Scientology- Safe Haven For Pedophiles

For decades the Catholic Church, like so many other denominations, hid an ugly secret that destroyed lives. Priests abused their positions of trust to molest children and those who knew about it covered it up.

Molesting children is an especially evil abuse of power and those responsible for such heinous acts need to be held accountable no matter where they are in society.

Pedophilia is not exclusive to The Church. Media bias aside, a simple search reveals that child molesters are found everywhere. Indeed they are not restricted to any faith or creed, but are found in all walks of life. Pedophilia is not an issue of religion, rather it is a crime of opportunity that is perpetrated by Priest, Pastor, teacher or the quiet neighbor next door.

Under Pope Francis, if anything good at all can come from the terrible crimes of these pedophiles, Rome has been forced out of its complacency and pride onto its knees. The Church is undergoing, however slowly, a massive examination of conscience. A metanoia or baptism of repentance by the fires of accountability is taking place which can, if handled correctly and with humility, bring growth and healing.

The Pope is accepting the backlash, derision, scorn and abuse directed at him and The Church. He, as leader, is staying in the public eye, bulwark between his flock and an angry public; speaking out and attempting to address the issues that up until now have been swept under the rug and ignored. For some, nothing that Rome does will ever be enough and Pope Francis is the recipient of hate, anger and frustration.

While he stands before his people, accepts responsibility and struggles to lead The Church through this maelstrom there is another leader who chooses a very different path.

David Miscavige, the ecclesiastical leader of Scientology, leads from the shadows.

Choosing the safety and security of life behind his barbed wire topped walls, this so-called “Pope of Scientology” prefers to keep others between him and an ever increasingly angry public.

Mea Culpa is not for this leader.

While the littlest most vulnerable under his care are being molested and abused, his policy is to deny the crimes, persecute and terrorize the victims and protect the pedophile at all costs.

Pedophilia is a crime of secrecy and darkness.

Scientology is secrecy and darkness.

It is the perfect environment for sexual abuse to thrive.

Miscavige, or those he delegates to handle such “Flaps”, chooses to pretend that Scientology is above scrutiny. They are not accountable to society or to law enforcement and their denials should be enough.

If Scientology says it did not happen then it did not happen. The children who have been sexually abused and even raped are lost, trapped and tormented while their abusers are permitted the freedom to move on to their next victim. How many children are being groped and abused right now because David Miscavige is not being held accountable? Because Scientology is not held under the same scrutiny as any other sector of life where child sexual assault is found?

Where is the media?

The coverage given to pedophile priests is immediate and spectacular. The scintillating scandal of Catholicism sells papers. Headlines announcing this Baptist Pastor was caught, that Protestant Minister was arrested, this religious Head has fallen all spell a captive audience. The media exposure of this heretofore silent epidemic was the impetus for accountability. The nastiness was dragged out into the light for all to see. Public outcry demanded investigation and ensured the light would never go out on those who destroyed the lives of innocents.

This is the exact exposure that needs to be directed at Scientology. Victim after victim has come forward with their stories of abuse and horror but except for a passing acknowledgement there never seems to be the same level of outrage.

Is the molestation of a Baptist or Catholic child somehow more than the molestation of a Scientologist child?

Why is Miscavige permitted his silence and his hiding?

Right now there are several open investigations in Florida against Scientology over the sexual abuse of children. Where is the media coverage? The investigative reporting?

In this area, as in everything else Scientology does, there is a marked lack of scrutiny and public accountability and we need to be asking “Why?”

Even setting aside the molestation claims for a moment, where is Child Protective Services when Scientology parents post photographs of their young children holding certificates for completing the Purification Rundown? Children are being forced through this unproven, unregulated and dangerous regimen and no one investigates. No one with authority speaks. With one serious, thorough investigation the door could be opened for others.

The light would be turned on.

One authoritative Voice would begin the avalanche needed to protect every Scientology child from being preyed upon.

Where are the Voices?

Why is the yardstick used against every other religion not used against Scientology?

Each accusation leveled against this cult is met with denial.

Why is their word enough?

Our government seems to use the Religious designation as a cop out tool when it is convenient.

Warren Jeffs sits in prison for molesting children. Priests are being charged and arrested. Protestant Ministers and Pastors have been arrested. Their religious beliefs have not spared them, nor should they be spared.

Yet where is even one Scientologist predator? Where is Saina Kamula’s molester? Where is Mirriam Francis’ father? Why has not one, single Scientology arrest been made?

Those who are, at this moment, involved in Social Activism directed at protecting Scientology’s “Religious Liberty” need to take a step back and seriously look at what they are defending. People like Methodist Reverend L’Heureux who admits he isn’t the least bit interested in Scientology’s beliefs, only that they are permitted their liberty to practice them are blind and foolish.

Somewhere there is responsibility to be placed for the victimization of children within the cult of Scientology. That responsibility lies at the doorstep of every responsible adult with the authority to speak out, step in and save these little ones.

The activists who support and defend Scientology with no understanding of what they are defending, the media who has the power to turn on the spotlight and most importantly the government who hides behind excuses and apathy are all part of the problem.

In the meantime a Scientology child is being told to keep quiet. That they brought the shame and terror on themselves. The unprotected little boy or girl is at fault for having an adult’s hands groping them.

The moment ANYONE rapes or molests a child a crime is committed.

There is no “Religious Liberty”.

No religious exemption.

Religion stops and crime begins.

Except for Scientology.

Just take their word for it.

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