Smoke and Mirrors

In January 2019 there was a tragic, fatal stabbing at the Australian Scientology Org. Just a few months later Scientology decided to hold a “Family Fun Day” at the very same spot the murder took place.

People were outraged at the idea of such obvious callous disrespect in throwing a party where someone had so recently been murdered.

The sentiments expressed were valid and sincere. Scientology absolutely has no concept of compassion or consideration for the feelings of others.

It felt to this writer as though the cult was inviting people to invalidate, to diminish what had been done. There were several tragedies that day. The first of course was the ending of a man’s life, but secondary to the murder is the destruction of a young teenager’s future.

To party and feast in the same spot where this boy fell completely apart because his mother had abandoned him and where his grief, anger and fear erupted into terrible violence causing the loss of a life just seemed so…cold.

Fast forward into the near future, namely August 2019 in downtown Clearwater, Florida.

With the same callous deliberation, the same indifference for the wishes and feelings of others, the cult is proffering treats.

Scientology intends to hold an event showcasing entertainer Ruben Celiberti at their Scientology Information Center.

How convenient that the show will be in the building dedicated to the recruitment of new members. This building houses information for the “curious” to come in and watch videos, pick up pamphlets, etc all designed to encourage the unwary to delve deeper into the cult.

Scientology has baited this particular patch of quicksand with an evening of entertainment.

To dress up and consciously decide to spend an evening within the walls of a cult that is even now engaging in Fair Game against innocent former members, in the destruction of families, in the protection of rapists and pedophiles and whose stated objective is to take over Clearwater just seems so…counterproductive.

Scientology crept into Clearwater under false pretenses. Once established it began to spread it’s control and ownership outward, block by block like the spread of mold. COS has been very obvious in the desire to make Clearwater the cult’s version of Vatican City.

Their war against Mayor Gabe Cazares which included an attempt to frame him for hit and run displays exactly how far Scientology is willing to go to annihilate anyone who dares stand in their way.

Their purchase of the Ft. Harrison Hotel, a historic and beloved landmark in downtown, came with promises that it would continue to be a place open for the people of Clearwater. Those promises have blown away like sea foam on a stormy afternoon; the Ft. Harrison is now a private “religious retreat” for the exclusive use of Scientologists.

Miscavige attacked and attempted to bully his way into the purchase of a piece of property owned by the Clearwater Aquarium in a very public and ugly campaign. The leader of COS wanted the property in order to create yet another private area dedicated to the sole use of Scientologists. As there was already a ratified contract on the table, one that would benefit the City, Miscavige threw a temper tantrum and launched a statewide campaign blasting the ethics and financial practices of the Clearwater Marine Aquarium.

As for city politics, Scientology is attempting to interfere there too, asking top political consultant and lobbyist, Mary Repper, to block Aaron Smith-Levin from being appointed to CW’s Charter Review Committee, which is an advisory board to the City Council.

Downtown Clearwater, which could and should be a bustling, flourishing area filled with tourists and their revenue is instead a silent ghost town.

Scientology is offering candy to its victims. Hoping to lure them into a state of acceptance if not compliance.

In the 1968 movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, there is a villain called the Child Catcher who decorated his wagon to look like a circus tent. The Child Catcher carried lollipops as he walked alongside his brightly embellished conveyance hoping to draw out unsuspecting children.

When the children rushed through the wondrous doors of the innocent looking carriage the fancy, enticing camouflage fell away to reveal the truth. They were trapped within a stark, frightening prison wagon with bars on the windows and the door locked behind them.

So too, Scientology.

Scientology is all about the façade.

Outward appearances masking the true, rotten core.

Having a party on the very ground where murder took place, a crime incited by the policies and practices of the same cult that is infecting the City of Clearwater, is just an attempt to pacify and pretend.

Street carnivals, monthly clean ups, evening entertainments; all treats with the intention of buying goodwill. With the hope of making people lose sight of the truth.

These seemingly benign events are all just smoke and mirror operations designed to lure people in.

What could be a better way to show Scientology that they are not wanted in Clearwater than to boycott their entertainment offerings?

To refuse the pretense.

This is an opportunity for Clearwater to take a STAND against the bullying and abusive tactics of their unwanted neighbor. A chance to openly and loudly say “No thank you!” to the cult that has plagued the City for years.

This is the chance to remind the interloper that crawled into your city with the intention of driving it’s citizens out that no amount of glitter and gilding will hide the malice and decay within.

David Miscavige does not like to be told “NO”. He is not used to having his will defied.

By standing firm and refusing his treats the people of Clearwater can make a statement Miscavige will hear loud and clear.

Take a stand Clearwater.

Send a message.

In the words of Lord Scrumptious:

“Time’s up. Had your chance. Muffed it. Good morning.”

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