A Message of Love for Pride Month

Today’s blog is in honor of Pride Month. For my less religious or Atheist friends, I mean you no disrespect. Since the majority of hate towards the Gay Community is from people using the Bible and God as a weapon this post will also be religious in nature. It comes from my own meditations, reflections and relationship with God.

Please know I respect your right to hold your own beliefs and opinions.

According to Policy (1994) in order to qualify for an executive position within COS’ higher ranks one cannot be Gay. Homosexuality is listed under “Criminal” activity.

With this in mind, consider also Scientology’s definition of a properly Cleared Planet:

“It means that Scientologists want to rid the planet of insanity, war and crime, and in its place create a civilization in which sanity and peace exist. In order to do this, they must help individuals become free of their own individual aberrations and insanities and, hence, regain their inherent goodness.”

Sadly Scientology is not alone in their intolerance and hate.

There are fanatics in all walks of life. People who have become so smug and certain in their superior faith that they feel entitled to look down on anyone and everyone who falls short of their own perfect religious expectations.

At some point Man looked at God and like Kanye West at an awards show said, “Excuse me, God. Imma let you speak but first I have to take the mic.”

It all went straight to Hell from there.

Man complicates so much that is not complicated. He has taken it upon himself to think and speak for God to such a degree that the original message has been lost.

God said “I Am”.

There was no follow up.

No caveat.

God IS.

Immortal, eternal, omniscient Alpha and Omega.

If one is to truly believe that God’s Word is Truth then there you are.

I Am.

God created nature and it was pleasing to Him.

Nature is the epitome of diversity, of variety and change and unique beauty. Everywhere one looks the world around us is constantly renewing itself. God did not create conformity but diversity. From giants of the sea to the microscopic everything has its own special place in the world.

If He created such beauty and diversity in Nature then why is it so difficult to believe that this same individuality and nonconformity would also exist in Humanity as well?

God said “I Am” and He made all of us in His image.

All of us.

Not just the privileged few who conform to one idea.

All of us.

This means that no matter one’s color, creed, lifestyle or sexuality we are created in God’s own image and He has no limits.

If God loves me with all my faults and foibles, sinner that I am, then how can I turn around and claim that He feels less for anyone else?

“God loves me, but he hates you!”


God loves all of us. No matter what.

Man is the one who has taken God’s simple message of “Love one another as I have Loved you” and turned it into an obstacle course of judgment, Pride and confusion.

So many interpretations, rules, opinions set forth by those presuming to speak for the Almighty.

Those who practice their Bible thumping intolerance love to shout their favorite passages against homosexuality. The Word of God has become a weapon in the hands of those who look past all the messages of non-Judgement, forgiveness, love and compassion.

The claim is that the Bible is Holy and absolute fact and must be followed yet the passage that states “who has known the mind of The Lord?” Is ignored, among others.

Who know’s God’s Mind? Apparently a lot of people.

For them the only way to Heaven is their way but frankly their way is not God’s way.

God IS.

God made us in His image.

God is love.

Where there is love there is God.

For anyone who is part of the LGBT community and who has suffered the insults and hurts flung at them by those upon their pedestals of morality please consider that they are well and truly wrong.

I do not presume to speak for my God, but I will speak from my own personal relationship with Him.

God absolutely loves you.

You are made in the image and likeness of The Creator of our diverse, wondrous, magical, ever changing world.

You are perfect to him.

Every snowflake is different, every wave on the ocean varies. Why would a God of such incredible diversity want Mankind to then be bound by sameness and similarity?

You are exactly the way God created you and you are unique in His eyes.

My God is one of Love.

I simply don’t believe for a second that He would hate or condemn anyone for coming together in love.

If that were the case, if God was truly that selective and conditional it would completely negate His statement; “I Am”.

People are limiting The Lord, confining Him to their own ideas.

Man is placing the caveats not God.

God loves all of us exactly the way we are. We are all made in His image, all have our own gifts, strengths, talents and importance.

You are as loved and as important to God as anyone else.

You matter just as you are.

The sin is not in one’s sexuality but rather in people choosing to limit God and wield Him as a weapon against those He loves. It is in presuming to speak for God thereby pushing people away from Him.

Please remember that while Man can be intolerant and his love conditional that is Man, not God.

You do not need an organized religion to have Him in your life if those involved in that religion are not welcoming and kind. Jesus went out into the wilderness, to the mountains, to solitary places to pray. The night before He died he prayed alone in a garden.

Don’t let the pride and arrogance of Man keep you from the unconditional Love of God.

God loves you just as you are with no strings attached.

His love is everlasting and complete, not depending upon this rule or that one.

You have worth in His eyes and that is all that should matter.

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