Cathy Bernardini- A Harridan Scorned

In his Inferno Dante describes 9 levels in Hell of punishment based upon the sins one committed during one’s lifetime. The 9th is called Treachery and it is separated into four levels of torment with Judas Iscariot condemned to the deepest, most horrible section.

Either Alighieri forgot a level or it was too terrifying even for him. Hell hath no fury like a scorned Scientologist bent on Fair Game.

Welcome to the 10th level of torment.

Cathy Rinder Bernardini.

Former wife of Mike Rinder who escaped from Scientology in 2007.

Angry, bitter and incapable of telling the truth. Spinner of tales and poor manipulator of facts, Bernardini attempts to convince the world that she, paragon of familial virtue, is the poor victim of a ruthless and uncaring man.

Bernardini does not appear at all to be an unwilling participant in Scientology’s Fair Game campaign against her former spouse. Rather in looking through her statements over the years she seems to have embraced her role and run with it.

Scientology has attacked Mike Rinder since he left, creating an entire hate website dedicated to destroying his character. The most insidious and ugly part of the site is the section allotted to Rinder’s own family members. Here one finds letters, statements and video all by those who are supposed to be his most loyal supporters.

Daughter, son, brother and others have all been forced into the position of betrayal of the highest order by a cult incapable of fostering love, honesty or loyalty.

Bitter Bernardini however appears to be the most vocal and active participant, setting aside daughter Taryn’s involvement. She is in a much different and difficult position than Cathy and while Taryn has culpability in her actions, her motivations are much more complex and emotionally driven.

Bernardini and Scientology wants to portray Mike Rinder as the bad guy. Everything is his fault and responsibility.

He is the one who destroyed everything, he was the horrible spouse and parent.

Despite the fact that his was the most recognized face at the podium during events next to Miscavige, Rinder is accused of not only failing miserably at family life, but as a Scientologist and SeaOrg member as well.

To hear it told by COS, there was simply nothing redeeming about Mike Rinder.

Which begs the question; if Mike Rinder was such a monster why is Cathy so pissed off that he’s gone?

Going back to 2011 and reading all of the terrible things Rinder supposedly did, (a list which is continually growing) no woman in her right mind would have wanted to stay married to him.

“Mike Rinder the coward”, “Mike Rinder the bully”, “Mike hates his family”, “Mike nullifies others”.

She accuses him of shaking Taryn violently as a baby and “invalidating” Ben stating “My actions to outright stop Mike’s abuse resulted in him viciously turning on me. Call it the “one big point of disagreement in our marriage” – but it all spells one thing: Mike Rinder disliked his own children and mostly deplored their presence.”

—Cathy Rinder (Bernardini), circa 2013,, Mike Rinder: Abuse Takes on a New Form

Her hatred for her former husband goes so far that she refers to him as a “termite” in one statement;

“Termites gnaw away on wood. Mike Rinder gnaws away on people.”

—Cathy Rinder (Bernardini), circa 2013,, Mike Rinder: How it Must Feel to be a Termite

Apparently he cannot even drive a car correctly, “This is one of Mike Rinder’s earlier cars – a possession so “prized” it took precedence over his passengers’ bodily safety because Mike liked driving recklessly and it did not matter who was in the car – especially your family.

Take for example an incident in 1979, which my daughter and I still can’t believe to this day. Behind the wheel of his most prized possession, Mike shot down the Clearwater Causeway like a bat out of hell (which he was) with me in fear for our lives. He was going so fast, so recklessly that I asked him to slow down to which he ignored and laughed off. I then demanded that he stop and let my infant daughter and I to get out of the car. He ignored my plead (sic) and laughed it off. He didn’t care about her or what might happen.”

—Cathy Rinder (Bernardini) circa 2013,, The Most Unloving Acts

So why does she shriek and scream like a fishwife that he left her and her poor, beleaguered offspring behind? After 35 years of that who wouldn’t be thrilled to be free from such a life?

Most women would not put up with half that abuse and divorce is not a rare thing within the cult of Scientology.

Further, Scientology has an entire course dedicated to marriage. Didn’t that tech work, either?

Rinder is accused of never being there for the children and of being a louse (or termite) when he was.

Yet instead of being grateful they are free Bernardini engages in histrionics.

“He abandoned us!”

“He destroyed everything!”


Scientology claims that after all manner of malfeasance they expelled Mike from the organization.

In fact they state “When Rinder’s repeated lying to Church leadership was discovered, it led to his removal from any position of authority more than 12 years ago. Rinder’s was anything but a sudden departure; it was a very long fall from grace arising out of his chronic dishonesty and malfeasance, along with his violent behavior.”

If he was in trouble for 12 years then as a SeaOrg member herself, Cathy was aware of the situation. If one is to believe Scientology (we do not) then there was no sudden, unexpected departure.

She either has to stay with Scientology’s version or go with the truth.

Watching the machinations of this sour faced harridan makes one wonder about the efficacy of Scientology’s tech.

All of Hubbard’s claims that using Dianetics and Scientology will free the person of her Reactive Mind. Their superior communication skills will enable them to confront any situation, moving through it with control and command.

The auditing can perform incredible cures, the crippled will walk and the blind will see again!

One expects to see a strong, poised unflappable person with intelligence and self control.

Instead we get Bitter Bernardini, red faced with rage, screaming obscenities at the head of a pack, lashing out, lying with abandon and whimpering over injuries that are suspect to say the least.

Her logic is flawed and her choices make no sense. She takes no responsibility for her actions whatsoever.

Cathy’s amazing communication skills are non existent, instead she lies to all and sundry, including the police. Her tale of what happened in April 2010 has grown and twisted beyond basic common sense as she currently claims her blood was “spurting on the walls”. This is amazing given she was standing out in the parking lot and the nearest wall was dozens of feet away.

Mike Rinder was the most horrible, abusive man to draw breath, he abused his children verbally and physically.

Alright, then why did Cathy not take every step possible to protect her children from this abuse? Instead she stayed married to him for 35 years. Where are the Knowledge Reports? Why wasn’t he routed to Ethics? Even the child molesters are at least brought in for a stern talking to.

As for her injuries, Hubbard stated “Dianetics is for the body, Scientology is for the Spirit.”

“The basic use of Dianetics is to make a well body and to augment physical treatment. Any injurious experience can be erased by Dianetics. It is very easy to use and if one wants people well and happy it should be used at every occasion. A person has an operation. This should be followed soon after by the erasure of the engram of the experience by R-3-R and the usual Dianetic auditor actions. The healing time will be greatly speeded and often healing will occur where a relapse might have followed.”


Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex


Ignoring the fact that Bernardini obviously did something pretty horrible to pull her current condition in, (or she simply had a degenerative condition in her shoulder which caused the acromion hook to develop) the fact that the tech is not working would indicate she is PTS at the least.

Bottom line is that if Bitter Bernardini expects the rest of us to believe her version of Life with Mike, then her cries of destruction and abandonment make no sense. If he was everything she and Scientology says he was no one in their right mind would miss him let alone complain he was gone.

She bears the bulk of the responsibility for the condition of her children if she did nothing to protect them for over 30 years.

That she tries to portray herself as the abandoned, innocent woman is a fantasy on her part. Even her claim that she tried to get in contact after Mike blew to tell him about his son’s cancer is a lie if Taryn is to be believed.

“We were going down Gulf to Bay. We didn’t know where he lived. I was like: ‘Oh, my God! There he is! He’s standing in the parking lot!’”

Her alluding to him being the ruination of their family is false.

Cathy was and is a SeaOrg member and as such she also put duty first. She had as much responsibility for the state of her family as Mike did.

Leopards don’t often change their spots and Bitter Bernardini has a pretty solid track record for angry outbursts. It is ridiculous to assume her personality suddenly devolved into what is seen today just because she got a divorce.

Scientology is pretty consistent in choosing the worst possible people to represent them, Edward Parkin, Gemma Harris and her paramour John Alex Wood and the confusing Marty Rathbun to name a few.

They, along with Bitter Bernardini collectively give the rest of us an excellent view of what kind of person COS produces.

Angry, bitter, dishonest, incapable of facing reality or of taking responsibility.

No confront at all.

Being on the receiving end of this Most Ethical of Religions is it’s own special Hell.

Bitter Bernardini is gleefully one of its best representatives.

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