If You Can’t Beat ‘Em…

Edward Parkin, International Director of STAND League, appears to have drunk himself sober.

The announcement of Leah Remini’s Critics Choice Award has driven the angry little man right over the edge.

It would seem that Eddie has fallen so far down the dark rabbit hole of hate, he’s popped right up on the other side into the light.

Whilst still keeping up the appearance of Fair Game so that his volatile Captain COB doesn’t notice, Parkin has carefully, stealthily adopted the “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” attitude.

Where he could have simply ignored Remini’s award thus giving it less exposure, Creepy Eddie instead has chosen to worry at it like a loose tooth, keeping it front and center in the public eye and ensuring that even the couple of Scientologists who may follow him on Twitter are informed.

Parkin, aware that not everyone has the time to peruse all the various Hollywood insider magazines, is helpfully making sure that the rest of us are informed not only of Leah’s awards, but also of her upcoming interviews as well.

As recently as this morning the confused spokesman posted information concerning an appearance Leah will be making at Variety’s TV Summit in L.A.

Although wrapped in the appearance of snark to avoid landing back in the RPF, Parkin even helpfully posts a link to the the small article which is entirely out of character.


Had Eddie not made this announcement many of us not close to the “Hollywood Scene” wouldn’t even have known that Leah would be contributing to “a documentary producers roundtable that features the driving forces behind recent documentary productions exposing abuse and corruption.”

It is hoped that Edward Parkin will continue his stealthy support of Leah Remini, keeping us informed of her work and accolades all while staying under his Captain’s radar.

Thanks, Eddie!

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