Another Stroll Through Rambling Hypocrisy

Or The Lady Doth Protest Too Much…

Scientology’s Super Mouth, Edward Parkin, likes to dig back in the STAND League’s past posts and retweet them. Today he posted a link to a patronizing and hostile little piece written by a Deanne Macdonald back in 2017.

Deanne starts right from the get-go in defensive mode; “I don’t really care what you think of my husband. Although he has passed on, I loved him. We got along great and laughed a lot. Anybody who tried to convince me that he was a terrible guy wouldn’t get very far.”

Who is she writing to?

Has anyone outside the Macdonald sphere of influence ever even heard of either Deanne or her late, lamented husband, Mike? What did he do that would make someone look at him askance? This sounds rather strange, Deanne. That you write someone might try and convince you your husband was a terrible guy naturally leads one to wonder what you are so vociferously denying.

“Similarly, I really don’t care what anyone says about my religion. I have been a Scientologist for over 40 years and worked for the Church for a good number of those years. I know what my religion is all about. Surprise! It isn’t what Leah Remini says.”

Deanne, if you truly didn’t care what people are saying about Scientology then why go to the trouble of writing a blog post? You’ve been a Scientologist for over 40 years? I am truly sorry for you. For over 40 years you have dedicated your money, time and very life to…what, exactly?

Clearing the Planet?

Scientology cannot even keep itself together let alone do anything positive and productive for the rest of the world. While COS is busy playing “Musical Letterheads”, creating fake “Faith Coalitions” to hide your hate behind, hiring private detectives to follow and harass people and declaring all out war against Leah Remini and Mike Rinder, how do you possibly have any time for planetary clearing?

Lady if you truly knew what your organization was all about you would cry for shame.

Surprise! It is everything and so much more than what Leah Remini says.

It is sneaky, underhanded manipulation. It is the twisting of the truth. It is the Disconnection of one from everything that makes one unique and special.

Scientology is pain, deceit, abuse, destruction and the result is a lot of angry, defensive people.

“I don’t care what your religious, nonreligious or political beliefs are. I don’t care if you think God is male, female or neither. I don’t care if you don’t believe there is a God. None of these things are harmful to me. None. And, frankly, I have better things to do than campaign against someone else’s beliefs.”

There is that hostility that seems to be the cornerstone of every Scientologist.

Deanne, Scientology cares. They care very much about all of those things. Your organization wants to stop the rest of the world from embracing their own religions and ideas about God and force the world into the image of David Miscavige and L. Ron Hubbard. Is that not, in the end, what a “Cleared Planet” would be? A society of Scientological tech, ideals and teachings?

Further, every time you take a pot shot at Leah Remini you prove the lie of your statement that you have “better things to do than campaign against someone else’s beliefs.”

Apparently you don’t. Right now Scientology’s actions are nothing but a campaign against someone else’s beliefs; a never ending vicious attack against other people’s right to speak their truth.

The fact is, Deanne, no one is attacking your right to believe in Xenu, his mass genocide or the resulting alien ghosts who took in a couple of shows on the big screen then went out for some meat body possessions. If that’s your thing, then go for it. What people are objecting to has nothing to do with beliefs and everything to do with abuse, crimes and the destruction of family. That those things are something you believe are alright and worth protecting under your unethical, immoral Fair Game Policy is what normal, right thinking people are protesting. Actually there is something better you could be doing with your time other than writing superior, patronizing blog posts.


If you think you are so correct, then there should be no fear in a little unbiased research. Don’t fight, prove your point with facts.

“I don’t care what your ancestors did to mine. That’s ancient history, and the best I can do is learn from it. It didn’t happen to me. It isn’t happening to me now. You don’t owe me anything for what your parents, grandparents or distant family members did to one of my relatives.”

A little passive aggressive racism, anyone? What is the point of this statement? What has it possibly to do with…well anything? It is apropos of nothing, appearing suddenly with no purpose.

“I’m talking about how you treat other people. Do you listen to their ideas and give them respect or do you try to shove your own ideas down their throat? Do you respect their religious beliefs or do you try to make them feel stupid for believing what you don’t? Do you view someone’s outfit as an interesting part of your environment or do you look at them like they are something you need to scrape off the bottom of your shoe?”

Ever heard of an Examination of Conscience? Apparently you are so high up there on your pedestal that you are unable to see the complete hypocrisy of your statements. Maybe you might consider sitting down in some quiet place and asking yourself those very questions.

“I care about people in general and my family and friends in particular. I get irritated when I see abuse of anyone. I think we all need to consider the feelings of others and grant them a little respect. It smooths the way. It makes people like you. It keeps your blood pressure down and prevents your head from exploding. It improves your neighborhood and helps the world turn in a kinder way.”

Again, instead of trying to remove the splinter in someone else’s eye, you may just need to take a look in the mirror at the plank in your own. While your “religion” is engaged in rage driven bullying, in name calling and false allegations of heinous crimes, where is the respect? Is referring to Leah Remini as “the goddess of hate” or Mike Rinder as “Goebbels” or a “Big Pharma Whore” respecting their feelings? If you are so truly into allowing others their rights then how do you justify Scientology’s actions towards Remini, Rinder and the others who have left? Shouldn’t a true religion turn the other cheek and offer kindness and compassion?

Deanne, talk is the cheapest thing going around. Actions are what speak. All of your preachy, holier-than-thou rhetoric isn’t worth the paper it’s written on when held against the actions of your so-called “church”.

There is a massive disconnect between what you are claiming Scientology is and the reality. Perhaps you should stop trying to convince others that there is substance to your words and instead, open your audited mind to some difficult and painful truths.

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