The Cult has Two Faces

Or, do as we say, not as we do…

After a suspicious dearth of Nasty-Grams by Creepy Eddie Parkin, STAND League retweeted a syrupy, idealistic little post dated January 2019 addressing religious intolerance.

Written by one Ellis Craig.

He leads with a simplistic history lesson as an analogy in order to lay a foundation for his claim that if established, recognized religions have had issues, how much harder is it for new ones.

He says “If subgroups of a broad religious movement are more than willing to harm fellow parishioners, then it is no wonder that widely different religions fall prey to hatred, mistrust and attacks from other religious groups.”

The examples he gives, instances of violence that occurred between Christians and Christians, Christians and Protestants and differing sects in Islam were all over issues of doctrine and the sticking points of their faiths. What he fails to see is that no one mistrusts Scientology because of their spirituality, they have no recognizable spirituality to take issue with.

The issue between society and Scientology is not about religion but about hate. It is about the fact that the hypocrisy of Scientology is the greatest dichotomy between word and deed ever seen.

Day after day posts on social media are deluged with patronizing, condescending comments about Scientology’s intolerance for bigotry, hate and the stifling of the religious freedom of others. They condemn the actions of the current violent hate crime suspect and STAND up for the rights of the attacked.

Yet on the same account are found dozens of ugly, intolerant postings filled with name calling, libelous accusations of the most heinous kinds and ugly personal attacks.

Willing to go to any length to cause harm and chaos including falsifying letters and the humiliation of those struggling with mental illness. Scientology bears no fellowship with any true religion in their campaigns of destruction against their so called enemies.

They ignore the obvious, that it is their own actions that bring the enmity of the rest of society down upon them, while presuming to preach tolerance and forbearance with their forked tongue.

Craig writes “Exacerbating the matter is the unfortunate fact that the human race does not reside in the upper band of the whole range of human emotions. A large percentage of us are found to be operating in the lower range (fear, anger, grief, etc…) and many of the rest of us can be brought into such lower emotional states through inflammatory oratory, fear and misinformation.”

What gives Ellis Craig or Scientology the right to judge humanity? Especially when their own actions as so filled with anger and hate, fueled by fear, paranoia and rage.

Scientology exists in a giant, glittering glass castle and it is providing the very stones directed against them. It is this cult’s own actions that are bringing others “into such lower emotional states” by the things they, themselves do.

“You deserve peace. But you cannot reasonably expect to be left in peace if you yourself don’t allow others to experience it, too. The relative rightness of your beliefs and opinions is not at issue. Whether or not another person or group shares your views or harbors quite different ones is quite irrelevant. They are entitled to them and to their quiet enjoyment of them to the same degree that you feel you are entitled to yours. The relative value or merit of any belief system is not a part of the equation of earning peace. If you seek peace, security and freedom from persecution, then you must be willing to grant it to those whose beliefs do not align with yours.”

Craig preaches from his pulpit on high with a blindfold comfortably in place.

Not only does Scientology not allow others their rights, they are completely unwilling to grant freedom or peace to anyone who dares disagree with or question the LRH belief system.

This hypocrisy does not stop at Fair Game and idealistic, one sided preaching however.

While they are standing up for tolerance, freedom and peace for all mankind with their words, their deeds say something else entirely.

When faced with the accusation of horrible crimes like the sexual abuse of children, normal people feel outrage and speak out demanding an accounting. Scientology aligns with and defends those who have molested innocent children not only within their own ranks but with the Jehovahs Witnesses as well.

When JW were exposed on The Aftermath for hiding and protecting the molestors Scientology attacked Leah Remini and Mike Rinder as “Hate Mongers” and “bigots”.

Recently, each time a hate crime is committed against the Jewish community Scientology is there, offering words of support and condemning hatred and bigotry.

Yet while the left hand is offering support, the right hand is placing medals of freedom around the necks of the Nation of Islam and lauding Louis Farrakhan as a great man.

Farrakhan’s anti-Semitic ranting and inflammatory speeches against the Jewish people are filled with hate and hostility.

In a video posted on YouTube on March 8th and reposted on Facebook on March 12th Farrakhan is quoted as saying “Pedophilia and sexual perversion institutionalized in Hollywood and the entertainment industry can be traced to Talmudic symbols and Satanic influence under the Jew.”

The shear audacity of Scientology actively courting Farrakhan and The NOI while attempting to show support and comfort to the very group of people Farrakhan hates and denounces is mind blowing.

Craig writes his preachy, smug blog post exhorting those less enlightened to be tolerant and all inclusive while completely ignoring the harm, hypocrisy and ridiculous irony of his words.

“If you seek peace, security and freedom from persecution, then you must be willing to grant it to those whose beliefs do not align with yours.”

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