An Invitation to Reality

All quotes herein are from Ryan Prescott’s The Truth About Apostates: The Scientology Story (Exposing Crimes Book 1) unless otherwise noted.

“I would like to invite you to reality. I know it may be hard to fathom that you were betrayed but, that is exactly what will have to be confronted and dealt with.” —Ryan Prescott

“Oh the exquisite irony.” —Stefani Hutchison

Ryan Prescott felt the need to jump way beyond his capabilities and write a book.

This is the equivalent of a 4 year old attempting to pilot the space shuttle with the end result being the same; someone is going to crash and burn.

While the malicious, spurious and completely untrue claims this deluded young man makes against good people will not be addressed here, some of the other statements will.

“There are a very few people leading you down a dark path of insanity, violence, deprogramming, and other such unreal practices. Each will get what is coming to them without any intervention.”

Prescott makes this statement with no examples, he cites no sources. A “dark path of insanity”?


Who are these people? If there are so very few of them it should be no trouble to list them. What is this “dark path of insanity”?

One definition of insanity is “extreme foolishness or irrationality” which could be applied quite easily to the misguided tome referenced in this blog.

Later on in his book he does list the names of former members of his cult, but none of them are ever assigned any violence, deprogramming or insane behaviors. The charges he levels actually qualify as insane in that they are the epitome of foolishness.

Note that Prescott defines insanity, violence and deprogramming as “unreal practices”. This begs the question; if these practices are not real then why worry about them? Why spend “thousands of hours” trying to discredit something that doesn’t exist?

There is a very good reason this writer has never been Jackalope hunting.

One might even ask Ryan Prescott; “if you are so secure in the reality of your beliefs and policies then why focus so firmly on things that are ‘unreal practices’”?

If they are not real then they cannot harm you can they?

Those who speak out against Scientology do so because it causes visible, measurable harm.

Fair Game is a Scientology policy that is real. It causes true and lasting damage to the lives of those who fall victim to it.

Ironically, the juvenile scribblings addressed in this post highlights the very issues Ryan attempts to decry.

That which Prescott so vehemently protests is exactly what his so called “books” ultimately prove.

The people he calls out speak out against the abuses and lies of Scientology. The author declares that Fair Game does not exist, that this is a “buzzword” apostates use to discredit SCN. He then spends, according to himself, “thousands of hours” on books that ultimately accomplish, explain and address nothing.

Prescott goes on to assert that those guilty of the “unreal practices” will just dry up and blow away on their own.

“Nobody has to do anything to “stop them” in actuality–it will just happen, and largely due to their own efforts.”

Again, if this were true then what is the necessity for these books?

Ironically, the facts once again appear opposite to the claims.

More and more people are stepping up and speaking out. The stories being shared by former members of Scientology are being heard by a larger audience than ever. Rather that petering out as Prescott claims, the movement to expose and bring down this cult of greed and deceit is gathering momentum.

Thanks to Social Media and the Internet it is easier than ever to fact check anything, much to the chagrin of this cult whose very existence depended upon the ability to operate in the shadows.

With every tale of abuse the light begins to shine brighter, more people begin to take notice and to question.

Largely due to the efforts of those Prescott attempts to denigrate, it is Scientology’s membership that is dwindling.

No more “epic, monumental expansion”.

No more “stratospheric growth”.

Just echoing, empty buildings.

Thousands of abandoned square feet of fictional, impossible ideology.

The Introduction is ended with this bit of confusion; “To you who understand what you are reading is information regarding the true nature of Scientology and is a viewpoint from a real Scientologist, you are respected by not only me but by your friends, family and those around you.”

Ryan Prescott is a “real Scientologist”.

He is an excellent example of blind desperation in motion.

Grasping at the smallest of straws in order to justify his unerring devotion he claims that those opposed to the abuses are the ones faking the uncomfortable facts “…because what happens with the opposition is that they’ve mastered the ‘skill’ of copying exactly how these policies are written and they type them they way they want to and publish them.” —@ExposeNetwork, Twitter

Ryan Prescott fails to address the fact that if there were actually a squirreled copy of Dianetics floating around then Miscavige is completely failing in his job. Scientology defends their copyrights like a mother wolf defends her cubs. Miscavige’s primary function (according to him) is to protect the purity of the sacred scripture of Scientology. This so called scripture encompasses the entirety of the works of L. Ron Hubbard.

If there were truly faked, changed, tampered with copies of the works of Hubbard, why isn’t the RTC doing anything about them?

Certainly there was a hue and cry over Going Clear. Everything that could be done to stop the publication of that book was attempted.

Further, look at the lengths Scientology goes to in trying to discredit The Aftermath, stopping just short of filing a lawsuit.

It would be ludicrous to believe that manipulated copies of Hubbard’s Book One were in circulation and the RTC was doing nothing about it.

Especially now that the proverbial lid is off Pandora’s box and all the abuses and secrets are coming to light, why would Miscavige and his RTC not jump at the chance to sue and stop their detractors over the misuse of their beloved and much protected copyrighted materials?

Which also brings up another question.

Did Ryan Prescott obtain permission from Scientology to use their materials in the creation of something that could potentially lead to multiple lawsuits as well as be used as current evidence of Fair Game against former members of Scientology?

Although he claims this book is“ …the culmination of the research I did over the thousands of hours.” There are only 15 references in his bibliography. Every single reference is from a Scientology source online.

Not only does this firmly give lie to his claim of being objective, (“I really enjoyed writing this book and I hope you were able to find the information you need to see the objective truth.”) but it also calls into question both his veracity and his research skills.

That he spent thousands of hours perusing various Scientology hate sites may indeed be truth. However it certainly did not culminate in even the semblance of a credible, objective book.

Rather it provides those mentioned by name with plenty of ammunition for a libel suit in such a way that one imagines Miscavige jumping on his desk and hurling Mike Rinder Bobbleheads all over the room.

One sincerely hopes that this Fair Game attempt by Ryan Prescott backfires spectacularly in the coming days.

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