Stand League blogger Martin Landon throws a passive aggressive temper tantrum in public and Scientology couldn’t be more proud.

Martin Landon had a bad day.

First he was singled out by Verizon and made to sit on hold for 45 minutes, then his WiFi went down followed by someone having the utter audacity to almost hit him in a parking lot.

These incidents were enough to ruin his entire day and turn him into a snarky, ticking time bomb.

Unfortunately the recipient of Martin’s No Good, Very Bad Day, would be poor Ervin.

Ervin had a meeting with Martin and apparently Martin was already predisposed to dislike him.

As with all Scientologists, anyone who dares even give COS the side eye is labeled PTS at the least.

Ervin must have at some point said something Landon didn’t like which resulted in Ervin being placed on the Scientology Eternal Shit List.

We’ll let Martin tell us what happened next;

“So by the time of my meeting with Ervin, I was in no mood for bozos. Ervin is one of those unfunny obnoxious people who believes he is nature’s gift to the populace. He knows I’m a Scientologist, and I know that he knows, but, being a certified boor, details like tolerance and simple courtesy elude him, so when he made a couple of snortful (sic) cracks about my religion, I refrained from my usual deep meaningful discussion concerning Scientology’s belief in man’s basic goodness, and why that’s a good thing, after all, and went straight into action.

It’s OK to be honestly irked. It’s OK to have a zero-tolerance policy for bigots and bozos.

I poured my water into his coffee. Slowly, casually. Ervin didn’t notice at first, so wrapped up was he in his own cleverness. So I continued pouring water into his cup as he continued spewing. At length he felt the liquid trickling from the table and dribbling onto his lap.”

Bozo. Obnoxious. Certified Boor. Bigot.

This is amazing.

First of all Landon says Ervin made a “couple of snortful (sic) cracks” then he says Ervin was “spewing”.

Just for the sake of argument, clarification is needed here; two men meet for what one assumes is a business meeting and one of them sits down and begins making derogatory comments about the other’s religion?

Under what possible reality does that happen?

More importantly even if it did, where is the much vaunted “Confront and Shatter” that Scientology is so proud of? Did Landon not take The How to Confront and Shatter Suppression course?

Martin goes on to describe how he continues to attack Ervin who seems completely gobsmacked by what is happening to him.

“‘Hey!’ he said.

‘Yes?’ I answered, continuing to pour water into his coffee cup.

‘You’re pouring water into my coffee!’

‘Yes, I am,’ I answered, now taking his water glass (mine now being empty) and continuing to pour.

‘What gives?!’

‘You’re being moronic and that irks me. So apologize, or I keep pouring.’

‘OK! OK!’


‘OK, I apologize! Now stop!’

I stopped.

I felt satisfied, sanctified, cleansed.”

Welcome to Scientology and it’s superior tech.

Martin Landon experienced a couple of real life inconveniences that he was completely unable to handle. In turn he physically attacks a man he was supposed to be having a meeting with by pouring so much water into the beleaguered man’s cup it went all over the place.

(This is established in the very first sentence of the post when Landon smugly states “I made a mess in Abe’s Deli recently.”)

Like a true Scientologist, Martin resorted to intimidation in order to force someone’s compliance and the act left him feeling sanctified.

Fair Game apparently comes in many levels of severity but the justification for it remains the same.

Accept Scientology without question willingly or be forced until you break or obey.

What if this situation had been turned ‘round the other way?

What if Ervin, completely fed up with Scientology’s inane, selfish teachings, grabbed his glass and poured water all over attempting to force some sort of apology from Landon?

How fast can one dial 911 and report a hate crime?

This is not OK.

What Martin Landon did in that Deli is really no different than someone throwing a rock through the window of a Scientology building. It is just a matter of degree of seriousness.

Scientology labels anyone who dares such acts Suppressive and enemy, however it’s OK and justified for a Scientologist to engage in such behavior.

Fair Game is alive, flourishing and being executed exactly as L. Ron Hubbard expected.

“What did I learn from this? It’s OK to be honestly irked. It’s OK to have a zero-tolerance policy for bigots and bozos. And you don’t need eloquence if you have impingement.”

It is OK to have a zero-tolerance policy for bigots. It is perfectly acceptable to disagree with another over matters of belief.

It is not OK to lash out like an angry 2 year old, flinging your water all over.

No, one does not need eloquence. One can simply walk away.

All over twitter Edward Parkin, his Stand League, various real or imagined Stand League members and @ExposeNetwork are daily posting nasty, intolerant, obnoxious comments about those they don’t like. The Cyber Bullying that Scientology engages in goes way beyond whatever Landon heard from Ervin at that Deli.

The simple fact that those who support the victims of these Fair Game attacks get blocked so they are unable to speak shows that the “zero-tolerance” only goes one way.

Landon poured ice water all over until it doused Ervin in order to force him into submission. This is not how normal adults handle their disagreements, especially adults who claim superiority of religion.

This is not really about Scientology at all, though, is it? It is an excuse to lash out at someone Landon didn’t like, an excuse to justify bad behavior veiling it as a tolerance issue.

It wasn’t was it. Not really.

The fact is Martin Landon had a bad day, got pissed off over things he was unable to handle, then proceeded to take his anger out on hapless Ervin.

All the rest is just Landon attempting to justify his inability to handle real world problems like normal people.

The WiFi goes out, Martin.

Verizon keeps everyone on hold forever.

Some people out there are simply terrible drivers. Even your own COB has gotten speeding tickets.

That’s life, dude.

You don’t lose your mind over it and then attack the first person you see.

The rest of us know this and we deal; as for Martin Landon, being a certified boor, details like tolerance and simple courtesy elude him.

2 thoughts on “Flunk!

  1. Excellent article. Martin would not dare to deal with a 50 year veteran of Scientology who is out.
    Let’s add bully to the list of Martins wonderful attributes.


  2. So nice to hear how unreactive Martin’s reactive mind is. What a plu-perfect role model of the fantastic workability of cult ‘tech’ he is demonstrating..


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