Scientology’s Lie Based Therapy

Our country is experiencing a terrible drug epidemic that comes with the highest of costs.

According to The CDC “70,237 drug overdose deaths occurred in the United States in 2017.”

There are very few who have not been affected in some way by drug addiction and there is no doubt that there needs to be a massive overhaul of the way patients are treated especially in follow up care.

Many solid rehab facilities can be found who are doing their best with good, effective treatment plans in place.

Sadly on the other hand there are also unscrupulous groups who are using addiction as a way to draw people in solely for financial or other selfish gains.

Enter Scientology.

Let’s Meet A Scientology Sub Group: Narconon.

Narconon claims to be an ultra successful drug abuse treatment facility with an 84% success rate. This incredible claim is, according to Drew from Narconon Suncoast, arrived at by following former patients for two years. It is also way above the statistics of drug which state a relapse rate of between 40 and 60%.

As in all other aspect of its existence, Scientology bypasses anything remotely resembling honest research and uses its own brand of “treatment”.

Announcing that the patient is not an addict but a “student” is the beginning of its Lie Based Therapy.

The very first step in an addicts journey to sobriety is admitting that he has a problem, that he is, in fact addicted to drugs.

By removing this most basic of truths, that one is an addict, Narconon becomes a partner in the lie all addicts tell themselves “I’m not an addict”. It diminishes the seriousness of the situation.

Patients are basically put through a Purification Rundown which is based upon more lies.

Claiming that one can “sweat out the toxins/drugs stored in the tissue” through extreme exercise, hours in a sauna and massive doses of vitamins the person is put at extreme risk for nothing. The liver and kidneys remove toxins from the body, not sweat.

In fact, the dangerous dosages of vitamins and minerals proscribed can actually do way more harm than good. The charts following this post explain this further.

The biggest lie of all is the denial that Narconon uses Scientology in it’s so called therapy.

When looking at a Narconon website a chat box popped up. I was asked by Drew from Narconon Suncoast if it was me or someone I know who needed help. Playing along I gave an imaginary nephew an addiction. During the course of the chat I specifically asked Drew if Narconon used Scientology teachings in their program. Drew responded “There is no Scientology related. We are a non secular program.”

So they are not related to Scientology, but they are religious (non secular).

Just to be clear I repeated my question about a Scientology affiliation, “So you don’t use Scientology at all?” and he again replied in the negative, “I’m positive.”

He’s positive that there is no Scientology relationship?

Then why is there a page on the cult’s website dedicated to their founder L. Ron Hubbard that states:

“To date, L. Ron Hubbard’s drug rehabilitation methods are at work in some fifty nations and credited with salvaging tens of thousands of otherwise terminal addicts from drug dependence. Most notably, his methods are the mainstay of an international drug rehabilitation network known as Narconon”?

The unsuspecting “student” will soon find themselves sitting in a chair across from an ashtray yelling at it to get up. He will then lift the ashtray into the air, sit it back down and thank it for obeying his command.

This is part of the amazing treatment plan designed by LRH to free one from the ravages of addiction.

Drug addicts spend much of their time perfecting their lies. They will do or say anything both to get their next fix and keep family and friends off their backs. Lying for an addict comes as natural as breathing and a large part of recovery and healing is finally facing all the uncomfortable truths one has been hiding from with their addiction.

If a program cannot itself be honest how can it in anyway benefit an addict?

Narconon‘s Lie Based Therapy is nothing more than a placebo at best, enabling at worst. Former employees of Narconon have told their stories of how patients and staff did drugs together. That many staff members are themselves former patients. Of course in furtherance of the lies, former staff have admitted that often the success stories purportedly written by happy former addicts are, in fact, fiction.

It has been said before that if nothing else Scientology is consistent in its inconsistency.

COS calls The Fort Harrison in Clearwater, FL a “Hotel” and COB Miscavige announced “The bottom line is the same bottom line for the last 80-plus years: this Fort Harrison is and will always remain a landmark and home for all of Clearwater.” The Truth is that it is not a hotel nor is it a home for all of Clearwater. The general public is not permitted to book a room here rather one is told that the building is a private religious retreat for Scientologists only.

Narconon claims no affiliation with Scientology yet was created by LRH and uses his unfounded junk science as treatment.

Since 2005 there have been seven deaths associated with just one Narconon facility in Oklahoma alone.

If one is seeking a legitimate treatment facility be aware that instead of dealing with the addiction in a medically responsible way, with Narconon one will be greeted with lies, exposed to unproven, dangerous therapies and find oneself conversing with ashtrays in accordance with Scientology’s Source and Founder L. Ron Hubbard who was a consummate and accomplished liar himself.

4 thoughts on “Scientology’s Lie Based Therapy

  1. Stefani,
    This is a scary and dangerous front group of Scientology. Thank you for posting this. It’s important for people to know that Narconon can kill, and that they may be sending their loved ones into a cult.



  2. You would think that people spending 30.000 bucks a throw would check this corrupt sick group out before delivering people into their hands.


  3. Everything in this blog is true. As an ex-Scientologist and someone who experienced the purification, reached the upper levels and lived at the Fort Harrison not to mention having donated tens of thousands to programs like Narconon and Criminon. Yes they are affiliated. Christ they even hit the members up for more money. I’ll be following your blog and sharing it for others to wake up.

    Squeeze My Cans .com


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