@ExposeNetwork Proves Mike Rinder is Telling the Truth

“Those who work at Gold Base, such as Marc and Claire Headley once did, are not free to leave when and how they choose. If they leave, it is considered a “blow” and vigorous efforts are made to retrieve them.”


“In 2004 I lived alone for ten months on church of Scientology premises awaiting a meeting with COB RTC that Miscavige himself promised. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss how Miscavige had hijacked RTC and Church of Scientology International (CSI) and converted them from religious organizations into

commercial operations that increasingly operated toward the primary objective of increasing and protecting Miscavige’s personal wealth, comfort, entertainment and power. After ten months and half a dozen Miscavige no-shows, I finally left church premises in December 2004.”


“The strength of measures RTC and CSI will apply is illustrated by the case of Don Jason. In 1998 when Jason – then a senior executive of the Flag Service Organization, and a witness to Miscavige’s personal involvement in the death of a parishioner – suddenly parted that organization, I was directly run by Miscavige to hunt him down and return him to Clearwater. When I did so, Miscavige ordered me to have Jason sent to the church’s ship the Freewinds in the Caribbean for months of heavy labor and confessions. I was told that the purpose of that location was so that he could not possibly escape, since the Freewinds could control Jason’s movements by locking up his passport.”


“From 1998 on there was no justice whatsoever within the Religious Technology Center, CSI and Gold. There were no committees of evidence. Miscavige routinely meted out draconian penalties with no gradients applied whatsoever, and absolutely no recourse possible. Those penalties included being locked up for months at a time, being physically beat, being hazed with hours of denigration in front of one’s peers, being incarcerated in Miscavige’s labor camp, and being made to work multiple days with no sleep. All executives and Ethics personnel on the base were required to apply “too gruesomes”, penalties that would make someone think twice about doing the same perceived transgression again, consisting of the punishments listed above.”


“Miscavige made a regular practice of assaulting and battering staff of both RTC and CSI. I saw Miscavige physically beat directors of CSI, members of WDC (Watchdog Committee, the highest governing group within CSI), and members of Golden Era Productions regularly.”


“Mr. McShane’s declarations assert a great distinction between CSI and RTC, portraying an image of corporate separateness. There is no corporate separateness nor integrity between RTC and CSI. McShane may produce a board minutes book to help forward his false description. But he most certainly will not share the fact that for virtually every board minute during the times I served on the board from 1987 through 2004, not a single board meeting was ever held. Most of the minutes were done months after the fact, usually just before some official filing was required, or in preparation for the ongoing IRS negotiations from 1991 through 1993 or just before the annual report the IRS required each year throughout the rest of the nineties. The Chairman of the Board of Religious Technology Center never called nor chaired a Board meeting in his life.”


“Since March of 1987, I have been Chairman of the Board of Religious Technology Center (“RTC”), a California non-profit religious corporation recognized as tax exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. RTC is not part of Church management, nor is it involved in the daily affairs of various Church of Scientology organizations or missions.”

—CASE NO. CV 91-6426 HLH (Tx), Declaration of David Miscavige,

“Not only is RTC not involved in the management of the international hierarchy of Scientology churches, but its very existence and performance of its true functions depends on the fact that it is NOT part of Church management.”

—IBID, Pg 6

Both of the above referenced court documents end with the same statement:

“I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States of America that the foregoing is true and correct.

Executed this [8th] day of February 1994, at Riverside County, California”

—IBID, Signed by David Miscavige

“I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States of America that the foregoing is true and correct.”


The @ExposeNetwork decided to Tweet an old statement that Mike Rinder made while under oath saying about it: “The opposition show us examples of being shown EVIDENCE and OFFICIAL DOCUMENTS which state CLEAR POINTS and still carry on with their daydreaming and their run for the rent money.”

The above tweet is confusing in that it says the “opposition” (us) shows them (Scientology? @ExposeNetwork?) examples of being shown EVIDENCE…what?

On the face of it, this dizzying tweet seems to be saying Anti-Scientology shows COS examples of hard proof, but of what? Struggling on, it seems to be saying if one reads it as written that we keep providing proof and evidence against COS TO THEM while continuing to go forward with our fight.

Ironically this is a true statement.

That, of course could not possibly be what @ExposeNetwork intended to say.

For the sake of kindness this writer will ignore what was written and address what the poor kids were actually attempting to say; Mike Rinder made some comments while under oath and that is proof that he is lying now about Scientology.

It goes without saying that no one but they and Scientology actually believe this.

Moving on.

With this tweet @ExposeNetwork quite effectively places themselves and Scientology in a trick bag.

If, as the comment appears to say, statements made under oath constitute evidence and therefore proof of authenticity then naturally the next logical step is to conclude that the statements made by Marty Rathbun whilst under oath are also true.

@ExposeNetwork (hereafter referred to as @EN) wants us to believe that because Rinder said something under oath while still part of COS, those statements forever cancel out everything he says now that he’s blown.

Conversely Rathbun was deposed under oath after he left the cult and made many incriminating statements about his then former religion.

Allegations of kidnapping, violence, financial fraud and more are clearly stated under penalty of perjury.

Going by the rules laid out by @EN, everything Marty Rathbun said under oath is true therefore everything he has said since returning to and in support of COS is a lie because it is contradicted by his court statements.

The difficulty here is that the “true” statements made by Rathbun are in conflict with some “true” statements made by David Miscavige who also made declarations under oath. We can only leave it to them to sort that mess out.

More importantly, Marty’s court statements bear up everything Rinder has said since escaping Scientology and since we are taking oath bound testimony as true this is mighty inconvenient for @EN.

As confusing as this all is, the bottom line is that once again @ExposeNetwork has shot themselves in the foot with a bullet of their own making.

To break it down;

1. What Rinder said under oath is supposed to be true and his statements since leaving are lies.

2. What Rathbun stated under oath therefore is also true.

3. Rathbun‘s testimony, truth because it was under oath, upholds everything Rinder has said since leaving Scientology.

Therefore what Rinder says now is true.


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