Ryan Prescott Lies Once Again

This article is being reposted because Scientologist Ryan Prescott has dedicated a piece of garbage he calls a book to personally attacking Leah Remini. He claims that his statements are true and that he “researched” everything.

Well I am calling bullshit.

That this blind, brainwashed boy would dedicate so much of his time engaged in an activity that he isn’t even good at for the sole purpose of causing harm and pain should tell his readers exactly what kind of people Scientology creates.

He has followed in Edward Parkin’s footsteps, twisting the truth, ignoring easily checked facts and engaging in amazing mental gymnastics in order to lay blame for the actions of others at the feet of innocent people he doesn’t even know.

He has also followed in his father’s criminal, selfish and damaging footsteps. Richard Prescott operated bogus, unlicensed Narconon facilities under other names, out of hotel rooms. He was finally caught and held to account only after the tragic suicide of Cody Bates. Prescott Senior was sued not only by multiple individuals but also by the government for the way he treated his so called employees.

Senior was only out for one thing. Money.

He didn’t care one whit about the lives his actions destroyed. All he wanted was the money raked in by his unlicensed, unregulated services. The man and his assistant outright lied to those who sought help for their addicted loved ones.

Like father like son as the saying goes.

Ryan Prescott is producing crap with no foundation without a single thought for the harm he may cause. In fact, given the glee with which he posts on social media, it would appear that he enjoys the pain he causes, the lies he tells.

There have been many hate crimes committed against various groups and religions since the dawn of time. There are fanatics and mentally ill people found in all walks of life. Parkin and Prescott both have taken crimes committed and erroneously, with malice and forethought, lay the blame on Rinder and Remini with no facts to back them up. They seem to have no answer for all the hate crimes and actions taken against their hateful cult before Leah left COS. Who do you blame for all the years prior to The Aftermath, Ryan?

Scientology has been using Fair Game, Dead Agent and other policies for attacking their detractors since they began.

Unlike even a remote resemblance to an actual religion Scientology teaches hate and Ryan Prescott is a current, shining example of this. With every word he is modeling exactly the behaviors he claims to speak against.

He is also once again proving that the Policy of Fair Game is alive and well in Scientology.

Since Prescott has decided to regurgitate the drivel already spewed by Parkin, I have once again taken his fantasy apart and put it back into perspective.

When Scientology sets its collective mind on Fair Gaming a perceived enemy it doesn’t let something like truth or facts get in its way.

It has an amazing ability to shout it’s ethics from the rooftops all while playing fast and loose with the truth at the same time.

It is standard operating procedure for Scientology to create a hate filled website for any former member who has the courage to speak out against the abuses of this most ethical of cults. Rather than taking its own advice and behaving in a tolerant, Way To Happiness manner, it immediately sinks to the depths of moral turpitude and attempts to ruin the person’s life at any cost.

To this end Scientology created a special site for Leah Remini.

leahreminiaftermath.com is filled with all the expected ugly fiction including statements from former friends and Disconnected family that paint her as the second coming of the Dark One.

There is also a blog post that attempts to place responsibility on Leah’s shoulders for the actions of others.

In this post the author makes 10 statements “proving” that Leah Remini is the cause of hate crimes against Scientology. One assumes that Scientology is banking upon the idea that no one will take the time to check the veracity of the claims. None of them are shored up by references, facts, names, dates or any other way to assure the reader that these claims are in any way true.

Here are the ten statements by Scientology with this writer’s notes beneath each.

The original post is found here; http://www.leahreminiaftermath.com/blog/leah-remini-bigotry-hate-violence.html

(a) In June someone called the Church in Los Angeles, claiming to have planted a pipe bomb. Police are actively investigating.

1. In 2016 there was a threat against Tom Cruise and Scientology by a Muslim wanting to “do a suicide bombing”.

“TMZ broke the news that Tom Cruise and Scientology are in the middle of an investigation that includes terrorism and a suicide bomber. The LAPD says that a man called into the Church of Scientology and made specific threats towards Cruise and Scientology.

‘Are there any bombings I can do?” The man, who ID’d himself as a Muslim, said he “liked to do suicide bombings.’”

One can’t help but wonder how many suicide bombing one can actually do?

Suicide Bomb Threat Aimed At Tom Cruise And Scientology ‘Allah Akbar, Tom’


(b) A cross was torn from the Tampa church.

1. Cannot find anything to corroborate this statement & there is nothing to tie this act to Leah Remini. Even if it happened, considering Scientology is blatantly using a sacred symbol that holds reverence and solemnity in the hearts of Christians all over the world, it would be understandable that it causes distress. After all, Hubbard denigrated Jesus, calling him a pedophile.

(c) Arson was committed while parishioners were inside the Minneapolis church.

1. There is no indication at all of any connection between Johnson and Leah Rimini’s show or book. According to the newspaper article he had prior incidents with this same Scientology location.


(d) A person posing as an FBI agent threatened the Church. [Law enforcement tracked down the perpetrator.]

1. No references, no names or dates. No way to verify this allegation and no way to determine if Leah Remini had any influence whatsoever.

(e) A man threw a hammer through the Los Angeles Church glass door; the man was held in a mental institution where it was reported that he threatened to kill the leader of the religion (such institutions have a mandatory reporting requirement). He pled guilty to felony vandalism of a church. Remini put him on her show to “blame the victim” and incite more violence.

1. This was Brandon Reisdorf and the situation was addressed on The Aftermath. Brandon, himself stated that at the time of the attack he had not read Leah’s book nor was he influenced in any way by her.

(f) A man was jailed for threatening to “assassinate” the Church leader—he said he was influenced by “the King of Queens lady.”

1. This is Andre Barkanov. According to the LA Times; “It’s unclear what motivated the alleged threats. Court papers did not specify what relationship, if any, Barkanov has with the Church of Scientology or Miscavige.”

2. Troublemaker by Leah Remini was published November 2015. Barkanov‘s threats happened in June/July of 2015 before her book came out. His threats also happened before The Aftermath premiered in November 2016.

3. The quote used in this blog post actually comes from a blog post on The STAND League. The STAND League is a Scientology site and the bloggers are all Scientologists. In this instance there is a marked lack of objectivity.

It is also taken out of context to fit the blogger’s needs. Barkanov did not blame Leah for his actions at all. The full quote is;

“According to police records, Barkanov told police he had “seen the HBO movie” directed by Gibney. When asked if he knew of anyone else involved in the Church or celebrities, Barkanov replied that he knew of the “King of Queens lady,” Leah Remini, who had left the Church and been in the news.”

This does NOT state that he was inspired by Remini to commit a hate crime. He was asked if he was aware of any other celebrities involved with Scientology and he said he’d heard of Remini. For Scientology to turn that simple statement into incitement is a stretch.

The full article this quote is taken from is found here:


(g) There were hundreds of other threats including bomb threats, death threats, etc.

(h) Children of Scientologists were taunted or threatened for being Scientologists.

1. Both of these are vague, broad statements with no facts to back them up. Without any real information one cannot lay the blame at Leah’s feet.

2. As far as the children go, one cannot help but wonder how the issue of a child’s religion would become public knowledge at school.

(i) A woman who actively supported Leah Remini on the internet drove a car through the front doors of the Church of Scientology in Austin, Texas, coming to rest just short of a nursery where children earlier were playing. She pleaded guilty to felony criminal mischief.

1. Erin McMurtry drove her car through the front of the Scientology building in Austin, TX. As to her motivation, unless Scientology has the ability to read McMurtry’s mind and divine her motivation, there is no proof at all that Leah Remini was the cause of her decision. According to the police report; “McMurtry tried to justify her religious fender bender by claiming Scientology was evil because its members blackmail people, cops said.

‘I lost it. They’re a terrible organization disguised as a church,’ she told police. ‘I wouldn’t walk into that church, I would drive into it.’

She later told cops that her hit-and-run was not the best way to spread her anti-Scientology message. Before crashing through the church, she was looking for a rock to hurl through the window first, police said.”


2. HER anti-Scientology message.


(j) The Church has received hundreds of other threats including bomb threats and death threats. Sample statements:

“someone needs to kill” the leaders of the Church

“someone needs to murder” the leaders of the religion “ASAP”

Scientologists “need to be eradicated from the face of the earth;”

“Literally gonna torch down every scientology center #ScientologyTheAftermath”

“I hope someone blows your fucking building up on live tv!!!…DIE!”

Again, random, unsourced statements none of which prove that Leah Remini is the driving force behind anything.

Scientology is a group that demands proof and facts. In any discussion with a member any statement made by a non member is met with “show me your proof”, “show me the facts”.

Never is anything taken on it’s own merit and often, even when proof is offered the Scientologist will dismiss it out of hand for being from a tainted source.

“Oh that’s an anti Scientology site”

“That journalist is anti Scientology, so what do you expect?”

On the Scientology side, however, such stringent requirements are not needed. One is supposed to simply take their word as gospel and go on with life.

Only Scientology has all the facts, all the answers. Everyone else is suspect and wrong.

This particular blog post is disingenuous and purposefully edited so that the reader will come away with the idea that Leah Remini is amassing an army of zombie followers to perpetuate hate crimes against her former Cult.

Anyone with even the most rudimentary objectivity and intelligence knows that the world is filled with all types of people. Leah has thousands of fans who support her and believe in her and are also stable, healthy minded individuals. As in every walk of life there are those who, for whatever reason, have lost that healthy stability and go out and act in unconscionable ways.

These people do not need anyone to direct them. They will erupt no matter what.

John Hinckley shot President Ronald Reagan because of his mental illness, not because of anything Jodi Foster did or said.

Scientology experienced hate and anger directed at them long before Leah left their fold. They would still be experiencing it had she never written her book or premiered her show.

The bottom line is that Leah Remini is not responsible for the acts of others.

She has never looked into the camera and asked for anyone to commit acts of hate or violence.

The only thing she has done is expose the Truth as she lived it, then created a platform where others can speak their Truth as well.

She has invited David Miscavige or anyone from Scientology to sit down and be involved with The Aftermath. That Miscavige has never accepted her invitation is not her responsibility.

Instead Scientology has resorted to Fair Game and Dead Agent attacks against her. Using sensationalism, anger, hate and lies they’ve sought to damage her credibility, her character and her career.

As has been mentioned more than once on this blog, when it comes to all things Scientology, consider the source.

“The purpose of the suit is to harass and discourage rather than to win. The law can be used very easily to harass, and enough harassment on somebody who is simply on the thin edge anyway, well knowing that he is not authorized, will generally be sufficient to cause his professional decease. If possible, of course, ruin him utterly.”

— L. Ron Hubbard, A Manual on the Dissemination of Material, 1955

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  1. I can’t get past the Muslim man who said he “liked to do suicide bombings”. Well, how many suicide bombings can one man commit?


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