Scientology, Masters of the Filibuster


LRH wrote a great deal in the concept.

Scientology has a whole course dedicated to it.

“A man is as alive as he can communicate” he wrote.

“Man’s wars, ongoing conflicts, and acts of terrorism result from breakdowns in communication among people.”

—@StandLeague, Twitter, May 16, 2019

This cult of all knowledge claims superiority in everything they set their hand to. Included in these claims is the assertion that Scientology is the Master of Communication.

The reality is that any attempt to hold a discussion or debate with a member ends with the cultist turning tail and running.

Which begs the question; how can Scientology be so incredibly ineffective when it comes to communication?

When people engage in open discussion it triggers responses, emotions, actions and reactions.

It is a cornerstone for a working society.

Scientology does not communicate.

They speak, attack or pretentiously instruct with no intention of creating communication. No interest in a response, just meek acceptance is all that is required.

For all Scientology’s claims of superior communication skills, their gung-ho cries of “Confront and Shatter!” at the first sign of dissension the reality is “Close ranks and Scatter”.

They miss the point completely.

As with everything there are two sides to dialogue; speaking is on the one, silence is on the other.

That silence also has a name.


It is here where Scientologists fail time and again.

Theirs is a life of constant motion, of the continuous noise generated by a conglomerate focused on making more money. Busy work, orders given and not to be questioned, the shuffling of staff from hither to yon.

No conversation, no listening and responding so that understanding and community grows. Instead the top tells the bottom what to do, what to believe and how to believe it.

Enforcing one’s words with threat is abuse and control.

Communication is freedom.

LRH expected to be believed without question. Some who knew him personally remarked upon his anger when he thought his listener doubted the stories he told. As Commodore his word was law on the open sea, while later in life, in hiding from the FBI, his unpredictable rages and obsessive Ethics were enough to cow most of those around him.

So to with David Miscavige.

Following Hubbard’s Angry Fist Policy Miscavige beats his subordinates into submission and silent obedience.

Communication is part of an individual’s freedom. To speak and be heard, not necessarily agreed with, but heard and acknowledged is what makes us human.

Scientology expects everyone to simply accept their words and embrace them without comment, rebuttal or question.

There is no listening on their part, no compromise or even the smallest thought that there may be another way. Scientologists neither listen nor hear, theirs is the only way and their mission is to bring everyone else into silent, unquestioning compliance.

Social media is where the cult’s lack is highlighted most clearly.

COS posts a comment, then when a non-scientologist challenges or refutes the comment, either wanting clarification or truth, Scientology blocks the challenger.

This is not communication.

It is fear.

When faced with uncomfortable truths that they cannot explain away, a Scientologist will close his ears and refuse to engage. Deflection, misdirection and resorting to name calling are all ways that a member uses to avoid actually opening dialogue. For a Cultologist there is no second opinion, no facts can be presented that are not dismissed.

Scientology will not and can not listen.

Everything they say or do is right and not open to discussion.

Hiding and protecting child molesters, holding people against their will, working people to exhaustion and beyond for little to no pay are just a few examples of the authoritarian, abusive rule that is not discussed.

Every claim brought into the light is denied or refuted.

COS expects society to believe that they are perfection and innocence personified based on their words alone. The world is supposed to ignore what they see and hear and never attempt to discover the truth.

Open communication would go a long way towards taking the mystery and suspicion off the table. If Scientology truly is lily white and pure with nothing to hide, then why are they so unable to be part of a healthy, honest discussion?

COS shouts it’s innocence from the rooftops. It denies the claims made against it and complains of unfair treatment, of bias and bigotry and hate. Yet when invited to join in the discussion, when offered the chance to address the issues ascribed to it, Scientology runs from the chance to confront and shatter with their superior communication skills.

Where is Shelley Miscavige? Why is she not permitted to speak for herself? One simple conversation from her with Leah or someone in authority would answer so many questions yet Scientology chooses to keep her silenced.

Where is David Miscavige during these chaotic times for his organization? A leader’s greatest asset is his or her ability to communicate effectively. Miscavige remains silent but for the scripted lies he tells his followers.

Frankly with all the abuses it is guilty of, at this point open communication seems almost impossible for them. The only way out of the hole (pardon the pun) is to begin telling the truth and this is something that will never happen.

This is why Scientology fears true communication.

Who are these OSA minions who constantly appear on social media posting and reposting Fair Game attacks and condescending comments? Like hit and run drivers they post their words, then preemptively block anyone and everyone who tries to engage in dialogue or debate.

If nothing else Scientology is the master of filibustering. Ignoring everyone around them, they just keep talking and talking. Accusing and blaming, speaking over everyone else, trying to ensure no one but them is heard.

Ironically these masters of communication are left with no one commenting on their accounts, the bulk of their followers bots paid to click the like button but without comment or opinion.

Scientology is slowly crumbling around the edges. With a leader unable to admit his mistakes and unwilling to effect any change this crumbling will continue until it becomes irredeemable.

Any group that disallows open communication between its members is destined to fail. Scientology refuses to communicate, refuses to listen and refuses to change.

No one is buying the idea that the cult is just a poor victim of hate or that it is simply misunderstood.

Even if Scientology refuses to talk about the abuses surrounding them, the rest of us do.

We communicate, we weigh the words thrown about like confetti by this cult and we use our conversations to come to truth.

Those of us who are free from the constraints of fear listen.

We hear the truths.

We communicate and we will not be silenced.

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