No Data, No Concern

With Freewinds currently quarantined due to Measles onboard there is a massive silence emanating from Scientology.

So far the only statement has been from a Scientologist named Bernard Bonner who posted on Facebook.

“So yes, the story is true, the Freewinds is in St. Lucia and we’ve been quarantined because a passenger did get diagnosed with the measles,” 

Somehow managing to sound both irritated and blasé, as though the woman got Measles just to inconvenience Scientology Bonner continues with a giant “who cares?”

 As Scientologists, we follow every law. The woman is now OK and the measles has past [sic],” Bonner said. “We have not been given her identity or whereabouts and none of us care. People ‘Can’ come on the boat but St. Lucia law is not allowing anyone off [sic].”

How they can not know who the woman is boggles the mind. The SeaOrg absolutely knows both who is on staff as well as who is on that ship so all one needs do is note that a woman is missing and voila!

This disinterest seems to be across the whole of the Most Ethical of Religions.

Placing a phone call to Church of Scientology Int to ask about an official statement or press release was met with the same ennui for the subject.

One would think that Scientology, aware of the world giving them the side eye, would prepare some sort of PR script to at least acknowledge the illness. That there would be even some sort of prepared comment for the inevitable queries surely to come. “Look, if the press or media calls asking about Freewinds, tell them ——”

However as this blogger discovered not only is there no information and no indication that there will be any information but there is simply “no data” at all.

The “receptionist” was not to be bothered to ask anyone else for such information either.

“I have no data on that.”

“Well is there someone you might ask if you will be issuing a statement soon?”

“Not at the moment.”

Scientology whines to the world that they are so misunderstood, misrepresented and are never given the opportunity to tell their side of things. Here they have a golden opportunity to show cooperation, compliance, compassion for one of their own in the face of so many claiming otherwise and at least a modicum of openness to the rest of the world and they are, as usual blowing it.

It’s past time for an official statement. Now anything they put out will be seen as a trite response to being called out for their lack of communication.

All we can do is wait and see.

For now there is “no data”.


2 thoughts on “No Data, No Concern

  1. Stefani,
    That about perfectly sums up the problems with Scientology. The “little people” are below notice and “no one cares”. This woman could have died and I bet they wouldn’t have batted an eye. After all…she’s just a crew member. This is a window into how the cult operates on a daily basis. They don’t care about their followers. It’s all about the ones who can afford to be on that ship and continue to give money. Anyone else is just to be used as cheap labor. It boggles the mind. It really does.


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