The Un-Reactive Mind

Scientology teaches that there are two parts to the mind.

“L. Ron Hubbard discovered that the mind has two very distinct parts. One of these—the part that you consciously use and are aware of—is called the analytical mind. This is the portion of the mind which thinks, observes data, remembers it and resolves problems. It has standard memory banks which contain mental image pictures and uses the data in these banks to make decisions that promote survival.

However, two things appear to be—but are not—recorded in the standard banks: painful emotion and physical pain. In moments of intense pain, the action of the analytical mind is suspended and the second part of the mind, the reactive mind, takes over.”

So the first part is cold, emotionless and analytical. Focused on the fight, the struggle to survive.

Survival has no time for emotion. It is eking out the minimum essentials one needs to continue to live.

The second part is where emotion lives and this is the focus of auditing. The goal of sitting down with an auditor and holding the cans of an e-meter is to find out what situations one has experienced that leave baggage behind and to eventually eradicate any negative emotions.

So often one sees a Scientologist quoted as saying something along the lines of “I recently experienced the loss of a loved one but through auditing my grief is gone” or “I went through a bad situation in my past but now I just don’t react to it at all”.

Emotions, both good and bad are what make us human. By experiencing negative situations we learn empathy for others. Repressing or hiding grief, pain, anger or other healthy negative reactions just creates a numb space within us. No amount of auditing can actually take away negative emotions, they are only buried deep, repressed within the mind where they continue to live. With no true addressing of the issues, these emotions stay buried like a mine in a minefield. Repressed emotions will one day need an out.

The Scientological idea of a perpetually calm, focused, unflappable individual whose reactive mind is under tight control does not really exist. The many videos of angry members following non or former Scientologists yelling “What are your crimes” puts paid to that quite easily. If one needed further proof of the hazards of buried frustration and rage all one needs do is watch Cathy Bernardini and Taryn Teutsch in action. Another example is Edward Parkin, who attacks others like a schoolyard bully with name calling and lies. Gemma Harris carries herself with smug superiority, announcing that she is more intelligent and learned than anyone else, yet regresses to name calling as well, just more defense mechanisms fueled by anger.

Scientology claims the ability to restrain and control the emotions allowing one to be “free” and happy.

Life however, is not all unicorns and rainbows. Expecting to go traipsing along in a constant state of controlled happiness is not only unrealistic, but unhealthy. Bad things happen and it is part of living to experience these struggles and challenges; learning to handle the things we can, getting the right help when we get overwhelmed.

Running from our problems is not an answer. Pretending like everything is great can be more stressful than actually facing the frightening or painful head on.

In January of this year a tragic, senseless and horrible incident took place at a Scientology Org in Australia. In classic survival fashion their first response was to run from any admittance that what happened was caused by the unethical, abusive practices embraced by COS.

Instead Scientology decided to announce that the attack that resulted in the death of one of their own was due to a bigoted media and more importantly, because of Leah Remini and Mike Rinder.

This approach to the tragedy is exactly the same thing as their attempt to “fix” the reactive mind.

Something bad happened, it doesn’t really touch us. The issue is external to COS, we are just going to move along pretending as though all is happy and fine. Bigoted hate mongers caused this to happen, we are disconnected from it and here’s how we can prove it;

We’re going to hold a party at the scene of the murder and invite everyone to participate in the pretense that everything is fine.

If there are enough party goers with smiling faces it will cover up the fact that something horrible happened.

The show must go on.

When this inappropriate family fun day was announced those who still had their proper emotions intact were shocked at such a callous thing. People don’t run out and have a picnic at the site of a family member’s fatal car accident. Dancing on a grave is considered disrespectful at the very least.

Bryan Seymour, journalist for Australia’s 7News, wrote a piece about the family fun day in which neighbors of the Scientology center where the murder took place are quoted as being “shocked”.


In response to Seymour’s article @ExposeNetwork once again showed its complete lack of understanding by tweeting; “So… let’s get this straight… it was someone who killed a Scientologist and you now somehow have emotions for this? Just because they are having a service for the community at THEIR church, yes, horrible incident happened there… but, why shouldn’t they convene at church?”

Sadly, @ExposeNetwork definitely can not get it straight. Seymour in no way expressed emotion concerning this issue, so that’s comprehension skills gone missing. The next comment completely dismisses the severity of the crime. The loss of life, the destruction of a family and the ruination of a disturbed young man are all somehow secondary to Scientology’s wants.

Why shouldn’t they convene at church?

Why shouldn’t we all just blow up some balloons, fire up the barbie and party?

“I lost someone very close to me not long ago but with auditing my grief is gone!”

Out with those pesky emotions, slap on a wooden smile and pass the guacamole!

Never mind that the entire incident begins and ends at Scientology’s front door. Irrelevant that it is their policies and procedures that created the environment for the accused young man to snap.

Who cares if holding a celebration at the very scene of the crime shows an enormous lack of sensitivity or compassion for all the victims involved.

The feelings of others matters not. What is important is that Scientology once again gets its own way.

The analytical mind is the one in charge.

Empathy is not the Hubbard way.

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