Parkin Needs A Time-out

Or; Creepy Eddie needs to pull his head out…

Creepy Eddie Parkin continues to publicly spread lies about Leah Remini as his temper tantrum over her well earned Critics Choice Award ramps up.

In a June 2nd, 2019 letter directed to Joey Berlin, Executive Producer, Critics Choice RealTV Awards and Ed Martin President of the Broadcast Television Journalists Association Parkin completely loses his last grip on reality.

His first two bullet points are dedicated to the smarmy and untrue allegation that Leah Remini and Mike Rinder are complicit to murder.

Australian Journalist Bryan Seymour categorically and unequivocally refuted the Scientology allegation that Remini and Rinder had “blood on their hands” and were complicit in the fatal stabbing in January. In response, Parkin closed his eyes, slapped his hands over his ears and continues to let his bank do the talking.

It is sad that Parkin would use the tragic death of another as a weapon in his Fair Game arsenal. Time and again Scientology’s actions illustrate how little care and compassion for others actually exists within this so ethical of religions.

The rest of the letter is more of the same. All accusations with no substance, purposefully twisted and forced into something they simply aren’t.

These lies have already been addressed and even though Creepy Eddie is still sitting in the playground shouting “La La La I can’t hear you” with his hands over his ears, the truth does not just go away.

There is something much more important that this letter reveals.

For all of the insistence that Scientology is the Most Ethical, humanitarian, human rights fighting religion in the galaxy, THIS is the kind of person the teachings of LRH produces.

Edward Parkin was chosen to be the International Director of an organization that claims to fight for freedom of religion and an end to hate. Based upon his position he is the best Scientology has to offer yet he spends his days focused on how he can defame, disparage and destroy innocent people.

This is the great dichotomy of COS.

Following in the confused and ever manic/depressive footsteps of LRH, Parkin strenuously proclaims his contempt for the acts of hate by others then simultaneously commits vicious acts of hate of his own.

People who have found the inner fortitude to escape the carousel of madness that is Scientology have made a firm and sincere decision not to be part of this so called religion.

Freedom to choose one’s religion or to choose no religion at all along with the freedom to speak about one’s spiritual experiences are protected rights, the same rights that Edward Parkin so vehemently claims to support and defend.

Leah Remini has chosen to separate herself from COS and she has chosen to spend a portion of her time creating a haven of support and comfort for others who’ve done the same.

Neither of these life choices are any of Parkin’s business, frankly.

As the head of the STAND League, Parkin’s fight for Religious Freedom for all either truly includes “All” or it defies everything this Scientology sub group claims.

With every lie this man tells, every ugly snide comment, his personal attacks, the name calling and the twisting of facts Edward Parkin proves unequivocally that in Scientology there IS no universal freedom.

This most recent letter, filled with libelous tales of criminal coercion is nothing more than a public attack on Leah’s religious rights.

Part of the First Amendment is that not only is a religion free to practice its beliefs, but also that religions can not attempt to force their beliefs on others.

This is exactly what Scientology is doing.

The policy of Fair Game is the attacking and attempted destruction of anyone who does not adhere to or agree with Scientology.

COS has set itself up as judge and jury over Mankind. It decides who is an enemy using Scientology ideology to make that determination. Once found lacking the targeted person becomes open to the policy that demands his or her complete destruction.

This unethical and nasty policy of the Church of Scientology is forced upon anyone named an enemy, whether Scientologist, former member or Never-In.

No other religion has this practice.

No other religion would be allowed to inflict such a practice upon innocent people.

Leah Remini has been awarded the Critics Choice Impact Award because she has chosen to do something that Scientology cannot understand; work for those formerly involved in a “religion” to exercise their rights.

Remini has chosen to create space for ex Scientologists to finally feel the power of free speech. Her forum restores the individual’s right to defy a religious group and allows them to rediscover their censored voices. Through this free expression of their truths, mainstream society is permitted an honest glimpse into this particular “church”. This glimpse allows others to make informed choices concerning the joining of such an organization, thus exercising their right to decide whether or not Scientology is for them.

In his letter Parkin writes; “That you choose to honor someone who makes a living generating hate and violence toward individuals solely because of their religious faith—and broadcast it on VH1—is mind boggling.”

If this is not a perfect description of Edward Parkin and Scientology this writer doesn’t know what is.

Leah Remini was honored for putting into action those ideas that Parkin only gives hypocritical lip service to.

Remini shows more courage in her actions than Parkin ever could with all his smug, patronizing speeches.

He goes on, saying; “If you are going to present her an award for ‘impact’ you should consider the actual impact of Leah Remini’s show and the real ‘aftermath’ it has left behind”

Actually Eddie, they did.

Scientology and the Aftermath has completely changed the game for this cult that worked scot free in the shadows for so long. It has dragged COS out into the light, kicking and screaming exposing horrific abuses, crimes and fraud. The Aftermath has been a springboard for hope, healing and conversation about what faith and religion truly are.

One woman stood up, announcing “No more” and faced down the largest, nastiest most vengeful cult of our times. She has placed herself between this group and so many frightened former members so that they could learn to breathe again.

Her example has enabled Never-Ins to add their voices to the ever growing choir of those who sing for the freedom to live.

While Scientology pays lip service to the defense of religious liberty and Man’s right to freely express himself, Leah Remini has just marched straight ahead in her high heels and showed those who seek to suppress her what Clearing the Planet of oppression really looks like.

One woman has struck fear and resentment in the collective, reactive mind of a conglomerate.

This is the actual impact of Leah Remini, her show and her dedication to truth.

Actions always speak louder than words, Parkin.

Yours shout malice, deceit and hate. They are a maelstrom of chaos, contradiction and destruction.

Leah’s are light.

Her way is like a river; steady and constant, bringing calm, peace and healing to those who find their way to its banks. Underneath however its current wears away at the rocky obstructions it encounters. Slowly, inexorably the water carves straight through making a new way, reshaping the landscape until those obstacles no longer exist.

She is a force to be reckoned with and Parkin shows his desperation with every Tweet, every letter he sends out filled with lies.

The impact Leah Remini has had on those who have fled the Cult of Scientology cannot be given enough recognition or commendation.

Edward Parkin, even David Miscavige himself, should rethink this campaign of hate they are waging on her because at this point the river has become a waterfall. With every disparaging remark those not affiliated with Scientology just smile and shake their heads. The lies thrown out in hopes of doing damage are simply used as punch lines for people to laugh over.

The fact that Parkin and Miscavige would be so blind to society’s current mindset and continue to rush forward with these letters and blog posts shows just how disconnected they are from reality.

They also show the rest of us exactly what a Scientologist is and it isn’t someone concerned with protecting the freedoms this country is built upon.

Congratulations to Leah Remini for her Impact Award.

In the meantime it would do Scientology’s leadership well to take a time out and rethink this utter failure that is their Fair Game attack against her and those she has gathered around her.

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