By Their Actions You Will Know Them

Ryan Prescott has self published yet another horribly written, inaccurate bit of fiction and is hawking it once again on Amazon.

For the sake of discussion this blog is my REVIEW of parts of his book. It is also the exercise of my RIGHT TO THE FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION.

He states “These statements are not official statements of any Scientologist, any Church of Scientology, or any specific member of religious faiths.”

The entire first chapter is nothing but spew lifted from Scientology’s own official hate website created to Fair Game Leah Remini.

Every person he quotes is a Scientologist.

In fact, it would appear that the first chapter is solely transcripts from the Fair Game videos found on the Scientology owned site.

Prescott would like for people to believe that his “work” is fair, unbiased, well researched non fiction.

Likewise one might also believe that the moon is made of cheese.

Rational people need to stop and think about the fact that former friends and those referred to as family members take the time to get dressed nicely, meet with camera men and proceed to tell ugly tales about someone.

What kind of person would actually participate in such an activity?

We have all surely had falling outs with friends, disagreements and even separation from family. Imagine how many nasty web sites there would be if every divorce were so publicly exposed?

It is one thing to feel hurt or betrayed and seek solace and advice amongst one’s friends.

It is quite another to go to the trouble to create a video to air in public all one’s own, petty issues.

For those who allege they were friends of Remini it is obvious that at some point Leah was a person worth knowing and spending time with. Just like in a marriage gone sour, suddenly not replacing the lid on the toothpaste tube becomes a giant source of contention.

The second “former friend” Prescott quotes says “She’s an awful being, an awful person. Awful ugly bully. Leah was one of the chief sponsors of an event that I was producing. The stage was all set. The lighting was all done. The podium was in place and she came in, and Leah looked at the podium and she went, “I don’t like that. Get rid of it. Put something else there.” Without considering any of the production. It was just such a selfish move for her to do something like that. And this was a charity event.”

This person starts off stating that Remini is an awful being, then her next sentence is that Leah was a chief sponsor of this woman’s event. Exactly how horrible could Leah Remini be if she was willing to take the time to freely sponsor an event for charity? It might be better to wonder how petty and picky is this woman that she would get her knickers in a twist simply because an actress who was giving her the benefit of her help made a suggestion. How hard could it have been for someone to move the podium?

This is what Prescott prints in his book.

Old videos of people who are participating in a level of childishness and schoolyard bullying not seen since 4th grade.

Scientology, and Ryan Prescott particularly, wants the rest of the world to view the videos or read his book and come away with a bad opinion of Leah Remini.

I would proffer that rather than a statement about Remini’s character, these books and videos are a reflection on the character of those who chose to spend their energies on creating them in the first place.

One of the Scientologists that Prescott quotes says “You know it doesn’t matter in Scientology whether you make $ 10,000 a year, $ 100,000 a year or a million dollars a year, we’re all on the same level. Nobody is treated according to how much money they make, where they come from and what they do. We all get treated the same.”

The woman makes this statement in the same breath that she says “So she’s staying in the penthouse and she doesn’t like the food. She didn’t like the dining room food and didn’t want to go to the dining room. So she had a chef. And that doesn’t come with the penthouse, you know what I mean? As far as I know, there’s not a private chef that comes there and cooks for you. I guess you could request it, I don’t know, I haven’t stayed in the penthouse.”

If Scientology was paying for Leah, as a valuable asset to COS, to stay in a penthouse then the woman’s assertion is false. If Leah was paying her own way then she would have been entitled to do whatever she chose to do in the situation and her actions would have been none of the speaker’s business.

Further, Prescott is adamant that everything in his books is true and factual.

He is lying once again.

If every Scientologist is treated the same no matter what one’s financial situation is, there would be no need for a separate Celebrity Center.

One might also reasonably ask “in that case, do all Scientologists have expensive birthday bashes held aboard the Freewinds?”

Do all members have an entire staff supplied by David Miscavige? Do they receive fantastic and lavish gifts of custom motorcycles and more?

There is absolutely preferential treatment awarded to those members who pony up with the vast amounts of cash Miscavige needs in order to fulfill his insatiable desire for luxury and real estate.

As a matter of fact there are certificates and awards handed out for those who spend ever more amounts of cash. They are dubbed with fancy designations like Gold, Platinum and Diamond Meritorious or even higher, Patron, Platinum and Diamond Excalibur.

Trophies are created and awarded and these whales get to sit right up front during the endless galas and celebrations, for them is reserved the privilege of being up close and personal with COB, Captain David Miscavige.

To say that everyone is treated equally is a lie of epic, monumental proportions.

Not everyone has Gold Base staff outside in the high desert heat planting an entire field of wildflowers just so one can fulfill a fantasy date.

Even in the world of drug addiction recovery Scientology has an exclusive 20,000 sq foot, 300 acre mountaintop retreat for the use of celebrities and/or executives who need to detox.

Located in Ojai, California the facility boasts only the very best for those who can afford it.

Ironically and hypocritically Prescott also writes “Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Speech were not meant to attack others for their beliefs and practices. That is what Hitler used to serve his twisted agenda of annihilating a whole and its members.”

Once again rather than showing Leah Remini’s character, Prescott’s books do quite the opposite, showing exactly the kind of person he is. He is also modeling exactly the quality of person that Scientology produces.

By their actions you will know them.

And we do.

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