Leah Was Right All Along

“Without any Scientology organization things are not gonna change on this planet. We are the most ethical group you are ever gonna find.”

—Leah Remini

@ExposeNetwork loves reaching into the past and dredging up tired, old stuff. Posting quotes and accusations out of context, he tries to make yesterday’s news relevant to today.

In this case it worked.

@EN posts this quote by Leah from when she was still trapped in the collective mindset of Scientology. It was true for her at that time. The amazing thing is that if one thinks about it, the statement is actually more true now.

Scientology’s end goal is to take over the planet, to Clear it and reshape it into the image and likeness of Hubbard’s dark, twisted mind.

Clearing the Planet entails the eradication of “Insanity, Crime and War”.

This is the first violation of our human rights.

The First Amendment protects not only one’s right to practice his own Faith, but also the right to not have any religious belief imposed upon us.

Clearing The Planet would mean forcing the world to embrace Scientological beliefs and ideals. There would be no room for anything except COS.

Hubbard stated that “All characteristics classified as those of the ‘suppressive person’ are in fact those of an insane person.” — HCO BULLETIN OF 28 NOVEMBER 1970

This places anyone with mental illness at twice the risk. The CCHR claims mental illnesses are not real medical conditions, Hubbard links Suppressive Persons with insanity, Scientology wants to wipe out all forms of psychiatry.

By definition then, those struggling with mental illness would be seen as Suppressive, enemies of COS open to Fair Game. They would be left adrift with no recourse to help, looked upon as criminals in need of being “Cleared” from the Planet so the rest can live “freely”.

If there were any doubt as to the scorn and intolerance Scientology holds for those with mental illness one need only to look at the way Brandon Reisdorf has been treated, not to mention Lisa McPherson.

If mental illness thus falls under the category of “Crime” so too does homosexuality. This can be seen on the SeaOrg Application for Executive Position which clearly states on cannot be guilty of any crimes in order to qualify for one of these higher positions. Included under the Crime heading is homosexuality.

Apparently however, the sexual molestation of children is not considered a crime as the perpetrators are protected and shielded from the law.

Rapists are also permitted to enjoy their freedom as seen by the complete inaction against Danny Masterson.

This is just a small glimpse into a world created in the image and likeness of Scientology.

If those with mental illness are considered in need of Clearing, those who are part of the LGBT Community are criminals, what will be done to these segments of the population? Scientology will decided who is Suppressive or not. They already do this now. Anyone who does not blindly agree with COS, anyone who questions or challenges is considered an enemy.

Will Scientology impose some sort of Martial Law upon us in order to ensure compliance?

These are the changes, this is the Cleared Planet Scientology endeavors to create.

Do the rest of us want these changes?

Emphatically NO!

Leah left COS and began speaking out. The work she and Mike Rinder have done to expose the abuses and goals of their former cult has cut through the public feel-good rhetoric like a hot knife through butter.

Leah stated “Without any Scientology organization things are not gonna change on this planet.”

This is our hope.

This is what we are fighting for.

A world without any Scientology Organization.

We do not want the changes Scientology has in mind for this planet and without them, this world will be a much better place.

If we can continue to work for positive change and an end to the hate, intolerance and hypocrisy of Scientology the Cleared Planet of the Hubbardites will not happen.

We do need change in our world. There is so much anger and violence that needs addressing. We need safety for our children and better education and facilities for those with mental illnesses.

However darkness cannot cure darkness.

Scientology’s idea of a new world order is not one we should tolerate.

The changes COS wants to make and enforce must be stopped.

Without Scientology their evil, abusive changes will not happen.

This is a goal to strive for.

Those whose lives Leah and Mike have touched are stepping up and speaking out. Already there have been positive changes made with so many people from all walks of life coming together to stand against Scientology.

The tide is slowly turning as COS finds its membership dropping and the demand for accountability rising.

Ironically, the Planet is being Cleared.

Of Scientology’s hate.

We will continue to expose the lies.

We will continue to fight the abuses.

Again Leah was correct; “We are the most ethical group you are ever gonna find.”

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