Religious Freedom, Here We Go Again

“What makes it alright for you to deny another’s right to Freedom of Religion?”

—@ExposeNetwork, Twitter, June 3rd, 2019

This tweet, thrown out into the ether by @ExposeNetwork with no direction or reason, says a lot about those who own the account.

As usual they just don’t get it.

The answer in short is “nothing”.

Nothing gives another the right to deny religious freedom to anyone.

But the ongoing fight has nothing to do with religion.

What Scientology as a whole and all its numerous sub-minions individually fail to realize is that Freedom of Religion is an entirely different issue from freedom to abuse.

We all have the inalienable right to worship (or not to worship) each in our own way.

No one has the right to commit violence, sexual abuse, control, verbal abuse, rape, financial abuse, incarceration or religious abuse.


The policies enforced by guilt, fear and corporal and spiritual control against the members of Scientology do not in any way equal a religion.

The better question is “What makes it all right for Scientology to deny its members their freedoms of speech, will, thought and movement?”

Bottom line @ExposeNetwork, morality gives all of us the right to do everything in our power to stop anyone engaging in crimes and abuses.

This is not a religious issue but a societal one. Life can go forward without formal religions, but without laws and mores anarchy would rule.

People know that murder, rape, stealing etc are wrong without adding God to the equation.

Scientology is expert at muddying the waters in order to keep the focus off the real conversation. In this case, the fact that so many people are trying to breach the razor wire topped walls and help those inside has nothing whatsoever to do with religion and everything to do with the brainwashing of people into compliant worker bees happy within their gilded cages.

Society cannot survive without a basic morality. Those who live outside the parameters soon find themselves at odds with the rest of Mankind.

This is what is happening to Scientology, The Jehovah’s Witnesses, Warren Jeffs’ FLDS group and others.

Controlling people through deceit, fear and overt or covert abuse is not religious.

First and foremost Man has the right to his own thoughts, to live life free from threat or coercion.

COS denies freedom of thought or expression to its members by not allowing them to question what they do not understand, challenge what they see or refuse to participate in things they know are not right. Any of these acts are seen as defiance, nonconformity and even treason within the group.

Each child that is sexually abused then made to believe they are at fault is trapped in a world of guilt and terror.

This is not religious.

It is a crime.

That it is completely unknown how many children are currently at the mercy of sexual predators protected by Scientology upper management is an untenable outrage.

If even one person is, right this moment, being held against his or her will on board The Freewinds or anywhere else by Scientology this is a crime.

Every person subjected to the daily regimen of being worked to exhaustion and beyond, then punished for falling short of unreasonable expectations is being abused.

Keeping an inventory of anyone’s mistakes or failings then using it as a whip to keep the person compliant is abuse.

There is nothing of religious freedom to discuss here.

No one has the freedom to perpetrate abuse against another person.

Whenever the News shows video of someone being attacked and battered on the streets by an assailant right thinking people are outraged. Law enforcement opens a case and asks the public for information leading to the arrest of the suspect. Beating someone up is a crime in every sense of the word.

There is simply nothing spiritual or religious about assault and battery.

Domestic abuse is a horrible way for anyone to live. One person uses fear, violence and emotional abuse to control his or her victim. The person suffering in such a relationship loses their identity and their ability to make healthy choices. They live in guilt, thinking they have done something to earn the abuse and they live in fear, thinking they will make another mistake bringing more down upon their heads.

This is not religion.

It is, however, how many people are living under the reign of David Miscavige right now. He is the ultimate Domestic Abuser, using controlling manipulation, cruelty and violence to cow those under him into submission. Where is the spirituality in this way of life?

Who is entitled to the freedom to act in this manner against others?

All those who have fled the cult and speak out against all they have seen and experienced are not attacking anyone’s inalienable rights. Never-Ins who work alongside exes to expose the abuses and crimes are not bigots, Hatemongers or in any way attempting to deny anyone’s religious liberties.

Even making this accusation is ludicrous.

Living a life of constant denial simply will not work, either. Scientology expects to speak and be instantly believed, but that is not how life works.

People by the thousands over the 50 or more years of this cult’s existence have left and carried with them similar tales of control, fear, child abuse, financial ruin and guilt and shame.

That Scientology truly expects the world to believe that all those people, all those years, are lying is laughable.

All those people are what gives us the right to question.

Each person who has endured the lash of Fair Game gives us the right to demand an investigation.

Every childhood that was ruined by the dirty hands of pedophile adults gives us the right to be angry and to care and to not only speak out but shout out until someone hears us.

For the families who have been shattered by Disconnection we reserve the right to stand against this still active and enforced policy.

Every lie and false accusation made publicly on Social Media gives us the equal and opposite right to confront and correct. Destroying innocent people’s reputations out of spite and malice is not religious and no one has the inalienable freedom to do so.

Scientology’s actions and reactions are what give us the right to stand up and challenge, to speak out and be voices for those who cannot be heard.

Society is a community and we need to come together and help in the face of disaster whether man made or natural. Those trapped within this cult are drowning in darkness and confusion and just as we would not walk away from a drowning man during a flood neither should we walk away from Scientology members who need help.

Scientology is truly a man made disaster.

Normal, healthily thinking people do not need religion to tell them the things David Miscavige is both doing and allowing is wrong and abusive.

If Scientologists want to believe in Xenu, space aliens invading their bodies and magical powers of telekinesis go for it.

If they want to be left alone and allowed to cause hurt and harm, fear and emotional destruction then the world will stand up and take notice.

There is no spirituality found in the abuse of others.

Causing such serious harm is not an inalienable right.

@ExposeNetwork, you wanted to know by what right anyone denies your so-called religion freedom.

The answer is that no one is denying your right to believe in aliens and body thetans.

In actuality, Scientology is the one attempting to trample upon the beliefs of the rest of us.

Who besides COS wishes for your version of a “Cleared Planet”?

How many thousands of people suffering from mental illness and who have found stability with medicine and therapy would welcome Scientology annihilating psychiatry?

What gives Scientology the right to force such a life on the rest of us?

Scientology has the right to it’s beliefs. It does not have the right to force them on anyone else and it definitely does not have the right to abuse people and that is where the line is drawn.

Scientology itself has given the rest of us the right to fight.

Its bullying tactics, its Fair Game, its constant claims of superiority and saintliness all while leaving broken people in its unrelenting wake are nothing more than a clarion call to the rest of us to do something.

It’s not a religious thing, it’s the right thing to do.

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