The Total Count Is Everywhere At Once

The first thing that I would like to cover right off of the bat, is something that I have found to be interesting when the opposition refer to Scientology and their operations. This is truly interesting given the fact that it is not true the information they receive and spread. I had to do my own research. This is the culmination of the research I did over the thousands of hours. The Church of Scientology never stated it was perfect, never stated that it was going to rule the world, never stated that it was recruiting celebrities, never stated that it was here for money and popularity, and of course never stated that it didn’t believe or provide the belief of God and/ or the Supreme Being. These are all buzzwords and otherwise tidbits to get others to think otherwise about Scientology, Dianetics, Scientologists, Mr. Hubbard and Mr. Miscavige. These are all attempts at defaming these mentioned subjects and individuals. The intention is not to “expose” but to gain attention and money and popularity for bashing a new religion. Why? They believe they can get away with it because many people still don’t know what Scientologists believe in or do in the religion or even do for society.”

Ryan Prescott’s 74 page booklet is crap.

The grammar is crap. The composition is crap. The content is crap.

It swings back and forth between being a giant kiss on Scientology’s ass and yet another harassing attack against those who have spoken out against the cult.

Prescott focuses primarily on Mike Rinder for some reason, quoting him from the time he was still in the SeaOrg. When Ryan is not busily quoting Mike defending Scientology, he is alleging that “Mike Rinder and his posse” are spreading false rumors, in it for the money or blah blah blah.

Prescott claims he had to do “thousands of hours” of his own research.


His entire bibliography is nothing but Scientology sources. All the the information he has in his so-called book is the same tired stuff that COS constantly uses against people like Mike Rinder in their Fair Game campaigns.

Bottom line, there is nothing in the entirety of this mess of words that is truth.

He claims “There have been many attempts from Mike and his posse to take the religion and its executives to court to try to sue them for rumors and false allegations.”

If ever a person had a legitimate case for libel, Mike Rinder would be it. Scientology accused him along with Leah Remini of being complicit to murder at one point. No lawsuit ever appeared, much to this writer’s eternal disappointment. Where are these many lawsuits?

If this petulant boy is referring to the suit brought by the Headleys, Mike Rinder had nothing to do with their decision to file a court case. Nor does he have any influence on anyone else’s choices.

So what is he talking about?

The fool spends a great deal of time quoting Rinder when he was under oath and still in COS. He makes this statement: “These statements are to be treated as truth as these statements were made under penalty of perjury in the United States of America.”

Yet whenever someone shows all the statements made by Rathbun when under the same exact oath Prescott puts his fingers in his ears, sticks out his tongue and refuses to listen to anyone.

Under the penalty of perjury Rathbun acknowledged that Fair Game existed and was still practiced, that Blow Drills were real, that people were/are indeed held against their will, that Miscavige does beat people.

Can’t have it both ways Ryan.

As for some of his above proclamations.

1. “The Church of Scientology never stated it was perfect

Yes it does.

All the time.

Ad nauseam.

Every single time ANYONE says ANYTHING negative about Scientology they deny it. To hear them tell it they’ve never made a single mistake in their collective, multiple lives.

No organization is that perfect.

2. “Never stated that it was going to rule the world

Really Ryan? What do you call “Clearing the Planet” except for pushing Scientology down the throats of Mankind? Forcing society to live according to Scientology’s ideals, decrees and beliefs whether they want to or not is pretty much attempting to take over.

If your small, closed mind cannot process the above sentences then how about this from your own, mentally ill founder?

“Somebody some day will say ‘this is illegal.’ By then be sure the orgs [Scientology organizations] say what is legal or not.”

—Hubbard Communications Office Policy Letter, 4 January 1966, “LRH Relationship to Orgs”

“Once the world is Clear – a nation, a state, a city or a village – the Scientology-organization in the area becomes its government! And once this has taken place the only policy accepted as valid is Scientology policy.” —Hubbard Lecture – 9 January 1962: Future Org Trends.

3. “Never stated it was recruiting celebrities”

‘Nuff said.

Ryan Prescott’s book is nothing more than Scientology propaganda from a brainwashed cult member.

Unable and unwilling to face the ugly, nasty, abusive truth of his money hungry organization, he has taken it upon himself to attack good people for no valid reason whatsoever. Prescott is nothing more than one more lying bully in the single minded collective lashing out at people he does not even know.

He did no thousands of hours of research and he did none at all outside the skewed, biased, twisted purview of his insular cult.

The best that can be said for it is that it gives the world a very good look at the quality of the education offered by Scientology and that’s not saying much. His ability to write is negligible and apparently he is not very familiar with the numerical system, either.

This lack can be seen where he attempts to explain how many Scientologists there are: “Scientology has thousands of churches and millions of members. The total count is everywhere at once.”

One thought on “The Total Count Is Everywhere At Once

  1. Spot on again! The little wormette proudly displays his brainwashed thinking to the world. Anyone reading this should be able to see through the gobbledygook that he is spewing to the truth- that this is a cult that has completely melted the brains of its followers and removed their ability to logically reason through issues. I’m just glad it’s not printed. I would hate to think of the twigs giving their lives for this (I would say trees, but we all know he wouldn’t sell enough to use up one large branch).


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