Enough Is Enough!

When is enough…enough?

Scientology has become accustomed to simply bullying its way through anything and anyone who dares to bar its way.

From the very beginning anger has been used as a cudgel.

L. Ron Hubbard himself was an unstable, angry, violent man. He used his temper and his fists on his wives, he drove one son to suicide and abandoned his other children in one way or another.

Witnesses have spoken of his volatility if he thought someone questioned the stories he made up.

The so-called “Ethics” he created set unrealistic, unreachable goals for others, though Hubbard certainly did not hold himself accountable.

Labeling a little girl “Suppressive” and locking her into a dark, dank chain locker, throwing people overboard, constantly striving to come up with the most gruesome punishments for the slightest, or even no offenses at all.

Rather than spending time in any credible research or study to back up his claims, Hubbard spent his time focused upon negativity; defining Suppressives, enemies, and various, insidious ways to handle them. Policies of the destruction of families, Fair Game, Dead Agent, Bullbaiting.

So much anger.

So much darkness and fury.

Get them before they can get you, destroy anyone in our way.

Operation Snow White, Paulette Cooper, Lisa McPherson, Bob Minton, Gabe Cazares, Taylor Tweed, Philip Gale and so many others.

David Miscavige is an even more hedonistic, narcissistic bully than his predecessor.

With a missing wife along with others who haven’t seen the light of day for months or years, the RPF, The Hole, people being routed to Ethics for no reason at all, Miscavige runs Scientology on fists and fear, abuse and control.

He attacked and forced the IRS into granting Scientology its tax exemption status through sheer unrelenting force.

Scientology carries on its Religion of Rage even now with websites and social media inundated with lies, libel and hate.

Edward Parkin thinks absolutely nothing of laying the most incredible and disgusting charges at the feet of innocent people. The OSA operatives who create and run the various Social Media accounts simply ignore even the smallest of moral decency, ignore facts and proof of innocence accusing former members of everything from adultery, laziness and ineptitude to arson, murder and domestic violence.

Nowhere in our society can any person, Corporation or religion harass, attack, slander and personally damage another’s reputation or livelihood with the impunity that Scientology has enjoyed for 60 years.

Up until now Scientology has relied upon its reputation for dogged stalking and harassment to allow it to do, say and behave in anyway it wishes with little to no consequences or repercussions.

This cult uses and abuses our justice system to exonerate them of crimes and roll over the unfortunates in their way as it smugly continues to wring every copper penny from those they con.

Broken, damaged, hurting people fall along the way like dead leaves swirling in an autumn storm. Families torn apart in the name of space aliens and money left behind, just more detritus under the heels of David Miscavige’s expensive shoes.

When is enough…enough?

At what point does society get angry and DO SOMETHING?

How about NOW?

Now when their numbers are finally falling.

Now when they are facing so much scrutiny thanks to people like Leah and Mike, Tony Ortega, Jeffrey Augustine and others.

Now that Valerie Haney has filed her lawsuit and we wait with baited breath for others to follow her lead.

We may not have the means to storm Gold Base and free Shelly Miscavige but we do have other things that are just as effective in showing Scientology that their bullying, scot free days are numbered.

One of their most effective weapons has been the fear and pain inflicted by their policy of Fair Game.

Right now on Amazon there are two nasty, hateful, blatantly dishonest books by Ryan Prescott that are prime examples of that malicious policy.

One book has already been launched while the other is pre-selling in anticipation of a September sale.

We CAN stop this hate in it’s tracks.

We CAN make a difference!

Go to Amazon and report Prescott’s book for the bullying harassment that it is. Leave a review telling the TRUTH of Fair Game and the ugly attacks Scientology has leveled upon Mike Rinder and Leah Remini for so long. Show Amazon that this is just another tool in an ugly Cult’s arsenal that is directed at innocent people undeserving of being the focus of poorly written books.

Tweet Amazon, leave messages on their FB.


Stand between Ryan Prescott and his chosen targets and say “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!”

This is NOT OK!

We need to have these books removed not just because they are an attack on Mike and Leah. There is a much bigger picture here. By being heard and succeeding in having the items removed from Amazon we will send a message to Scientology that their days of rolling roughshod over others are coming to an end.

They cannot simply attack people and end up getting their way any longer. We will not stand for it.

Scientology thinks to Clear the Planet and place Mankind under their rules and control.

Every time they use violence of any kind to get their own way they win.

We can stop Scientology.

All we have to do is chip away at everything they attempt to throw at us.

Let’s start with these Fair Game weapons created by Ryan Prescott.

He has fired at Mike, Leah and everyone who has already suffered at the hands of this insane cult. Fire back with the TRUTH!

Please help take a stand and tell Scientology “NO MORE”.

Go to Amazon.com and report these books. Leave your reviews.

Keep your words simple and calm but true.

Use truth to strike back and stop one more instance of Fair Game.

Now is the time when Scientology is facing battle from all sides. Keep pushing!

We can do this.

It has to be done for all those who are still trapped inside, for the children who are even now being harmed, for those who have left and are still hurting.




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