Scientology- Actions Speak Louder than Words

Scientology has a lot of “beliefs” that range from the bizarre to the inane. Participating members are told what and how to interpret what they read in their studies, they are not permitted to come to their own opinions or understanding. They are not allowed to question or challenge what they read. The member is to read and study what is before them, look up any words they don’t understand, be quizzed on what they read and then move on to the next. Comprehension is not part of the process.

For an organization that claims it doesn’t ask it’s members to take anything in Faith, expecting one to accept the conflicting, confusing, outrageous claims made by their Founder just because they are told to seems like a giant leap of faith by any definition.

Some of the qualifications for the granting of a religious tax exemption are that the organization believes in God or an equivalent Supreme Being and that there is a dedicated place for worship. Worship meaning: the feeling or expression of reverence and adoration for a deity.

To this end, Scientology insists that it’s spiritual beliefs include their Eight Dynamics which lead Man to the required Supreme Being.

For a member who is immersed in the forest of words being told not to think for himself, it becomes impossible to actually see the trees. He or she just accepts everything on face value because they have to. They cannot move on if they get stuck on something, and if they hesitate and question they are attacked for having imaginary crimes.

The lynchpin to the suggestion of a Scientology Supreme Being is the Thetan.

Scientology wants people to believe that they are being lead along a path of spiritual awareness towards God. The fact is that in the end the only Scientological Supreme Being, the only Creator, the only One capable of saving Mankind… is Man.

There is no God in Scientology. There is no One to worship.

Without this fundamental requirement neither religion nor spirituality can exist.

During Season 3 of The Aftermath, Janice Gillham Grady said that Scientology was like an onion and one could take years pulling back layer after layer before one finally saw the truth.

Scientology believes that we are a being called a Thetan that just lives in and controls a “Meat Body”. The body isn’t part of who we are, it is just a vehicle that the Thetan drives around in.

According to L. Ron Hubbard in his book A New Slant on Life, Pg. 27 (2007):

“It is a discovery of Scientology-a discovery susceptible to the most arduous scientific proofs-that people are not bodies, but that people are living units operating bodies. The living unit we call, in Scientology, a thetan, that being taken from the Greek letter theta, the mathematical symbol used in Scientology to indicate the source of life and life itself.”

“…the thetan can apply directly to his own body or to his environment or to the bodies of others the healing skill of which he is capable. It is the thetan which builds and constructs, it is the thetan which forms actual forms and organisms.”

Hubbard attests that “Among the capabilities and potentials of the thetan is immortality in full knowingness of his own identity.”

Not that the Thetan is immortal, but that it IS immortality. He claims that it is the Thetan that is the Creator and Healer.

“The Source if life, itself”

In Scientology Fundamentals of Thought, Pg 66 Hubbard writes:

“The THETAN (spirit) is described in Scientology as having no mass, no wavelength, no energy and no time or location in space, except by consideration or postulate.

The spirit, then, is not a thing. It is the creator of things.”

Is this not just another way of saying The Thetan IS?

If the Thetan is the Creator, Healer and Source of life, itself then what use is there for any other Supreme Being?

Scientology asserts that only IT has the ability to clear the planet and save Mankind. If Scientologists are all Thetan as described by their founder then there IS no need for God. There is no room for God.

Without God or a Deity to worship there is no need for a church.

In the cult of Scientology the belief is that Man must take nothing on faith, one must not believe but rather one must do. Man’s actions alone are sufficient for salvation and with enough study and diligence Man or rather the Thetan, already named Creator and Source of life itself, will achieve super powers that will render him godlike.

These are the Scientological beliefs. There is no spirituality because true spirituality requires faith and hope in an Other. Worship of Man is not spiritual it is ego-centric.

Right now Edward Parkin, International Director of The STAND League is going to extraordinary lengths to demand the freedom to practice his beliefs. He is lying, bullying, harassing and causing chaos and pain in his quest for what he calls “bigotry and hate” to end.

This is yet more proof that Scientology has no belief in a Spiritual Being.

If Scientology had a spiritual life, which includes prayer, meditation and self reflection, they would not be attempting to defend the rage fueled attacks they are committing against others. They would not be destroying people’s character and livelihoods through deceit and manipulation.

Those who Scientology are attacking are fighting for these abuses to end. They are desperately trying to free those trapped on this carousel of deception and Disconnection.

Religion is not hate, anger or isolation. It is truth, compassion and community.

Scientology wants to preserve the idea that only they can save Mankind. With them there is no room or need for God. But look how they are going about their work. Their rage driven destructive actions are the reflection of what Scientology IS.

They are only capable of even the illusion of charity when they are aligned with legitimate organizations focused on true community efforts.

Alone all they reflect is the darkness and rage of isolated, pride driven narcissists who use and abuse, leaving pain in their wake.

Fighting this Cult is not bigotry, it is Love.

It is community and compassion.

And it is the right thing to do.

“The main thing that we have uncovered today is the state of beingness which one actually has. Instead of speculations about does Man have a soul or doesn’t Man, we have data. We know exactly what a thetan is, we know tremendous numbers of things with great accuracy.”

—L. Ron Hubbard, The Phoenix Lectures

Maybe Ron, but you don’t know God.

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