Bobbling Along, Thanks Scientology

Scientology defender The Truth Network posted a blog piece about the Aftermath Foundation’s new Mike Rinder bobble head. —

On March 27th a man wielding a sword was killed in a Scientology building in Inglewood, CA.

Back in January a boy stabbed and killed a Scientologist at the Australian Scientology Center.

Currently there is an investigation in Florida against Scientology over the sexual molestation and subsequent cover up of a former SeaOrg member who was only 12 years old at the time.


All of these pale however, next to the fact that The Aftermath Foundation has embraced the inanity and created a Mike Rinder bobble head that is selling faster than any Way To Happiness course ever has.

The writer states “Rinder has decided to take on the bobblehead idea from a Scientology video that exposed himself and his fellows due to their failed attempts at discrediting the Church of Scientology with lies and deception.

“Failed attempts”?

The fact that Leah Remini’s Scientology and The Aftermath is an award winning show combined with the fact that Scientology’s membership is steadily declining does not support a “failed attempt”.

“Lies and deception”?

Accusing innocent people of being complicit to murder, arson and domestic violence all when there is proof to the contrary seems to fit that bill quite nicely.

So does using a college’s discontinued letterhead without permission.

The writer continues “If you watch any of the episodes on A&E TV you’ll find he doesn’t necessarily say anything but nods his head and agrees with Remini. He is there to profit from the episodes and he knows what is being said from Remini isn’t the truth and is just their attempt at fame and fortune using their former religion.”

The fact is that much of what the viewers of The Aftermath have learned about OSA and the inner workings of Scientology has been from Rinder. Anyone who actually watches the show knows that he is not only a compassionate support for those who tell their own stories but he also contributes much of the technical information. Rinder has no problem whatsoever with confronting the private detectives who follow him or driving right up to the gates of a COS’ compound and looking security right in the eye.

This is perhaps why the bobble head idea is so laughable to his supporters.

Mike Rinder is anything but a passive Yes Man.

Scientology knows this well as it was this same fearless determination that benefitted the cult for so many years.

It is one reason they fear him.

They know him.

Rinder‘s strength and the ability to be outspoken when necessary enabled him to achieve the high positions he held in Scientology. Now redirected they are formidable weapons.

COS and it’s few misguided, deluded supporters claim that he was weak, inept and lazy when part of the cult, yet still Rinder was the one they sent to stand between them and the media or any other perceived enemies. Why would he have achieved such a high post if he truly was all that Scientology says?

Scientology and Truth Network would not be spending so much time trying to discredit him if he was that ineffectual.

That he can laugh and shrug off the ridiculous name calling meted out by COS or Truth Network also shows their schoolyard antics have no weight.

Embracing the bobble head figure rendered it worthless for the cult.

That so many people have ordered one, thus supporting not only Mike Rinder but also The Aftermath Foundation, speaks louder than anything Scientology can say.

Thanks to Creepy Eddie Parkin, those of us who believe in Leah Remini, Mike Rinder and all those affiliated with The Aftermath, both show and foundation, now have a physical representation of a completely failed Fair Game attempt that was turned into a symbol of hope and support.

Every time someone purchases a bobble head they are making a statement.

A choice.

The blogger, in a massive, poorly constructed run on sentence, tries to sell the idea that Rinder and Remini are “trying to stay relevant”.

There you have it, Rinder’s new agenda that will fail again due to the fact that he is trying every way to stay relevant and so is Remini. In return, he is also providing publicity to the videos that Scientology released on him and his fellows as Rinder found something truthful in it and so therefore there is truth to be had and after all of the attempts at discrediting – people are able to see it for themselves anytime and anywhere.”

The irony is that between the histrionics of Edward Parkin, weightless attacks by those like Truth Network and Scientology splashing lies that have been disproven all over the internet neither Leah nor Mike have to do a thing.

Like the “Big Pharma Whore” comment that became the punchline for many jokes as well as much desired tee shirts (hint, hint Marc Headley) this new attempt to disparage Rinder has failed.

Stay to your course, Scientology. Those you have chosen as your spokespersons and those who presume to speak on your behalf are all doing a wonderful job of acting without considering the consequences. Time and again you are providing your own bullets as you continue to misunderstand and underestimate those you are addressing. We are perfectly capable of watching the actions of both sides and coming to our own conclusions.

Mike Rinder is the antithesis of the Cult’s claims.

You should take example from Rinder’s actions. He speaks when he needs to and his words hold weight. Scientology blindly lashes out with diarrhea of the mouth, all crap and no substance.

Just empty, laughable nonsense.

Who’s the bobblehead now?

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