clears Rinder of any wrong-doing. There is an EMT Report that details the injuries noted from the incident in question and it, too contradicts the accusations being made. Finally, the entire incident was recorded by BBC Journalist John Sweeney and it too completely proves that Scientology is lying.

How about how Scientology snuck into Clearwater, Florida under a false name and then proceeded to set out to destroy then Mayor Gabe Cazares? Reverend, with respect there is an FBI file. Scientology went so far as to try and frame him for a hit and run. They hired a shady attorney to befriend Cazares, take on his court case and ruin it.

Are police reports and FBI files not substantiation enough?

As a leader of a Christian religion how can you support “religious liberty” for a group that has no spirituality or need for God? Even Jesus Himself stood up against the money lenders in the Temple for their greed and abuse. Was He wrong? Did they have the “religious liberty” to continue their ways?

By speaking out was Jesus just being an “anti-cultist”?

Sir, there is such an abundance of “substantiation” of the claims made against Scientology that it alone cries out from the pain of it all. Broken families, suicides, stalking, private investigators, child molestors and more.

I challenge you to look into the eyes of Miriam or Saina, both of whom were molested as children, and tell them that Scientology has the “religious liberty” to protect their pedophiles. Sit down for an hour with Mary Kahn, Amy Scobee or the Headley’s and actually hear them, then brush their pain off as “anti-cult” rhetoric.

After all, “religious liberty” is more important than actual religion, and what do thousands of people who lived it know anyway?

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