The Ethics of Scientology

“L. Ron Hubbard defined ethics as ‘reason and the contemplation of optimum survival.’ He has also pointed out: ‘Dishonest conduct is non-survival. Anything is unreasonable or evil which brings about the destruction of individuals, groups, or inhibits the future of the race.’”

Further, in his book Introduction to Scientology Ethics he writes “Ethics actually consists of rationality toward the highest level of survival for the individual, the future race, the group, Mankind and the other dynamics taken up collectively.

Ethics are reason.

Man’s greatest weapon is his reason.”

“Dishonest conduct is non-survival.”

Hubbard spent his entire life lying about himself. He talks about this very subject in a rare moment of clarity in his Admissions.

“That I tell the truth and must tell the truth. That all past errors and lies are forgotten.”

Although the attempt to convince himself to tell the truth apparently failed because embracing dishonesty served him better.

“THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN CONTROL PEOPLE IS TO LIE TO THEM. You can write that down in your book in great big letters. The only way you can control anybody is to lie to them.”

In spite of the righteous, pious, hypocritical writings and lectures of its Source, Scientology is a cult firmly founded in lies and unethical beliefs.

The Bridge to Total Freedom is in reality a Treadmill to Total Financial Ruin. There are no Clears out there with the ability to influence anything with their amazing new mind powers. Neither the act of auditing nor a Clear can cure anything at all.

As The Bridge is a fundamental piece of Scientology belief, that it is a lie from start to finish means that the entire path of this cult is dishonest and destructive. There are no gains, only eventual losses.

“Anything is unreasonable or evil which brings about the destruction of individuals…or inhibits the future of the race.”

Removing children from their parents and telling them any nattering or complaining is out Ethics because it is counter intention to duty is destructive. Placing children in unsafe situations where they are abused or sexually molested, then telling them it was their fault is destructive. Protecting child molesters and rapists is destructive.

Fair Game, which overtly orders people to lie and make up fake crimes in order to ruin another’s character is completely opposite anything even remotely considered ethical.

Within the confines of Scientology’s SeaOrg, families are often kept separated damaging the bonds that are meant to provide love and support.

The policy of policing each other with the threat of Knowledge Reports and punishment undermines trust and friendships.

Anything designed to isolate someone, leaving them alone and wary of their fellows is destructive not only of the person but of society because to be a society there needs to be bonds of fellowship and family.

Disconnection is Scientology’s way of perpetuating anger and isolation in order to protect the cult. The very threat of being shunned by one’s family and friends is enough for some to stay obedient and compliant. For those who are able to break through the chains of mind manipulation and free themselves, facing not only the loss of their loved ones, but also the very public Fair Game attacks by them is one of the most destructive and unethical policies ever developed.

By keeping those who have escaped from Scientology in constant conflict with those left behind non healing communication is assured. While everyone is hurt and angry, the chance that the newly freed ex will convince others to leave is small.

Disconnection is a policy created solely for the continuance of Scientology. There is nothing moral, ethical or honest about it.

Scientology wants the world to believe it is a religion.

True religion directs the individual outward. The person is encouraged to good works to better the community. It is love of neighbor, forgiveness for wrongs and treating others as we would want to be treated. Hindus believe that all life is sacred, to be loved and revered, and therefore practice ahimsa, noninjury, in thought, word and deed. Christians are taught to forgive and turn the other cheek.

No matter the religion, our similarities are in the focus being on how our actions reflect on and affect our community and family. This is ethical belief. This is what works towards survival.

Scientology focuses not on the good of the community but on what good the community can do for the entity.

This is not Ethics.

It is the antithesis of anything ethical, honest or spiritual.

How can one survive when Fair Game has blackened his reputation or ruined his career?

Where are the ethics in taking to social media and perpetuating lies against others even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary?

Is lying to members in order to keep them compliant, to keep them in poverty while walking a Bridge to Nowhere honest?

Is using fear, pressure and forcing one to lie in order to leave the organization ethical?

“Man’s greatest weapon is his reason”.

Which is why that ability to reason, to think for oneself is audited out, replaced with fear of reprisal and self doubt and guilt.

Scientologists are told that if they question what they are being told, then they are guilty of crimes, of withholds.

COS members are isolated from each other and from the real world. Their familial and friendship bonds weakened and laced with wariness and suspicion. The person is filled with doubt, insecurities and guilt to control their ability to logically reason their experiences.

David Miscavige lies to his followers, reinforcing the “us v them” mindset to keep control, he uses violence and chaos as weapons of compliance. What are the ethics of beating people into submission?

Nothing about Scientology, from it’s inception to it’s current activities, is honest, moral or in anyway ethical.

Perhaps in this area Hubbard was right.

“Dishonest conduct is non survival”

Scientology appears to be at an all time low with its membership. Real estate all over the world is sitting empty and abandoned. Missions are closing and no Org is really Ideal or “going St. Hill size”.

Simply looking at the lack of support and response to Scientology’s social media presence shows the growing emptiness.

The truth is the only thing that ensures survival.

It will always out in the end.

It may take years or even decades but the truth wins in the end.

Former members of Scientology already know that the cult is nothing more than a twisted carnival of confusion. A maze of fun house mirrors that distort everything into the bizarre.

For the Never Ins it is important to explain the malicious distortions, the hidden abuse and destructive lies. Scientology has perfected the subtlety and nuance of the lie, the art of twisted semantics. Lies of omission allow them to skate past facts and truths.

There is nothing ethical found in the actions and policies of this dangerous cult.

Nothing in this cult is for the betterment of Man or the Planet. Everything they do is for one purpose and one purpose only.

“Make money. Make more money. Make other people make money.”

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