Night Musings

1:28 in the morning and I am awake.

My brain is working overtime.

Inside my head it sounds like someone left both the TV and radio on.

Is this part of my anxiety? Is this what insomnia sounds like?

Someone is snoring so that’s not helping, either, lol.

I went outside for a few minutes, drawn I suppose by the idea of space and fresh air. That was a mistake.

It is 82 degrees out.

A humid, sultry kind of heat that one associates with the Amazon jungles. The air is absolutely filled with the cacophonous thunder of insects and frogs.

Mosquitoes as well.

Too bad they don’t suck fat.

Back inside now I sit in the dark watching the sky flash with occasional lightning from a distant storm.

The TV inside my head just switched channels. Apparently it’s time for Scientology: What the Hell?

Currently reading Witek’s book Lucifer’s Bridge and I came across this question “How do you get a society without insanity, as Scientology claims it can do, when insanity is being promoted by the religion?”

Good question.

Scientology seems like a wheel, constantly turning but never arriving anywhere. It’s the same thing trying to really talk to a Scientologist, they demand proof of what you say, you provide it, they deny it and demand proof, then deny it…

Miscavige buys property, has a Grand Opening, tells his dwindling membership of their “monumental expansion! We are gonna be St. Hill sized any minute now!”

Then buys more property, has a Grand Opening…

Another useless circle. The definition of insanity come to life.

He just likes yanking his ribbon.

Thetans with amnesia jump into the skulls of meat bodies, spend a lifetime driving the body around trying to get their memories back…or is it trying to forget?

If the Thetan is “Creator of Life, Itself” how did it end up in this predicament in the first place?

Millions of immortal spirits with godlike powers and not one caught wind of Xenu’s plot to load ‘em on space air planes and blow them to smithereens? Seriously?

I mean a plot like that doesn’t just happen. It takes planning ahead.

How many Thetans can fit in a plane?

Did they get free peanuts?

Also, when there are millions of individual, immortal spirits all with Super Powers, who gets to decide what to create? Is this why Platypuses are so strange? Because no one could agree what they should look like?

“FINE! Everyone just stick something on it so we can move on!”

Scientology plays ping pong with people’s brains.

It sure messes with mine at times.

Brain shift from the cult as a whole to Ryan Prescott. The little weasel.

Conundrum- is Prescott a bully naturally or is hate a side effect of auditing?

Ryan, Religion is not about superiority. It isn’t about attacking people and hurting others.

What the Hell is wrong with you? How can you claim to be part of something perfect and ethical while at exactly the same time you are making up the most horrible of lies about people you don’t even know? What ever happened to your Way To Happiness tenets?

Do I have enough flour left to make cookies tomorrow…well later today?

It’s now 2:34am.

I haven’t noticed anymore lightening. Maybe the storm missed us.

Drat. We need the rain.

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